Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Make-Over

Our bedroom needs a make-over. It also needs me to unearth the floor on my side of the room, but it needs a make-over. It's green, khaki, and wood with a silver accent coming from our wedding picture and our headboard.

I want COLOR! Okay, I want different colors. Actually, I want to paint the walls to our bedroom, change the color of the sheets to a vibrant color and rearrange the furniture.

Problem is, my Italian's side of the bedroom MUST be the way it is. It has to be clear so he doesn't trip over anything when he gets mobile again and for right now his wheelchair has to be able to fit in here. I also want to fit the vanity from my grandmother's house of furniture in there.
It sat in the spare room/sometimes bedroom at my Grandmother's house. It reminds me of her and I desperately want to get it out of our closet and put in use!
Okay, enough talk!

I think I may go see what I can find this weekend. 

RETAIL THERAPY! YES! (at least it's not Girl Scout cookies this time. HA!)

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