Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yet another whiny post


Remember how yesterday I said I wasn't sore or anything? Yea, that's cause my body waited until today to be sore! I woke up and my hips and lower back were SCREAMING at me!! And they never stopped! In fact I just got back from speech choir and somehow my hips stiffened up while I was standing there being stabbed by the stupid moronic evil palm plant. I swear! It was out to get me! Then I nearly  fell off the stage. Yes, while standing still! Did I forget to mention that I am the picture of grace? Yep! **grin**

I must confess that I didn't work out today. Walking hurt, and I thought about jumping on the elliptical to see if that would loosen the muscles in my hips enough to ease the pain, but the day just seemed to get away from me. Tomorrow is my official off day, so I'm hoping when I get to Curves on Tuesday the pain will have lessened some and my hips loosened up.

Having my hips tighten up is really the strangest feeling. I've never had that happen and hope it never does again. I'm wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that it's that TOM for me.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to help transfer someone to and from a wheelchair when you're lower back and hips hurt? Ugh . . . it's awful!

3 more weeks, only 3 more weeks and my Italian moves to a boot and will be allowed to put weight on his left leg. He shouldn't need nearly as much assistance by that point. (I'm hoping.) I'm sorry. That sounded a little bitchy. But I'm being honest. I think this is wearing on the both of us a little. Our tempers are wearing a little thin. Not that we'll end up getting into a big blow up, but little spats or just irritated tones have come out more often than is normal.

But then again, I'm not used to keeping up our apartment and all the little chores by myself in addition to working full time. And since my Italian's surgery I've finally kicked my exercise routine into high gear. I'm trying to take more off of my plate so I can spend more time at home getting stuff taken care of, but when I get home I honestly don't want to do anything! I want to eat dinner, discuss our days and catch up on my readers and facebook!

At the same time I've fallen more in love with my Italian through this process. I've enjoyed being able to take care of him. And am starting to get over some of my "issues." (Like poop . . . don't ask . . . you REALLY don't want to know . . . or do you?)

Okay, I need to flip and fold laundry.

Have a good night!!

**HUGS!!**  <---------This is what exhaustion does to me! Makes me huggy! Eh . . . I'm huggy anyway! HA!!


  1. It's officially called DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness....and it sucks! But it's good pain right?

  2. I hope you can get loosened up soon! Maybe take a little walk or something?

  3. Most of it is good pain, yes.

    I got my Italian to rub my back and legs and it feels a million times better. I swear I think he's got medication in his fingers sometimes!

  4. Ouch ouch ouch- but awesome that it's the good kind of pain :)

    HUGS TO YOU TOO! Hehe.