Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shin Splints . . . While Driving??

I know, you're probably tired of hearing me whine and complain right? Especially about my toopid shin spints. But my right one flared up while I was driving into work this morning! WHAT THE HECK!!

It must have heard me wondering how hard it would be to bike into work. I'm seriously wondering, but the only thing is there are a whole lot of hills. (I live in Richmond, it's a hilly area.) Biking to work would definitely be something I'd have to build up to . . . I think.

I am going to go see Dr. C today. Getting blood work done and going to discuss my recent diet changes (ie. no processed sugar, no soy, primarily fruits and vegetables), new exercise routine (Curves 3x/week, C25k 3x/week & 30-Day Shred 6x/week) and these damn shin splints! (I'm sure you're tired of hearing about them, I'm getting tired of writing about them!)

I do know this, I feel better when I work-out. I feel better when I eat mostly fruits and veggies. Even the days I forget to take my thyroid meds, if I'm eating fruits and veggies and get a work-out in (not a half like yesterday) I feel like myself! Something that I've been fighting for since I found out about my hypothyroidism.

I've also noticed an interesting trend in my weight loss . . . when I find out I lose, I go home and exercise and eat really well. When I gain . . . well . . . it's not so pretty. I did exercise for 15 minutes yesterday (Not NEARLY ENOUGH!). But dinner consisted of no veggies, unless you count taters as veggies. We had scrambled tater cheese eggs for dinner. Then I ate several spinach/feta cheese triangles (I forget what they're called) that we got from small group on Monday (SO GOOD!!) and had a glass of water. I was in full fledge EAT mode! YIKES!

Oh and chores last night? Yea . . . nope, that didn't happen. Well I did run the dishwasher. Netflix won that battle. (I hear The Tudors)

With my doc appt. it's a short day for me. Enough goofing around Em! Get back to work!! Yes ma'm!

Skinny Lattes!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Frickin' Frack Toopid Fat!

Well today was weigh in day . . .


I gained. Not much, but I gained. 0.4 pounds. Ergh!!!

And I walked frickin' 6.2 miles on Saturday! What the heck!! But then again . . . I did go to Cracker Barrell for a late lunch too after the race. I also didn't get any exercise Thursday, Sunday or Monday.

And my diet wasn't as strict as it has been. I veared off quite a bit. I need to get back on the straight and narrow with food. I know I need to develop a healthy relationship with food, but at the same time, if I even THINK about looking at something, I tend to gain weight. (It's also that TOM, maybe that's part of the problem . .  . or the soda I had this afternoon?)

Eh! Grocery shopping  (finally) tomorrow where I'll pick up all sorts of yummy fruits and veggies and start over again. Salads, legume based dishes, and fresh fruits and veggies will be my diet. With lots and lots of water. Which reminds me, I need to get a new bottle. I dropped my water bottle last Wednesday in the parking lot and it cracked! I'm quite upset about that. It was my favorite water bottle too! I think I got it at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'll have to see if they have more.

OH! We got Netflix! YIPEE!! I've spent the evening watching The Tudors. I haven't gotten to watch the show since the first season before my roommate moved to the apartment below. So now I'm thrilled to go back and watch through to the fourth season. Albeit, I've only gotten through the first two episodes of the first season . . . this is going to take a while. I'm so excited though!

I've been thinking about tracking the way I eat differently. Well I need to track period. Obviously, I'm not so hot at doing that. Primary reason? I'm lazy. Plain and simple.

Come to think of it . . . that was the reasoning from my last post. Let me just put it out there then. I'm a fat, lazy chick who desperately wants to lose weight, but doesn't want to do the work to get there. Nope. I want to sit on my butt, write in this blog and watch Tudors all day. All while magically the weight just floats away to where ever the fat goes. (How's the for brutal honesty?)

At the same time, I love exercising. I've actually really started to enjoy it. After WW today, I went to Curves, planning on working out really hard to get out my frustration over the 0.4 pound gain. Halfway through the first circuit, my old friend shin splint shows back up . . . IN MY LEFT SHIN! WTF! Apparently he (yes, it's male! Sorry beej!) decided to bring a friend along and had him set up shop in my right shin. I finished the first circuit and called it quits.

I go see Dr. C tomorrow and am going to address this with him, because frankly this is ridiculous! I've never had shin splints until recently. Even when I was younger and played soccer . . . never had shin spints. EVER NEVER EVER! My Italian mentioned signing me back up for the pool if Dr. C recommends something like swimming. I'll still get my cardio in and maybe it'll help stretch out my shins, swimming laps in the warm water.

I guess I'd do that 3 days a week and Curves 3 days a week. Saturdays would have to be a double whammy because neither place is open on Sundays. Curves at 9. Then race home, pick up my Italian and we'd go work out at the pool. Works for me!

We'll see what Dr. C says tomorrow though. I wonder if my weight has anything to do with my shin splints? But there are heavier people than me running!

(Ewww . . . cat farted again!! WOW! My cats have the stinkiest farts!) 

 Okay, it's late, I'm going to sleep. Nightie Night!!

A Balancing Act

So before I get to today's post, I have to apologize for the awkwardness of yesterday's post. *shudder* That's what happens when I start a post with an idea half formed in my head (the posts are never fully formed in my head. I just can't write like that!) and decide to run with it. It sounded good when I was thinking about it, but couldn't get it onto paper! ARGH! (I hate when that happens, normally those posts don't see the light of day, but somehow this one escaped. Call it post lunch delirium??)

To totally change gears now . . .

I've been uber focused on ex-a-mer-sizing (exercising) and my food intake recently. Unfortunately, our little apartment shows that. I have clothes in the drier, clean clothes on the couch and lazyboy, and clean clothes in a basket. All waiting to be folded and put away. Until last night, it looked like a tornado had hit my kitchen. *sigh* I'm getting myself put together, but my apartment is falling apart!
The floor is in DESPERATE need of being vacuumed, the bathrooms are eh . . . okay. (I try to keep those okay clean cause . . . EEWWW!!) Don't ask about our bedroom or the office. Well the office isn't SO bad, because I'm rarely in there and that's more my husband's domain, but it is showing a lack of care.

I'm not real good at house keeping anyway. That's always been my Italian's job . . . sorta. He cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. Since his surgery those have fallen to me. Of course it didn't help that while he was in the hospital I let the apartment go to shit.

The reason it is SO much on my mind right now is because we're having poker night Thursday night and Friday my sister-in-law and her crew (seriously! It's a crew!) are coming into town for Spring Break. I imagine she'll pop over to the apartment on Friday to see her little brother and I'd (so would he) like it to be clean. (She'll clean it if it's not! I hate that!! I feel so bad!) So I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all. Working 40 hours, getting the apartment company (in-law family company at that!!) ready and staying on top of exercising while still eating right and getting enough sleep. (If I don't get enough sleep I tend to bite people's faces off. It's not pretty.)

But not just for this week. For the weeks to follow. My Italian gets his cast off on April 15 and then gets a boot, but it's still going to be a while before his left leg is going to be strong enough to be fully mobile again. I think. He'll be in the boot for 2 months.

I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all still. The morning routine of getting my Italian and myself ready, the monsters fed, breakfast and lunch made for both of us (mine gets packed, I eat it when I get to work) is down pat. Its the evening routine, before we get to getting ready for bed, that is all haywire and crazy.

Honestly? I'd rather just come home, make dinner and eat it. Then get on my netbook and catch up on blogs and such until bedtime. Which is what I have been doing. Unfortunately, the inertia carries through to the weekend, so I don't get my chores done then too and viola you have our messy apartment.

I guess I need to assign myself daily chores in addition to keeping the kitchen clean. (But I HATE cleaning the kitchen . . . no, that's not really true. I'm just lazy. To be honest.) Then on the weekends do laundry. Oh . . . I have to fit the cat box in too. ICK! (How much longer until he's mobile??)

How do you keep your life balanced?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Racing and fundraising (I hate doing it, but I'm gonna anyway!)

I'm still flying pretty high off my race on Saturday. I'm not nearly as sore as yesterday. I can move much easier. Honestly? My Italian has magic hands. He really does. (No!! Not like that! Geesh!! . . . then again . . . that's another post for another blog!)

Last night I had him rub my lower back and legs and they feel SO SO SO much better. He also stretched out both of my shins and rubbed those. No pain in the right leg, but I have a minor shin splint in the left! ARGH! I did make an appt to go see my GP about this Wednesday afternoon!

I've not had shin splints EVER before. So I'm finding this really annoying.

I've just signed up for my next race! May 8. Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. I walked it last year, and am hoping to run at least 1/2 of it this year (thus the visit to my doc. I may be over hyping this, but I CAN'T break anything right now . . . or be laid up for that matter).

But (here comes the sales pitch . . . can you feel it?) I'm trying to raise at least $100 for the race. (I picked that $$ because I knew I could pay that on my own!)

Honestly?, I'm really not comfortable doing this. So ya know what . . . this is the link to my fundraising page:

And that's all I'm going to say about that. (Sorry, I hate fundraising . . . even for good causes! Yerm . . .)

Thus concludes a VERY uncomfortable blog post! (Well, the latter half anyway.) 

I do have more fun and interesting stuff coming up! I promise! (and less whining about my sore muscles maybe! HA!!)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yet another whiny post


Remember how yesterday I said I wasn't sore or anything? Yea, that's cause my body waited until today to be sore! I woke up and my hips and lower back were SCREAMING at me!! And they never stopped! In fact I just got back from speech choir and somehow my hips stiffened up while I was standing there being stabbed by the stupid moronic evil palm plant. I swear! It was out to get me! Then I nearly  fell off the stage. Yes, while standing still! Did I forget to mention that I am the picture of grace? Yep! **grin**

I must confess that I didn't work out today. Walking hurt, and I thought about jumping on the elliptical to see if that would loosen the muscles in my hips enough to ease the pain, but the day just seemed to get away from me. Tomorrow is my official off day, so I'm hoping when I get to Curves on Tuesday the pain will have lessened some and my hips loosened up.

Having my hips tighten up is really the strangest feeling. I've never had that happen and hope it never does again. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that it's that TOM for me.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to help transfer someone to and from a wheelchair when you're lower back and hips hurt? Ugh . . . it's awful!

3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks and my Italian moves to a boot and will be allowed to put weight on his left leg. He shouldn't need nearly as much assistance by that point. (I'm hoping.) I'm sorry. That sounded a little bitchy. But I'm being honest. I think this is wearing on the both of us a little. Our tempers are wearing a little thin. Not that we'll end up getting into a big blow up, but little spats or just irritated tones have come out more often than is normal.

But then again, I'm not used to keeping up our apartment and all the little chores by myself in addition to working full time. And since my Italian's surgery I've finally kicked my exercise routine into high gear. I'm trying to take more off of my plate so I can spend more time at home getting stuff taken care of, but when I get home I honestly don't want to do anything! I want to eat dinner, discuss our days and catch up on my readers and facebook!

At the same time I've fallen more in love with my Italian through this process. I've enjoyed being able to take care of him. And am starting to get over some of my "issues." (Like poop . . . don't ask . . . you REALLY don't want to know . . . or do you?)

Okay, I need to flip and fold laundry.

Have a good night!!

**HUGS!!**  <---------This is what exhaustion does to me! Makes me huggy! Eh . . . I'm huggy anyway! HA!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

10k Race and Results! (w/ some butt discussion)

If you follow me on twitter (which if you don't, you really should. I've always got something random popping in my head and up on my twitter feed!) you know the results of my 10k today. If you follow me on facebook you got to follow my walk as I facebooked at every mile, except 6.

Here's what I put up on facebook:

10 min. And counting to the start. Here goes it all!! Try to keep you updated throuigh the race

Mile 1 down. 5.2 to go!!

Mile 2 down. Still going strong

Mile 3 with the chicken dance!!

Mile 4. Hydrated. Feeling good. In the home stretch! 2.2 left!!

Finally Mile 5. Phew . . . I can do this. No leg pain! Thank you God!!

It is complete!! Don't think I made my 90 min goal but think I got close!!

(And while I was waiting for the person I rode with to finish . . . )

Somehow I developed a blister on the BOTTOM of my heel. Myaaaahhh!!

Yes, when  I was loading up music on my mp3 player I did put in the chicken dance. I would have chicken danced my way through the mile 3 marker, but I was feeling self conscious. I don't know why. It was very strange. I'm normally the one who will break into the chicken dance when I hear it. **craziness!!**

But it wasn't until after Mile 4 I started to wear down. My hips tightened up quite a bit, but I never had any shin pain! Despite the tightness, I kept the same pace the entire time. I didn't realize that until I looked at my official score, which they so kindly put online for us to view.


I'm pretty satisfied with the way today's race went. I didn't make my goal of 90 minutes, but I shaved a significant amount of time off of last year's race. Last year I finished in 1hr and 47min. I think 7 minutes is a good chunk of time to lose.

Another great thing I noticed is my recovery time from the race. Last year I went home and slept for hours! This year, I came home and sat on the couch for 1/2 hour until a friend called and said she was going to be in Richmond in an hour. So I changed and met her for a linner (late lunch, early dinner). And I'm still feeling pretty good. I definitely want to go to bed early tonight, and I know I'll sleep very well, but I don't have this over riding desire to take a nap. It feels good. I am in better shape than I was this time last year.

Speaking of that . . . better shape I mean . . . my butt? Is REALLY cute!! LOL!! Seriously! I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror before I started working out at Curves last night. . . and WOW! It's gotten smaller, there's a definite separation between my legs and my batookis. But I've noticed, overall, I'm definitely toning up. My arms are more muscular. I don't have as much whiggle jiggle under my arms anymore. In fact, the only place that really whiggle jiggles that I don't want to is my tummy. I'm still working on that one!

The fact that my body is now craving healthy foods and exercise is very encouraging to me. I can make this change, I can make this my new lifestyle.

I am totally psyched!! (And maybe ready for a little nap . . . )

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Night Before

my 10k. I don't know why I'm so nervous about this race! I did it last year, it was TONS of fun and I really enjoyed myself. But this year I'm nervous.

I am in better shape than I was last year. Maybe it's because I really think I can meet my personal goal of 90 minutes this year. The only thing stopping me is my self and if my shin splint flares up again. I was working out tonight and it showed back up. Not as bad as on Wednesday, but enough that I did ease off of it. I still got a good work-out in though. I didn't do the 30-Day shred tonight because, honestly, I'm really afraid of actually doing some damage!

Am I over dramatizing this? I may be. I don't know. I'm prone to doing things like that. But I am going to call my doc on Monday to make an appointment. I need to get my thyroid levels checked anyway. I'd also like to run my new exercise routine and diet past him to just get the official OK.

(And have him check out my shin, make sure I'm not creating a stress fracture. I can't have a stress fracture in my legs! I drive a stick shift! I need both of them fully functional!!)

Dinner was yummy tonight. I made whole wheat linguine pasta and I added broccoli and a roma tomato to my bowl of pasta (I'm a bad blogger, I didn't take a picture). My Italian had butter and ham added to his.

Massive Bummer

Okay, ya know the Monument 10k I've been talking about off and on for the past week, getting really really excited about? Yea, that one. Totally bummed now. Seriously.

I got a message from Mom yesterday saying that my Great Aunt died this week and her memorial service was tomorrow at 1. Mom didn't think she was going to be able to do both, so she was not going to do the race. (Total selfish moment here!) SMELLY!!! I totally understand her reasoning. But I'm still bummed about it. I love doing this race with her (even though we've only done it one year before). It's just a great time for us to spend together, while walking and talking. But there is next year. I'm going to try to make it to my Great Aunt's memorial service after the race, but its going to be tight. I think I can do it. I just REALLY have to finish the race in 90 minutes now!

You wanna come walk with me? PLEASE??? (yes, I'm begging. HA!!)

The other reason I'm sorta bummed about this race is at my start time, 10am, it's going to be 40 frickin' degrees!! YIKES!! COLD!!! WTH!!! Last year wasn't warm, but I think it was like in the 60's. Perfect race weather. This seems a little cold to me! But maybe it's perfect too. Once I get moving I might appreciate the warmth. *sigh*

Okay, I'm done whining. But seriously, if you want to come to Richmond to walk the 10k with me, just shoot me an e-mail. (Yes, I'm still begging!! LOL!!)

bardessblogger at gmail (dot) com

It's a really fun race!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear body,

Okay, I understand yesterday's temper tantrum. I give that one to you. I didn't treat you right. I got up massively early, I had fast food for breakfast, I didn't drink enough water and then tried to run on top of all that. I. GET. IT.

The migrane today was ToTALLY uncalled for. I mean seriously? Must you continue tormenting me?

Legs, thank you for loosening up and not hurting so much anymore, I appreciate that. And I understand that you wanted to get straight back to work. So did I! But the headache just wouldn't quit and I knew I wouldn't be able to go very hard at all and probably wouldn't have been worth it. I know I told you we'd go to the apartment gym and use the weights there. I'm sorry. I couldn't process much other than bed and sleep once I ate dinner. I hope you can understand that and not hold it against me. We'll work extra hard tomorrow. Okay?

Ears, must you have been so sensitive? Why did you have focus in on my Italian's wheelchair's stops and starts. Are you getting back at me for making you listen to a 2 year-old music list last night? I'm working on changing it. Seriously! Calm your hyper-sensitive self down!

Migrane. GO. THE. HELL. A. WAY. I know you're still lurking. I can feel you lingering. I don't like you!! GO AWAY!!

Overall body, you've been cooperating really well with the new upped intensity level. Thanks for putting up with me, and don't get too comfortable with the break we had today. It's just for today. We're back on the routine tomorrow. YOU HEAR ME! The occasional temper tantrum is fine, but calling in reinforcements to torment me the next day is totally not fair. There WILL NOT be a next time. Is that clear?

Good. I hope we understand each other.

For my part, I'll listen to you better. Make sure you're getting the nutrients and water you need and you'll not mutiny again. At least not until I'm really really really old, like 90 or something. Even then I'm not sure I want you to do that.

Okay, I'm going to go back to sleep now. You guys get your rest and do what you do best while I'm sleeping.

Good night!


Thoughts on last night's post

I felt better after sitting on the couch with my legs propped up last night for about an hour. My shin splint went away (it took nearly the entire time) and I was able to walk with out limping. YEA!!

My head hit the pillow and I was out cold. I slept really really well! (It's my main reason for exercising. If I can wear myself out, I sleep a lot better than if I don't.)

I was thinking about my attempt to run last night. The calf cramps caught me off guard, that's never happened before, but I'm beginning to think that is more related to not having drank (drunk?) enough water. Enough of anything for that matter.

I'm debating whether to take the day off today and let everything heal up at the risk of interrupting the momentum I have going now or push on, work-out tonight and keep the momentum going. I still haven't completely decided what to do. I did pack work-out clothes for Curves for after work.

I also don't want to hurt anything so that I can't crank out the 10k in 90 minutes on Saturday. The 10k is all the exercise I will get that day. If its anything like last year, when I finally get home I'm going to pass out for several hours.

HELP! (I feel like I don't know what I'm doing here!)

I do feel better once I get moving. Initally my calf muscles still hurt, but that's only the first few steps, then I'm okay. They warm back up and life is good again. I may have to steal my Italian's pedals and stick them under my desk here at work to keep my muscles loose.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A little pain . . . a little TMI

*sniffle, sniffle, sniffle*

OUCH!! Okay, since I did two work-outs yesterday, pretty much on top of each other, I figured doing two today would be no problem. This morning I did the 30-Day Shred and then after dinner this evening I went up to our apartment's gym to do the Week 1, Day 1 of Couch to 5k

NOT a good idea. Actually, I was fine until about minute 10. My calf muscles started to cramp up, but I decided I was going to push through it. I was going to be fine. I'd done this before after all. By 13 minutes into it, the shin splint in my right leg flared up again and I decided to call it quits. I limped home and am now sitting on the couch dying.

My left leg is starting to feel a little better, but my right leg is still absolutely SCREAMING!!

I think I tried to do too much too fast. For now, though it kills me, I'm going to stick to Curves and the Evil Lady, I mean, 30-Day Shred. That means 3 times a week I'll do double duty and 3 days a week I'll just do the Shred.

I'm going to see how I feel tomorrow, but I may take tomorrow off totally.

OH! I didn't wear heels today. I couldn't find my other heel and I knew exactly where my flats where. Okay, I'm off to apply ice and heat to my legs. (Once I figure out which one or in what order. OOOOOOWWWWW!!!!)

OH! Quick question! With the 10k coming up, I've been thinking . . . What's a good thing to eat for breakfast? I really don't want to shart again . . . like I did last year. THAT was embarrassing! (And not very comfortable!)

Measurements, repeats and 4 am.

Last Thursday I had my measurements done at Curves. I get them done every month on the 19th or there about.
I can't find February's measurements, but I stayed just about the same (which is amazing since I gained so much weight!).

Jan-10 Mar-10 Gain/Loss
Bust 44.5 45 0.5
Waist 41.25 39.5 -1.75
Abdomen 46.25 44.75 -1.5
Hips 47 47 0
Thighs x 2 60.5 58 -2.5
Arms x 2 26.5 26 -0.5
Weight 209.5 212.5 3
Body Fat 39.00% 39.10% 0.10%

Finally! My stomach is smaller than my boobs!! (*sigh* yes, they're large. Anyone want them??)

In February my Body Fat % was actually 39.6% so that went down, while my weight went up. Hrmm . . . Yes, I know I'm building muscles and its denser than fat. But still! Actually, I was gaining weight cause I was eating crap. Not literal crap . . . EEEWWWW!!! (ha ha ha ha ha!!)

I can't believe I forgot! OMG!!! This is what happens when I get distracted in my thought process. Bunny trails and I never quite get to what I wanted to mention.


YES!! That's what I meant to mention last night! I'm back down to 211 now. Officially 5% of my original weight is gone! FOR GOOD THIS TIME!!! Oh wait . . . yes I did. I missed that paragraph when I was skimming it. ERP! LOL!  

(*sigh* This is what happens when I get up at 4 am. I'm all sorts of discombobulated and distractable . . . oh wait, that's normal.)

Yes, I was up at 4 am this morning, no I don't plan on making it a habit. My Italian woke me up feeling a poopy. So I was up, got him set up and then I was just up. So I emptied the dishwasher, moved some laundry around, fed the montsters packed my lunch, and even did another 30-Day Shred session. Ya know something? It's a lot easier to do when you hadn't gone to the gym first. Oh my legs and arms burned, but I wasn't ready to go through the television screen and strangle her skinny neck as soon. (I really hate her while I'm working out.)

You'd think, being up that early, I'd be able to get everything together and get to work on time . . . if not early. HA!! Not me! I was actually 10 minutes late this morning. (And I stopped for breakfast at Chik-fil-A. That didn't help.)

We're crashing early tonight. But I'm going to try to squeeze in Day 1 of the C25k again in the apartment's gym. (Sometimes I wonder if I'm losing my mind. I've never been the crazy exercise all the time type. But if I am losing what's left of my mind, I'd rather it stay gone!! I'm enjoying this!!)

Saturday is the Annual Monument 10k! I'm really looking forward to that. Tomorrow I'm going to go pick up the bibs for Mom and I. 90 minutes is our goal this year. I think we can do it. Especially since we're out of the sashay group. So looking forward to that! 

Okay, back to work for this one. Newspapers . . . ick! (Did you know that newspapers use soy-ink to print? GRRRR!!!!)


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meat! Meat! Meat! And Some Shredding

Did I mention how absolutely awful I felt last night? I went to bed feeling hideous! Ugh . . . I will never gorge myself like that again. (I say that until next Monday. But maybe I learned my lesson this time!!) I woke up feeling alright, sleepy, but that's normal.

I discovered the source of these green smoothies all these bloggers keep talking (and photographing) about! I'm SO excited!! Green Monster is what they're called. The site has various recipes and I made one this morning. WOW! It was fabulous. Electric green in color but tasted SO good!! I totally weirded out my coworkers when I told them it was made with spinach. But you don't taste the spinach. Really! YUM!!

I've moved my WW weigh in day back to Tuesdays. I like the people in that meeting better and the leader is not nearly as loud! It's more friendly too.  I feel like I can talk there!!

I'm down 1.6 pounds!! YES!!!! So I'm at 211. Officially back at 5% lost of my original weight, again. But this time I'm headed in the right direction.

I was really hungry after WW, but I'd eaten everything in my lunch. ARGH . . . but I went and did Curves anyway. I had the place to myself, which was fantastic. I was able to just completely zone out and not feel rude about it. I got some nice thinking in too. Nothing remarkable, just decompressing.

I raced home and for dinner I had the other piece of steak and a baked potato. I steamed some asparagus while I did the 30-Day Shred, but I think I overcooked it and honestly? It didn't look appetizing at all. So I put it in a container and it's sitting in the fridge.

We are officially out of ready to grab meat . . . no we're not. I lied. Our small group sent ham and Southern green beans home with us.

Southern green beans are cooked with bacon and onions. YUM! I call them southern because Buh, my paternal grandmother, made them that way. She was old school Richmond. Richmond accent and could insult you and you thank her for it! I miss her.

Yes, I finally got the Evil Lady pulled out. I figured it out. If I have it on the TV, ready to go, I'm more likely to do it. So my plan is to come home, turn her on, get dinner started and change into work out clothes (unless I'm already in them) and if I have time, crank out a work out. If not, eat dinner then crank out a work-out.

Curves and Shredding was pretty brutal. My legs are still burning a little. They're pretty pissed at me today. Eh . . . they're going to be more so tomorrow because I plan on wearing heels to work! Bwwwaaaa aaaa aaaa!!!

Okay, it's late. So I don't bite anyone's face off tomorrow, I'm going to go pass out curl up with my Italian and the monsters. Good Night!

Monday, March 22, 2010

An Observation on Protein

Since I've decided to cut out soy and sugar from my diet, I've also cut WAY back on the amount of meat I intake. I've found over the past couple days after I eat a meal containing meat that I'm completely exhausted afterwards.

I had steak last night and after dinner I was completely lethargic. Tonight at small group we had ham and after dinner while we were watching part of a video series we're going through, it took everything I had to keep my eyes open! If I stick with fruits and vegetables I feel much better and more alert.

Makes me think I should stick closer to a plant based diet and move away from animal protein. Or maybe cut WAY back on my animal protein when I do eat it.

Then again, beef and pork are not the easiest to digest . . . I'll keep thinking on this. Maybe I should just stick with chicken?

At the same time tonight I think I imbibed more sugar than I have in the past couple days. The ham had a sugary glaze on it, and since I got home so late, we didn't have time to make the instant mashed potatoes (how sad is that!!) so we took a bag of chocolate that my Italian had gotten while he was in the hospital that we hadn't eaten yet. So of course I had a couple pieces.

Funny thing with that. The first one actually tasted like plastic! The more I ate, cause I pigged out ate several, the more chocolaty they tasted. Huh . .  . . I thought that was interesting.

Well, I'm off to bed. I'm still completely exhausted and tomorrow is only Tuesday.

I did get my measurements done last week. Once I get my grubby little hands on that piece of paper, I'll post them. I promise!


I have found my second favorite breakfast! Celery, peanut butter and raisins! YUM!

The only problem is, it doesn't last very long. I'm hungry again by 10. So I usually eat the homemade cereal with some rice milk and that keeps me until noon when I eat lunch. I packed enough food today, that I should have been fine with what was in my bag. Except my orange was hard as a rock . . . ON THE INSIDE! WTF!! So instead I made 2 microwaved cheese sandwiches and ate my carrots and strawberries. (On second thought, maybe I didn't pack enough food.)

I didn't pack any meat because we're having Ham for dinner at small group tonight. Not that I'm trying to minimize my protein intake, just my meat intake. That reminds me, I need to pick up instant mashin' taters for small group tonight. Probably loaded with soy and sugar . . . sigh.

Overall though, I'm feeling better with what I'm eating. I've noticed a definite increase in how thirsty I am. I finished off my water bottle before lunch today . . . which never happens. But I'm counting it as a good thing!

I've got a serious case of the munchies right now. I don't feel hungry, so this must be my mid-afternoon, I don't wanna do work case of the munchies. Since I don't have any food, except the cheese and sandwich thins in the fridge (and that takes too long to put together. See, laziness does pay off sometimes!) I'm going to wait until we get to small group. Or I get home, I may have an orange . . . hopefully I didn't fail on the rest of the oranges. fingers crossed

Unlike yesterday, today it's not chips, today it's peanut butter. I'm craving peanut butter . . . straight out of the jar . . . sans spoon.

OH! But I did find a chocolate cure! Sorta . . . The cereal I made about a week back? Totally killed it. That plus some rice milk. It's just sweet enough, thanks to the maple syrup. Best thing is there's tons left still.

Yesterday I was sorely tempted . . . and even started to . . . just eat it straight out of the container. Only a couple spoonfuls, then I measured out 1/2 cup and ate that. My Italian came in to remind me we had to take the monsters to go their nails cut and run other errands. He saved my butt. Otherwise I probably would have eaten more. Thank God for organized hubbies!!

Okay, back to working responsibly. Gotta keep the bosses happy. :-)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Challenge & a Couple Questions

I'm still working on the exercise thing. Curves 3 days a week is going well. It's pushing myself to do the other 3 days that I'm finding hard.

How do you find motivation to exercise?

I've also decided to embark on a "diet" if you will. I am cutting soy and sugar from my diet. Though I am having a hard time finding peanut butter that doesn't have sugar in it! Seriously! Does all peanut butter have sugar in it? I did settle on one yesterday with natural cane sugar and when I got home (after already opening it) and compared the nutritional facts with the regular peanut butter we had at home . . . there's hardly ANY difference. I'm severely annoyed!

I'm going to eat it anyway. Hrghmph! But after that I may have to go grind my own peanuts for peanut butter . . . I really don't want to do that. (Read: I'm lazy. I want it supplied)

Do you know of a peanut butter that doesn't have sugar in it?

I am going to start making my own bread again. I've JUST gotten on a bread and peanut butter kick. Right before I decided to kick out sugar and soy . . . officially.

I've just decided since Friday to do this. Since then, I've been craving salty foods like mad. Right now a huge bag of lay's chips would TOTALLY hit the spot. And yes, I would eat most, if not the whole, bag. Mmmm . . .  Good thing I'm not going to the grocery store right now.

Last night for dinner I had steamed asparagus with balsamic vinegar splashed on top (I haven't checked the balsamic vinegar for sugar or soy yet, when I run out of it, I'll replace it with sugar-less, soy-less balsamic vinegar . . . if this isn't already.) And green beans sauteed in butter (real butter) and garlic. I don't think either were cooked long enough. Next time I'm going to steam the asparagus longer and steam the green beans before I sautee them. Otherwise it was a very yummy dinner. Lot of crunch and chewing.

Tonight we're having steak (I'm craving steak as well) with wild rice and asparagus. (I have about a pound and half of asparagus in the fridge right now.) YUM!! I may toss a nuked/baked potato in there as well. I haven't decided yet.

EEEK!!! It's 5:30!  My Italian wants to eat at 6. I'd better get off of my batookis and start dinner! Ooops!

What's for dinner at your house?

Friday, March 19, 2010

What I learned today

I learned that Fage mixed with homemade cereal tastes MUCH better than vanilla Chobani mixed with homemade cereal. (Vanilla Chobani, honestly, tasted like a slightly tart frosting . . . wow! It was sweet!!)

4 carrots, an orange, an ounce of cheese and a banana make a very filling and long lasting lunch.

But said lunch does not last until 7 pm.

Waiting until you're starving to make dinner is a VERY bad idea.

You see, I left work late today. About 7 this evening, which got me home by 7:30. I was ravenous. I pulled meat off of the chicken for my Italian while his potato was being nuked. There wasn't much meat left after I gave him his portion,but I promptly ate what ever I could find. Then I ate a bag of off brand cheetos (it was a single serving bag!!) and nuked a potato for myself. Only after that did I feel like I could stop eating.

Lesson learned . . . always pack more food in your lunch bag than you think you're going to eat!

Shoe Advice & Richmond Happenings

A few posts back I asked for advice on running shoes as I was/am planning on getting a new pair. I also posted it on my facebook page and here are some of the responses I got:

DK: I like Adidas. I tried on Nike Shocks a while back and hated them...I felt like they were going to launch me forward on my face. The Adidas I have now are vented on the bottom which is nice, but obviously only for dry conditions or you end up with wet socks. I've been to the professional stores that pick the shoes for you, but I never really saw... See More a difference from what I would have picked myself-for less money-plus I now push a jogging stroller, so my stride is all messed up anyway. Once you find a brand that you really like it's easier to order your size on line with a little more confidence that they will fit-on line prices are sometimes much better.
 Bossman:  I recommend you go to the Road Running Store on Cary St. or 3 Sports on the west end. They will watch how you walk/run and get you the right type of shoe.
 Pirate Ruckman: I used to wear Nikes - New Balance screwed up my knees for some reason. You're just going to have to experiment and find what suits you.

Wishing I could still run... :(
 MW: I'm a fan of Adidas but I don't run anymore, my knees are damaged from running. In fact, I would recommend you power walk or bike or something less stressful on the knees.
 VL:  Aasics are really light and comfortable.
So this weekend, my Italian and I are headed down to the Road Running Store  in Carytown (I love Carytown!) and get some try to see if they can't help some more. I'm really really excited about it. Since I'm really doing this, I've essentially committed myself to learning to run . . . and running!

In other shopping news, I haven't mentioned getting new sheets for the bed to my Italian . . . yet. I figure I'll just mention it to him when we wander to or near Target this weekend. But we're also picking up QuickBooks Pro for him and I think there are a couple other things.

OH! If you're in Richmond on Saturday, you should check out the SHOP Richmond Weekend that's downtown. I'm going to drag my Italian down there and then off to Church Hill for the annual Irish Festival! (At least that's MY plan.) He mentioned a picnic too. It's going to be a fun Saturday! Lots of walking! (But I'm still fitting in Curves first thing in the morning!)

 What grand adventures do you have planned?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Make-Over

Our bedroom needs a make-over. It also needs me to unearth the floor on my side of the room, but it needs a make-over. It's green, khaki, and wood with a silver accent coming from our wedding picture and our headboard.

I want COLOR! Okay, I want different colors. Actually, I want to paint the walls to our bedroom, change the color of the sheets to a vibrant color and rearrange the furniture.

Problem is, my Italian's side of the bedroom MUST be the way it is. It has to be clear so he doesn't trip over anything when he gets mobile again and for right now his wheelchair has to be able to fit in here. I also want to fit the vanity from my grandmother's house of furniture in there.
It sat in the spare room/sometimes bedroom at my Grandmother's house. It reminds me of her and I desperately want to get it out of our closet and put in use!
Okay, enough talk!

I think I may go see what I can find this weekend. 

RETAIL THERAPY! YES! (at least it's not Girl Scout cookies this time. HA!)

Exercising my Brussels Sprouts

Oooh!! I had Brussels Sprouts for dinner last night! They were YUMMY!! They had a slight buttery taste to them. I was slightly surprised because I was fully prepared to absolutely abhor them. I don't know how they are left-over. Frankly, I'm a little scared.

But today is grocery shopping day! YIPEE!! Fresh veggies and fruit to eat and eat and eat! Oranges, apples, asparagus, green beans, grapes, bananas, lettuce (I'm going to get a head of lettuce, I'm over bag o'salad), tomatoes (as long as they're not too horribly expensive. The last one I got? YIKES!!) and what other yummies catch my attention. I do think I'm going to get a couple lemons for water. (Oh poopie-heads! I forgot my half lemon in the fridge for my water today! POOP!)

I think I was supposed to go grocery shopping yesterday after speech choir, but I got home from the WW weigh-in (I didn't stay for the meeting, but I did spend about 1/2 hour in the parking lot catching up with Mom), my body was done. I have not felt that fatigued in a very long time. My body told me to stop, that it was done for the day, so I sent off a text letting them know I wasn't coming and stayed home. It was actually nice. I made some Brussels Sprouts and was able to enjoy them while watching History International.

I had changed into some work out clothes to push myself just enough to crank out a 30 Day Shred work-out. It didn't happen. I think I have psyched myself out of that. I have given Jillian Michaels more credit than she's due. She's evil, yes. But I think by calling her the Evil Lady, it's psyched me out. So no more evil lady. I'm sure I will still cuss at the TV while I do the 30 Day Shred and tell her how much I hate her. (tee-hee)

I'm wondering . . . is it too much to do Curves and 30 Day Shred in one day? I may try that tonight and see how I feel.

Speaking of Curves, today is measuring day for me! I know the weight won't be good, but I'm coming to terms with that . . . still. I'm kinda excited for the measurements.

So . . . way back when in a post from a land long ago and far away (or something like that, since I've not been at this blog very long) I talked about 'fessing up to every little bite that I ate. My question is:
Do you really want to see that?


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just A Quickie

Just weighed in at WW. I'm up 2.6 pounds. I have officially lost less than 10 pounds now.

It's depressing, but when you eat boxes upon boxes of Girl Scout cookies, what do you expect? I'm debating . . . do I want to stay for this meeting or go home, make dinner and go do the 30 Day Shred.

I think I'll go home. It's a busy night. i should soak up the sun while its still out.

(No, I'm not pouting. I'm accepting responsibility for my binging and moving on. In a healthier way this time.

ADD and OCD Don't Mix

especially at work.

I have got the attention span of a gnat today. Nah . . . I think gnats may have it today. Yeah, no attention span what so ever today.

And I've been adding new blogs to my reader like I've lost my mind or something! I LOVE IT! (I probably am crazy, but that's another tirade for another day.) I do this. I compulsively add every blog I read, then a few months down the road, get overwhelmed and start paring back.

But that brings me to my next ADD moment . . . topic. I was reading a post from the end-ish of February from Domestically Challenged. OMG! She predicted my week! Back in Nov.!!

CRAZY! Though I wouldn't say I've exhausted my emotional bank. I was . . . I don't know. I'm not really feeling that reflective.

Speaking of Girl Scout cookies, they are officially ALL GONE!!! I ate the last box (well most of it, I'd had a serving a few days ago) today.

If the rest of the day goes as planned, I'll have eaten 39.5 points. I'm allowed 27. SHEESH!! On the other hand, I'm proud of myself. I tracked and wrote down EVERYTHING I ate. Not just the unshameful (is that a word?) stuff.

Weigh in is tonight so we'll see how I do.

Lunch was good. I made a tuna salad with tuna (obviously) a teaspoon (guesstimated) of mayo, half a red pepper and a carrot. It was yum!!

Oh yea. And a bag of chips that I stole from my Italian's lunch stash. Those totally hit the spot when I was putting my tuna salad together.

I was fine until 30 minutes after lunch when I had a SERIOUS case of the munchies. I ended up eating the rest of my red pepper and the other carrot. This was after I'd eaten the box of Dulce de Leche Girl Scout cookies. (If I may say so, I was a little dissapointed. I was looking forward to a creamier(???) cookie. Oh well. I'll stick with Thin Mints and Samoas from here on out.)


(It's important to recognize both sides of the equation! Green being the protestants, Orange being the Catholics.)

Weight update coming soon and I get my measurements done tomorrow or Saturday! YIPEE!!

Meandering Thoughts


Today is a sleepy day for me. But then so have the past several. The only difference with today is that I wasn't sleepy until after I ate breakfast . . . weird huh? I had my normal, or what is becoming normal, breakfast. My homemade cereal, rice milk and banana. I added a 10 oz bottle of apple juice to it. Maybe its an abnormally fast sugar crash? Nah . . . I don't know. I'm just hoping to wake up soon. Maybe it's dehydration?

On to last night. Last night was crazy busy! After work I went to Curves and busted my patookis. I went as hard as I could. To a certain point. I'm supposed to keep my heart rate between a 10 second count of 22 and 23. I kept coming up with 24 and 25. YEEPS! But I was worn out by the time I was done. It felt good. I got home with just enough time to shower, change, and feed my Italian. Then I had to race off to the Creative Team meeting at church. We live behind the church and I still managed to be late. *sigh*

My Italian didn't go because his BFF (seriously, they've been friends since they were 3 and he's stuck by my husband through EVERYTHING!) was coming over to look at our computer and see why we weren't getting sound.

I so missed him at that meeting. My problem is I get stuck on an idea and go off searching the internet for the solution. While I am listening, I'm not listening close enough to come up with an idea if I get asked a question, which is rare, but did happen last night.

Oops . . . 

I think I stuttered something half intelligible out. I'm not sure. Eh . . . it was enough to change my track and get me started on a whole new idea. Thankfully this one was more of just writing a skit and not scouring the internet for a song that I could not find. ARGH!!!

I got home from the meeting, updated my Italian on what happened and found out his BFF wasn't coming until 9:30!

I grabbed some chicken and the cup of multi-grain cheerios I had packed in my lunch and went into our bedroom to continue working on the skit. Do you have any idea how annoying cats are when there's chicken around? Gee-mo-nee-mo! Pukey-Face Logan usually isn't a big problem. It's usually Booger-Butt Rufus who's the problem. I had to fight off both of them! Ugh . . . stupid cats. (I love them both, so much though)

BFF came over and had our sound working in no time flat! I forgot to ask what he did to fix it. Unless changing the sound card is really that easy and that quick. I don't know. I'm not that geek-savvy.

After he left, my Italian wanted to shave since he's got out-patient PT today.

Good-bye sexy scruffies!

I'm always sad when they go away. I think he looks really good with a little scruff. He doesn't like it because it's not even. *sigh* Such a perfectionist!

His hair is also starting to get long, which I like! By long I mean the back is starting to brush the very edge of his shirt. I love it! He doesn't. I'm sure as soon as he can he's going to go get it cut.


Anyway . . .

I actually got a good night's sleep! I'm so happy. I don't recall waking up once. I think I need to exercise that hard everyday. Especially if I'm going to sleep that soundly!

Come to think of it, I think my sleepiness is dehydration. I've been working on a bottle of water here, it's half gone and I'm actually feeling more awake. Hrmm . . .
Maybe I need to pound a bottle of water in the evenings after a work-out.

Speaking of which, it's weigh in day today! YIPEE!!   I'm not as filled with dread as I was yesterday. What ever it turns out to be, I'll deal.

My plan (and we all know how well those turn out!) is to put rice in the rice cooker when I get home from WW and run off to speech choir rehearsal. After speech choir, I'll plug in the Evil Lady and do her 30 Day Shred and then we'll have dinner. Though that puts dinner at 8:15 - 8:30. A little late, especially since we generally are in bed during the week by 10. I think it'll be okay. I'm going to make the Brussels sprouts (for real this time!) and have a little bit of chicken and bit of rice.

Speaking of food, I think I forgot to pack a snack for post-weigh in. No, I did. I packed a whole red pepper. I'm going to stick 1/2 of it in my tuna and I'll cut up and eat the other half after I weigh in. Generally I have to eat something, other wise I'm liable to bite someone's face off and since I have speech choir after WW, it's a good idea to eat a bite of something.

Which reminds me . . . I should go memorize my lines for tonight . . . ooops! Or maybe do the work I need to get done today.

I just have no attention span today. (Can you tell?)

Okay, for real. I'm gonna go try to focus on SOMETHING for the next 30 minutes before lunch. (Food! I'm starting to get hungry, with all this talk about food!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay. . . I quit. Not losing weight, no. Not exercising, no.

I quit beating myself up. After moping about the office, I ate the rest of the roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints and have decided that if I eat something, I eat it. If I forget to exercise one day, I forget to exercise. I quit beating myself up over every little mistake or feeling bad when I reap the consequences of my actions.

If I want to lose this weight, I will. I'll eat healthy, real foods in correct portions and I'll move my patookis. I am going to push myself as hard as I can when I do exercise and I will exercise AT LEAST 3 days a week.

I'm done whining and complaining about the consequences. Now don't get me wrong, I'll still tell you that I ate the rest of the box of Girl Scout Thin Mints while I was in my funk. And if I found out I gained tomorrow, I'll know why. I gorged myself on Girl Scout cookies, chocolate and candy. Nuff said.

Speaking of food, this is breakfast. It's my homemade cereal, half a banana and 1/2 cup of rice milk. It's SO much better with bananas. Good thing it's grocery shopping tonight, I'm almost out of bananas.

Lunch consisted of mayonnaise, 1/2 c. shredded carrots (guesstimated), deli turkey meat and cheddar cheese on sandwich thins with a large banana. 

I did eat 4 Girl Scout Thin Mints right before lunch and 4 Poppy & Sesame crackers (from a party BBM had Friday night to celebrate the end of session) while I was making my lunch. After lunch I was dragging massively, so I poured myself a coke which finished off my 27 points for the day. (Did you know coke had phosphoric acid in it? Eeeeyuuch!! But I drank it anyway. Don't think I will anymore though.) 

Then I decided (not mindfully) to get into a funk and ate the rest of the thin mints. Ugh . . . I feel sick again . . . 
 Yes, now you know. I am a slow learner. 
Dinner tonight is consisting of brussels sprouts, chicken and rice. Well, my Italian is having chicken and rice. I'll be having brussels sprouts and a small bit of chicken. This is my first try at cooking/eating brussels sprouts, so we'll see how it goes!

Just found out we've got a creative team meeting tonight, so we'll be eating late tonight. Probably then bed . . . or my Italian will just fend for himself will want Chef Boyardee (yuuuu-ick!) for dinner. But the chicken is already cooked. It's left over . . . 

We'll see.

Thanks for letting me whine and tirade. Ya know? Sometimes it's just got to get out of the system.

 Is it possible to steam fresh veggies in the microwave? How do you do that?

Banging My Head Against the Same Brick Wall

I have this horrible, horrible feeling that I gained again this week. Honestly though? I shouldn't be that surprised. I did eat boxes of Girl Scout cookies and more than my share of chocolate and candy.  

(I ate a box of Samoas yesterday afternoon after posting here. I felt sick most of the rest of the day. YEAH!!! Why am I happy about it? Because, it FINALLY learned me . . . er  . . . taught me. That and I've eaten whole boxes of cookies before and felt fine. Like last week sometime. Was it Monday? I don't remember. Anyway.)

On the other hand, while I didn't exercise every day, I did exercise 4 days out of the week. That's an improvement. Since starting Curves I went from nothing to 2 days a week (because it kept snowing on Saturdays and they were closed) to 3 days a week. This past week I made it to 4. Ideally I'd be exercising 6, with a day off on Monday.

I'm afraid I'm battling my perfectionist side that is upset with me because I didn't make 6 and have yet to make it 6 days a week. However, I can't let go of that too much, because then my slob side will take over. Eeehhh . . . you exercised last week, why today? Do it tomorrow!
It's just a matter of balance. The same thing with my eating. Especially when it comes to my eating, I tend to be an all or nothing sort of person. Moderation is not something I'm really good at. At least when it comes to food (or spending money, but that's another post for another day. Possibly a guest post from my Italian? He can tell you ALL about it!! Poor man . . . )

A loss this week would be nice, a gain would be devastating. I have been bouncing between 210 and 205 for the past 6 months. I'm getting tired of it, and would really like to simply shed the weight. Frankly, I feel like I'm banging my head against the same spot on the same damn wall and not getting anywhere! It's getting tiresome.

Or is it that I've not been real serious about it since September? That I keep letting life get in the way. The loss of "Buh" in September, the holidays, then my Italian's ankle surgery and subsequent stay at the hospital for in-patient rehabilitation? Maybe now that it's all behind me I can get serious . . . again . . . about this weight loss thing.

Or am I being too hard on myself?

I'm just tired of being 200+ pounds!

Sorry this post is so negative. My food today's been not so bad . . . More on that later today. 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Food to PT and everything in between

I can't believe it! There is such a thing as soy-free soy sauce . . . sorta. I forget who's blog I found this site on. So I'm not sure who to blame give the credit to. But I have decided as I use up ingredients in our apartment, I am going to replace them with soy-free items. Yes, we are going soy-free! 

I haven't discussed this with my Italian yet, but he's not picky really picky when it comes to food. He'll eat almost anything! Except broccoli flourets (he'll eat the stalk), the top part of asparagus (again, he'll eat the stalk), tomatoes (strange for a man who could subsist on ketchup), or avocados (don't ask. It's messy!). He's eaten stuff that I've made that I thought was awful and could only eat a few bites of. 

Does he ever gain a pound though? PHSH! No. But then he is really disciplined about getting his work-out in everyday. If it's not at the therapeutic pool he goes to two or three times a week, he's on the floor doing his exercises there. 

Since his surgery, he's not been allowed in the pool and hasn't been able to get his floor exercises in. (I wouldn't be able to pick him up off the floor. I'm not that strong . . . yet.) So he's got a the beginnings of a pooch. When I saw it I asked him about it, thinking that the +30 metabolism slow down had hit him. Yea, nope! It's because he's not been able to get his work-outs in. 

He starts out-patient physical therapy this week and in 3 or 4 weeks he gets his cast off and moves to a walking boot for 8 weeks. I imagine at that point the PT will become a little more intensive and begin to help him build the muscles back up in his left leg. 

I am proud to say, his right leg has gotten significantly stronger. He still leans on his cane and I can't (won't) let go of him when he's standing, but its a definite improvement. I am SO proud of him. 

I'm hoping when he finally is fully rehabilitated from this surgery that he'll use both legs as equally as he can. I'm sure his left leg will always be slightly stronger, but this surgery may have gone a ways into improving his gate . . . maybe?

Speaking of walking, the Monument 10k is fast approaching! I can't wait! Mom and I walked it last year in 1h 47min. My goal this year is to walk it in an hour and half. We've moved up to the next to last wave, so we won't have to dodge the people sashaying their way through the course. I think we'll be able to do it. We'll just have to walk fast and keep moving. I know my Italian will be waiting for me at the end, I'm hoping Dad will be able to take off work to be there too. They had a good time last year hanging out together and Mom and I had a good time racing around the course. March 27! 11 days away! (Today's pretty much over.)

I didn't exercise today. This is my traditional day off because I honestly, can't think of where to squeeze in the time! I guess I could get up at 5, exercise, grab my shower, get us ready for the day and head off to work  . . . Maybe I should try that. But I HATE getting up early in the morning. I also hate being stuck around 210. I guess the question comes down to which I hate more? Something other than food to chew on for a while.

How to eat . . . Whole Foods or Diet Foods

So the couch won last night. I never did plug in the Evil Lady and her 30 Day Shred. As soon as I hit publish on last night's post, I was called to help my Italian get ready for bed. (3 or 4 more weeks until the cast comes off!)

From there it was a downward spiral. I was feeling poopy and tired anyway, so I went to bed and had a rather fitful night's sleep. Surprisingly though, when I finally dragged myself out of bed this morning I felt fine. I wasn't overly tired or crabby! YES!!!

I had packed my breakfast and lunch last night so I was able to just grab my lunch bag out of the fridge, make lunch for my Italian and I raced out the door to head off to work.

Breakfast was the homemade cereal (1/2 cup) and 1/2 cup of rice milk. It was REALLY good. According to WW I used 11 points on breakfast. But it kept me full right up to lunch! **happy dancing**  Though I did eat a banana at 11:00 because I was smelling them in my desk drawer and when I pulled them out I saw they were teetering on the edge of being icky.

Lunch was good. I had another banana, and a turkey sandwich with a thin layer of mayo, 7 slices of turkey deli meat, baby spinach, 1/2 cup (guesstimated) of shredded carrots, and a thick slice of tomato. Lunch ended up being 5 points (including the banana). An hour later, I'm still really full.

During lunch I caught up on my Google Reader and came across The Nourished Life post that featured Jamie Oliver's TED award speech. I listened to that and reading some of her other posts it got me thinking . . .

In my efforts to lose weight is it better to eat smaller portions of real whole foods or to stick with the processed "diet" foods? Or even the real "diet" foods? 

For example, I LOVE laughing cow cheese. I usually go for the light version of it. But would be be better for me to go for the full fat version of real cheese and just eat a smaller portion of it?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Bad Food Confessional

No, I didn't get any exercise in. At least not yet.

I am going to plug the Evil Lady's 30 Day Shred in and do that. It's only 20 minutes and hopefully it will wear me out enough that I sleep like a rock. 

Food wise my day, to be honest, was a massive FAIL! I took my thyroid meds right before we left to walk over to the church. When I do that, I'm not supposed to eat for an hour after I take them. Well . . . normally that works. 

Alas . . . habit eating took over and I found myself sitting in the 9 am Sunday School class munching on a mini chocolate donut. Don't even ask how many I ate after class and before the service. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even keep track. 

Weekends are dangerous times for me. Very, very dangerous. 

An even more dangerous place to be in my in-laws. We spent the day over there right after church until the evening. I did pretty well with lunch. I had a can of lentil soup and a few whole grain crackers. I was still a little hungry so I helped myself to a banana and we sat down to play Piss On Your Neighbor and Canasta.

Both very fun games. I was paired up with my Father-in-law for Canasta. We won the first game with the very last card of the last hand. The deck had been frozen from the very beginning and the last card was an 8. Now when the deck is frozen you need 3 matching cards to pick up the deck. My father-in-law had it and we got something like 3000 points in one hand, which put us up over 6000 points. We were playing to 5000, so we won!!! We played 1 more hand which my Italian and mother-in-law won. They beat us pretty badly, but then it was time for dinner, so we didn't have time to finish the game. 

My mother-in-law made sweet & sour pork. So so so good. Dinner, actually, was really quite healthy. Sweet & sour pork, over brown rice with a side salad and a couple rolls. 

My downfall was the candy she set out between my husband and I during the card games. So bad, so very very bad.  Mindless eating. Ugh . . . 

Chocolate, jelly beans, DOTS, Andes Mints . . . yum!

(Edit Note: Actually, I think I eat mindlessly to keep my mouthful so I won't say something that will cause my in-laws to go on a rant. *sigh* Unfortunately it didn't work during dinner. Oh well, there's always the next visit!)

How was your food day?

OH!! In other news . . . !!!

I got the okay from my Italian to buy running shoes! YIPEE!! 

Now I need advice . . . I've not done this before, at least not seriously. 

What running shoes would you recommend to a beginning runner? 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breakfast . . . To Go!

A few posts back I mentioned Snack Girl's DIY Cereal. Well, after a week and half, I finally have gotten around to making it! And I even took pictures of making it!

You'll have to forgive the over light exposure of the pictures. I probably didn't need the flash.

The only change I made to her recipe was instead of 2 cups of chopped almonds. I used 1 1/2 cups of sliced almonds and 1/2 cup of chopped hazelnuts.

All of these things by themselves, except maybe the oil, YUM!! But combined . . . Mmmmmm . . . 

You don't want to forget the cooking spray that goes on the aluminum foil covered pan.
Spray the aluminum foil away! 
Mixing the oats and nuts. I used my hands to do this. It was fabulous! 
I decided to use a spatula for the oil and maple syrup.
Then you mix them together.
YUM! Almost done! All mixed together.
Ready to go in the oven! (Which has been pre-heating)

While it baked in the oven for 30 minutes, I put all my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and vegged out watching Top Gear on BBCAmerica. (Yes I am a girl, but I find them hilarious.) OH! And one of the best parts of this whole thing? (At least while its baking?) The smell. YUM! 
Out of the oven and cooling! And it smells FABULOUS!

I'm still waiting for it to cool. Once it cools, I'll add the raisins in and have a bit of it. Some rice milk, and cereal. I'm wondering how greek yogurt would work with it. 

Ooooh!!! Jay Leno is on this Top Gear!! Now see why I love this show??

I did have some Fage the other day, it was mixed with some strawberry jam/preserve/syrup like stuff. SO GOOD! 

I may have to pick some of that up when I go to the grocery. I think it may be a really yummy and easy breakfast. Once I get it all divided up, I can toss it in my new lunch bag.

Isn't it cute? 

It's great because it holds quite a bit of food and there's a pocket in the front where I can stick my eating utensils. 

Okay, I'm starving . . . I'm  calling it cooled and going to enjoy a bit. Or not. My Italian emerged from the office declaring that he was hungry, so I've got dinner warming up in the oven. (His aunt brought us dinner one night this week, but we'd already eaten, so we're eating it today!)

The final product. YUM!!
EVEN BETTER!!  I have enough for a week's worth of lunches with TONS left over!! Yippee!!

The timer just beeped. Time to get dinner on the table for my starving Italian and I. 

Yes, I'm feeling better from this morning. Curves didn't help. Apparently what I needed was a nap and to clean my kitchen.  Huh! Who knew?
Okay, okay! I'm going!!