Saturday, March 27, 2010

10k Race and Results! (w/ some butt discussion)

If you follow me on twitter (which if you don't, you really should. I've always got something random popping in my head and up on my twitter feed!) you know the results of my 10k today. If you follow me on facebook you got to follow my walk as I facebooked at every mile, except 6.

Here's what I put up on facebook:

10 min. And counting to the start. Here goes it all!! Try to keep you updated throuigh the race

Mile 1 down. 5.2 to go!!

Mile 2 down. Still going strong

Mile 3 with the chicken dance!!

Mile 4. Hydrated. Feeling good. In the home stretch! 2.2 left!!

Finally Mile 5. Phew . . . I can do this. No leg pain! Thank you God!!

It is complete!! Don't think I made my 90 min goal but think I got close!!

(And while I was waiting for the person I rode with to finish . . . )

Somehow I developed a blister on the BOTTOM of my heel. Myaaaahhh!!

Yes, when  I was loading up music on my mp3 player I did put in the chicken dance. I would have chicken danced my way through the mile 3 marker, but I was feeling self conscious. I don't know why. It was very strange. I'm normally the one who will break into the chicken dance when I hear it. **craziness!!**

But it wasn't until after Mile 4 I started to wear down. My hips tightened up quite a bit, but I never had any shin pain! Despite the tightness, I kept the same pace the entire time. I didn't realize that until I looked at my official score, which they so kindly put online for us to view.


I'm pretty satisfied with the way today's race went. I didn't make my goal of 90 minutes, but I shaved a significant amount of time off of last year's race. Last year I finished in 1hr and 47min. I think 7 minutes is a good chunk of time to lose.

Another great thing I noticed is my recovery time from the race. Last year I went home and slept for hours! This year, I came home and sat on the couch for 1/2 hour until a friend called and said she was going to be in Richmond in an hour. So I changed and met her for a linner (late lunch, early dinner). And I'm still feeling pretty good. I definitely want to go to bed early tonight, and I know I'll sleep very well, but I don't have this over riding desire to take a nap. It feels good. I am in better shape than I was this time last year.

Speaking of that . . . better shape I mean . . . my butt? Is REALLY cute!! LOL!! Seriously! I caught a glimpse of it in the mirror before I started working out at Curves last night. . . and WOW! It's gotten smaller, there's a definite separation between my legs and my batookis. But I've noticed, overall, I'm definitely toning up. My arms are more muscular. I don't have as much whiggle jiggle under my arms anymore. In fact, the only place that really whiggle jiggles that I don't want to is my tummy. I'm still working on that one!

The fact that my body is now craving healthy foods and exercise is very encouraging to me. I can make this change, I can make this my new lifestyle.

I am totally psyched!! (And maybe ready for a little nap . . . )


  1. congratulations on shaving 7 minutes off your time and for even finishing!! that is amazing, do you run or walk? I often think of maybe doing one of those someday but I do not think I could make it!

  2. Thanks Lauren! I bet you could do it! Last year was the first time I did the race. I started walking a couple months a head of time. I wasn't completely ready, but I just walked and enjoyed the race. It helped that its one of the friendliest races on the eat coast.

    I walked last year's race and did the same this year. Honestly, I've found the hardest part is signing up. In my mind, once you sign up, your committed!

  3. Wow, Em! This is great!! I know the next one you do will be even better! I think you're still sore...but you'll get better soon.

    Best thing? You're liking your body. That's a great thing. Sweet!