Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This is one of my monsters, Logan. He's my snuggle-bug. For the past couple days, he's been a totally cuddly. When I come home, I can barely kiss my Italian hello before Logan's meowing and jumping in his lap for me to pick him up. 
He'll let me pick him up and carry him around like a little baby. He wraps his front paws around my neck and hangs on. If it were up to him, I'd carry him around for 15 - 20 minutes. He's a sweetie baby.

He's also the troublemaker. If he's not supposed to do something, climb on the counters or go into our main bathroom, he's there. He's my little monster. Though he and my Italian do not like each other. I think (after a year and half) they're starting to come to terms with each other. Actually while my Italian was in the hospital, Logan was absolutely beside himself. I think he missed the antagonizing that goes on between the two of them.

This is Logan's big brother, Rufus. He's not nearly as much the snuggle-bug, unless I'm in bed. Then he's snuggled right up against my ribs or my lower back. He is my purr-bear though, which comes in real handy when my back is tight and he's snuggled up against my bag.

You're probably wondering why I'm introducing you to my 4-legged children instead of telling you about my run this evening.

Well  . . . the run didn't happen. I called Michelle and we were both pretty tired and I needed to stick close to home today. 
I did make it to Curves though. I don't feel like I worked any harder than I normally do, but it felt harder today for some reason. Lack of fuel? Wrong type of fuel? 

I do have plans for the treadmill tomorrow. I PROMISE! 

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