Saturday, March 13, 2010

Breakfast . . . To Go!

A few posts back I mentioned Snack Girl's DIY Cereal. Well, after a week and half, I finally have gotten around to making it! And I even took pictures of making it!

You'll have to forgive the over light exposure of the pictures. I probably didn't need the flash.

The only change I made to her recipe was instead of 2 cups of chopped almonds. I used 1 1/2 cups of sliced almonds and 1/2 cup of chopped hazelnuts.

All of these things by themselves, except maybe the oil, YUM!! But combined . . . Mmmmmm . . . 

You don't want to forget the cooking spray that goes on the aluminum foil covered pan.
Spray the aluminum foil away! 
Mixing the oats and nuts. I used my hands to do this. It was fabulous! 
I decided to use a spatula for the oil and maple syrup.
Then you mix them together.
YUM! Almost done! All mixed together.
Ready to go in the oven! (Which has been pre-heating)

While it baked in the oven for 30 minutes, I put all my dirty dishes in the dishwasher and vegged out watching Top Gear on BBCAmerica. (Yes I am a girl, but I find them hilarious.) OH! And one of the best parts of this whole thing? (At least while its baking?) The smell. YUM! 
Out of the oven and cooling! And it smells FABULOUS!

I'm still waiting for it to cool. Once it cools, I'll add the raisins in and have a bit of it. Some rice milk, and cereal. I'm wondering how greek yogurt would work with it. 

Ooooh!!! Jay Leno is on this Top Gear!! Now see why I love this show??

I did have some Fage the other day, it was mixed with some strawberry jam/preserve/syrup like stuff. SO GOOD! 

I may have to pick some of that up when I go to the grocery. I think it may be a really yummy and easy breakfast. Once I get it all divided up, I can toss it in my new lunch bag.

Isn't it cute? 

It's great because it holds quite a bit of food and there's a pocket in the front where I can stick my eating utensils. 

Okay, I'm starving . . . I'm  calling it cooled and going to enjoy a bit. Or not. My Italian emerged from the office declaring that he was hungry, so I've got dinner warming up in the oven. (His aunt brought us dinner one night this week, but we'd already eaten, so we're eating it today!)

The final product. YUM!!
EVEN BETTER!!  I have enough for a week's worth of lunches with TONS left over!! Yippee!!

The timer just beeped. Time to get dinner on the table for my starving Italian and I. 

Yes, I'm feeling better from this morning. Curves didn't help. Apparently what I needed was a nap and to clean my kitchen.  Huh! Who knew?
Okay, okay! I'm going!! 

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