Sunday, March 21, 2010

My New Challenge & a Couple Questions

I'm still working on the exercise thing. Curves 3 days a week is going well. It's pushing myself to do the other 3 days that I'm finding hard.

How do you find motivation to exercise?

I've also decided to embark on a "diet" if you will. I am cutting soy and sugar from my diet. Though I am having a hard time finding peanut butter that doesn't have sugar in it! Seriously! Does all peanut butter have sugar in it? I did settle on one yesterday with natural cane sugar and when I got home (after already opening it) and compared the nutritional facts with the regular peanut butter we had at home . . . there's hardly ANY difference. I'm severely annoyed!

I'm going to eat it anyway. Hrghmph! But after that I may have to go grind my own peanuts for peanut butter . . . I really don't want to do that. (Read: I'm lazy. I want it supplied)

Do you know of a peanut butter that doesn't have sugar in it?

I am going to start making my own bread again. I've JUST gotten on a bread and peanut butter kick. Right before I decided to kick out sugar and soy . . . officially.

I've just decided since Friday to do this. Since then, I've been craving salty foods like mad. Right now a huge bag of lay's chips would TOTALLY hit the spot. And yes, I would eat most, if not the whole, bag. Mmmm . . .  Good thing I'm not going to the grocery store right now.

Last night for dinner I had steamed asparagus with balsamic vinegar splashed on top (I haven't checked the balsamic vinegar for sugar or soy yet, when I run out of it, I'll replace it with sugar-less, soy-less balsamic vinegar . . . if this isn't already.) And green beans sauteed in butter (real butter) and garlic. I don't think either were cooked long enough. Next time I'm going to steam the asparagus longer and steam the green beans before I sautee them. Otherwise it was a very yummy dinner. Lot of crunch and chewing.

Tonight we're having steak (I'm craving steak as well) with wild rice and asparagus. (I have about a pound and half of asparagus in the fridge right now.) YUM!! I may toss a nuked/baked potato in there as well. I haven't decided yet.

EEEK!!! It's 5:30!  My Italian wants to eat at 6. I'd better get off of my batookis and start dinner! Ooops!

What's for dinner at your house?


  1. There are indeed peanut butters without anything added! Check out Kraft All-Natural Peanut Butter. The only ingredient is roasted peanuts.

    The nutritionals don't LOOK any different when you compare them to regular peanut butter, but there really is a big difference because of the ingredients that are in there. And also because of how much peanut butter we tend to consume ;) Even if the amount of added sugar/salt/fat seems minute in regular peanut butter, it adds up. It's better to go for the all-natural stuff. That's my two cents, anyways!

  2. Thanks for the heads up! Once I get through this jar of peanut butter, I'm going to have to try that.