Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wednesday Weigh In Results

After work last night I dragged myself to Weight Watchers to see how much damage I did while my Italian was in the hospital.

Last weigh-in: 207.2
This weigh-in: 210.6
Difference: +3.4 

*sigh* But what do you expect when you live off of fast food and exercise all of twice in a two week period.

I have been toying with the idea, mentally only, of going vegetarian . . . sorta. At least cutting out a good chunk of the meat that I eat. It would mean making two meals each night. One for my Italian and one for me. But Veggie Venture has a recipe (I'm going to try tonight) for Homemade Black Bean Burgers. She has directions for freezing them, which is bonus, so all I have to do is add a salad and I'm good to go.

I've been following quite a few runner/foodie blogs and they have some of the yummiest looking food! My poor work printer has been getting a work-out printing out the recipes. Obviously . . . I've not been using them.

In happier news, my friend Michelle and her husband have started the Medifast diet and she posted her results  at her blog Cheers to Healthy Living. I'm so proud of the both of them! I think she's finally in One-derland now! GO MICHELLE!!!

Michelle, in the same post, put up a recipe for roasted brussel sprouts. My initial response was ICK!! But honestly, I've never had brussel sprouts. I think I may have to try it out. I'm curious now.

Do you have any good somewhat veggie recipes that will freeze well?


  1. Great job on your loss. I am thinking of joining WW myself. I love running and food blog. I don't like to cook, but I love food photography, and there are so many great ideas.

  2. As long as I've stayed focused, I've had lots of success with WW.
    I'm learning to enjoy cooking. It's the cleaning up afterwards I don't enjoy!