Saturday, March 6, 2010


OH!!! I am SO MAD!! DARN YOU BLOGGER!! DARM YOU!!!!  er . . . I mean DARN YOU!!


I just finished this absolutely fabulous, wonderful LOOOOONG post for you all. And grumble grumble bitch grumble blogger said someone else was trying to edit it and erased the whole damn thing!

Okay, so maybe I shouldn't type them in here? But I'm not much of a plan and write sort of person. I mean I'll go back and edit and make sure what I'm saying makes sense and everything's spelled right. But drafts . . . I'm not so good at! It's why I have always despised writing rough drafts for papers. Because the difference between my rough draft and my final paper are always minor. Unless I turn in crap for my rough draft, and I mean true crap.

So, I'm afraid I'm going to have to post the INSANITY that today was. Tomorrow. But maybe then I'll have more pictures for you too. Because it was kind of wordy, without many pretty pictures to look at. 

Kinda like this post. Sorry about that! 

But I will get that together and put up for you tomorrow. I promise! I had a crazy day today and I just HAVE to share!

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