Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Meandering Thoughts


Today is a sleepy day for me. But then so have the past several. The only difference with today is that I wasn't sleepy until after I ate breakfast . . . weird huh? I had my normal, or what is becoming normal, breakfast. My homemade cereal, rice milk and banana. I added a 10 oz bottle of apple juice to it. Maybe its an abnormally fast sugar crash? Nah . . . I don't know. I'm just hoping to wake up soon. Maybe it's dehydration?

On to last night. Last night was crazy busy! After work I went to Curves and busted my patookis. I went as hard as I could. To a certain point. I'm supposed to keep my heart rate between a 10 second count of 22 and 23. I kept coming up with 24 and 25. YEEPS! But I was worn out by the time I was done. It felt good. I got home with just enough time to shower, change, and feed my Italian. Then I had to race off to the Creative Team meeting at church. We live behind the church and I still managed to be late. *sigh*

My Italian didn't go because his BFF (seriously, they've been friends since they were 3 and he's stuck by my husband through EVERYTHING!) was coming over to look at our computer and see why we weren't getting sound.

I so missed him at that meeting. My problem is I get stuck on an idea and go off searching the internet for the solution. While I am listening, I'm not listening close enough to come up with an idea if I get asked a question, which is rare, but did happen last night.

Oops . . . 

I think I stuttered something half intelligible out. I'm not sure. Eh . . . it was enough to change my track and get me started on a whole new idea. Thankfully this one was more of just writing a skit and not scouring the internet for a song that I could not find. ARGH!!!

I got home from the meeting, updated my Italian on what happened and found out his BFF wasn't coming until 9:30!

I grabbed some chicken and the cup of multi-grain cheerios I had packed in my lunch and went into our bedroom to continue working on the skit. Do you have any idea how annoying cats are when there's chicken around? Gee-mo-nee-mo! Pukey-Face Logan usually isn't a big problem. It's usually Booger-Butt Rufus who's the problem. I had to fight off both of them! Ugh . . . stupid cats. (I love them both, so much though)

BFF came over and had our sound working in no time flat! I forgot to ask what he did to fix it. Unless changing the sound card is really that easy and that quick. I don't know. I'm not that geek-savvy.

After he left, my Italian wanted to shave since he's got out-patient PT today.

Good-bye sexy scruffies!

I'm always sad when they go away. I think he looks really good with a little scruff. He doesn't like it because it's not even. *sigh* Such a perfectionist!

His hair is also starting to get long, which I like! By long I mean the back is starting to brush the very edge of his shirt. I love it! He doesn't. I'm sure as soon as he can he's going to go get it cut.


Anyway . . .

I actually got a good night's sleep! I'm so happy. I don't recall waking up once. I think I need to exercise that hard everyday. Especially if I'm going to sleep that soundly!

Come to think of it, I think my sleepiness is dehydration. I've been working on a bottle of water here, it's half gone and I'm actually feeling more awake. Hrmm . . .
Maybe I need to pound a bottle of water in the evenings after a work-out.

Speaking of which, it's weigh in day today! YIPEE!!   I'm not as filled with dread as I was yesterday. What ever it turns out to be, I'll deal.

My plan (and we all know how well those turn out!) is to put rice in the rice cooker when I get home from WW and run off to speech choir rehearsal. After speech choir, I'll plug in the Evil Lady and do her 30 Day Shred and then we'll have dinner. Though that puts dinner at 8:15 - 8:30. A little late, especially since we generally are in bed during the week by 10. I think it'll be okay. I'm going to make the Brussels sprouts (for real this time!) and have a little bit of chicken and bit of rice.

Speaking of food, I think I forgot to pack a snack for post-weigh in. No, I did. I packed a whole red pepper. I'm going to stick 1/2 of it in my tuna and I'll cut up and eat the other half after I weigh in. Generally I have to eat something, other wise I'm liable to bite someone's face off and since I have speech choir after WW, it's a good idea to eat a bite of something.

Which reminds me . . . I should go memorize my lines for tonight . . . ooops! Or maybe do the work I need to get done today.

I just have no attention span today. (Can you tell?)

Okay, for real. I'm gonna go try to focus on SOMETHING for the next 30 minutes before lunch. (Food! I'm starting to get hungry, with all this talk about food!)

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