Friday, March 19, 2010

What I learned today

I learned that Fage mixed with homemade cereal tastes MUCH better than vanilla Chobani mixed with homemade cereal. (Vanilla Chobani, honestly, tasted like a slightly tart frosting . . . wow! It was sweet!!)

4 carrots, an orange, an ounce of cheese and a banana make a very filling and long lasting lunch.

But said lunch does not last until 7 pm.

Waiting until you're starving to make dinner is a VERY bad idea.

You see, I left work late today. About 7 this evening, which got me home by 7:30. I was ravenous. I pulled meat off of the chicken for my Italian while his potato was being nuked. There wasn't much meat left after I gave him his portion,but I promptly ate what ever I could find. Then I ate a bag of off brand cheetos (it was a single serving bag!!) and nuked a potato for myself. Only after that did I feel like I could stop eating.

Lesson learned . . . always pack more food in your lunch bag than you think you're going to eat!

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