Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shin Splints . . . While Driving??

I know, you're probably tired of hearing me whine and complain right? Especially about my toopid shin spints. But my right one flared up while I was driving into work this morning! WHAT THE HECK!!

It must have heard me wondering how hard it would be to bike into work. I'm seriously wondering, but the only thing is there are a whole lot of hills. (I live in Richmond, it's a hilly area.) Biking to work would definitely be something I'd have to build up to . . . I think.

I am going to go see Dr. C today. Getting blood work done and going to discuss my recent diet changes (ie. no processed sugar, no soy, primarily fruits and vegetables), new exercise routine (Curves 3x/week, C25k 3x/week & 30-Day Shred 6x/week) and these damn shin splints! (I'm sure you're tired of hearing about them, I'm getting tired of writing about them!)

I do know this, I feel better when I work-out. I feel better when I eat mostly fruits and veggies. Even the days I forget to take my thyroid meds, if I'm eating fruits and veggies and get a work-out in (not a half like yesterday) I feel like myself! Something that I've been fighting for since I found out about my hypothyroidism.

I've also noticed an interesting trend in my weight loss . . . when I find out I lose, I go home and exercise and eat really well. When I gain . . . well . . . it's not so pretty. I did exercise for 15 minutes yesterday (Not NEARLY ENOUGH!). But dinner consisted of no veggies, unless you count taters as veggies. We had scrambled tater cheese eggs for dinner. Then I ate several spinach/feta cheese triangles (I forget what they're called) that we got from small group on Monday (SO GOOD!!) and had a glass of water. I was in full fledge EAT mode! YIKES!

Oh and chores last night? Yea . . . nope, that didn't happen. Well I did run the dishwasher. Netflix won that battle. (I hear The Tudors)

With my doc appt. it's a short day for me. Enough goofing around Em! Get back to work!! Yes ma'm!

Skinny Lattes!


  1. do you live in richmond BC? if so then yowza it is very hilly there and that would be quite the adventure! my best friend lives in burnaby and she lives at the top of an extremely steep hill and I wanted to die everytime I had to walk up it haha. If you do not live in BC then you just got some fun facts about it lol.

  2. Hey Lauren,

    Alas no. Not Richmond, BC. Richmond, VA. The city itself is pretty hilly. I live just outside of it, but work in town.

    It sounds really neat though! I love hilly (or mountainous) areas.

  3. I think they're called Spanikopita (not sure I spelled it right)...

    I know you think we're tired of hearing about your shin splints, and I know you're tired of writing about them....but I bet you're tired of experiencing them! Hope it all went/goes well today!

    Oh, and you better do some chores today!!

  4. EXACTLY!! Spanikopita! Thank you beej!!

    So yummy too!

    I did get some chores done . . .