Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Okay. . . I quit. Not losing weight, no. Not exercising, no.

I quit beating myself up. After moping about the office, I ate the rest of the roll of Girl Scout Thin Mints and have decided that if I eat something, I eat it. If I forget to exercise one day, I forget to exercise. I quit beating myself up over every little mistake or feeling bad when I reap the consequences of my actions.

If I want to lose this weight, I will. I'll eat healthy, real foods in correct portions and I'll move my patookis. I am going to push myself as hard as I can when I do exercise and I will exercise AT LEAST 3 days a week.

I'm done whining and complaining about the consequences. Now don't get me wrong, I'll still tell you that I ate the rest of the box of Girl Scout Thin Mints while I was in my funk. And if I found out I gained tomorrow, I'll know why. I gorged myself on Girl Scout cookies, chocolate and candy. Nuff said.

Speaking of food, this is breakfast. It's my homemade cereal, half a banana and 1/2 cup of rice milk. It's SO much better with bananas. Good thing it's grocery shopping tonight, I'm almost out of bananas.

Lunch consisted of mayonnaise, 1/2 c. shredded carrots (guesstimated), deli turkey meat and cheddar cheese on sandwich thins with a large banana. 

I did eat 4 Girl Scout Thin Mints right before lunch and 4 Poppy & Sesame crackers (from a party BBM had Friday night to celebrate the end of session) while I was making my lunch. After lunch I was dragging massively, so I poured myself a coke which finished off my 27 points for the day. (Did you know coke had phosphoric acid in it? Eeeeyuuch!! But I drank it anyway. Don't think I will anymore though.) 

Then I decided (not mindfully) to get into a funk and ate the rest of the thin mints. Ugh . . . I feel sick again . . . 
 Yes, now you know. I am a slow learner. 
Dinner tonight is consisting of brussels sprouts, chicken and rice. Well, my Italian is having chicken and rice. I'll be having brussels sprouts and a small bit of chicken. This is my first try at cooking/eating brussels sprouts, so we'll see how it goes!

Just found out we've got a creative team meeting tonight, so we'll be eating late tonight. Probably then bed . . . or my Italian will just fend for himself will want Chef Boyardee (yuuuu-ick!) for dinner. But the chicken is already cooked. It's left over . . . 

We'll see.

Thanks for letting me whine and tirade. Ya know? Sometimes it's just got to get out of the system.

 Is it possible to steam fresh veggies in the microwave? How do you do that?

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  1. there are bags of veggies that are specifically for steaming from frozen. Or you can just put fresh/frozen veggies in a wide deep bowl, add some water, and microwave 4 minutes for fresh and up to 6 minutes or more for frozen.

    Congrats on moving forward and not worrying about what you haven't done. You are doing great!