Monday, March 8, 2010

Running in place

Otherwise known as running on a treadmill. Is there a trick to it that I'm not quite understanding?

Friday night I did the first day of the Couch to 5k program. Because it was dark outside I went up to the apartment's gym and ran on the treadmill there. I think I'm doing something wrong, because I had to speed up the treadmill to run and then slow it down to walk again. Which got really really annoying.

Is that the way it works when you're alternating running and walking on the treadmill?

So that . . . along with work is my google mission of the day. Ya know, maybe I should check the forums on the C25k website.

Have you mastered the art of the treadmill?


  1. Yes! That is how it works. I started running 3 minute runs to 2 minute walks for 30 minutes; and built up from there. The walks aren't supposed to be slug pace; just not as fast as the run. I now run about 3 miles on the treadmill without walking. I increased my speed this morning and will be doing 5 minute runs at a much higher speed to 3 minute walks for 30+ minutes.

  2. Thanks Rosa, I'll have to try moving my walking speed closer to my running speed tomorrow. Thanks for the advice. Good luck with your run!!