Friday, March 12, 2010

Redemption . . . Sorta

Yesterday I started out my eating . . . badly!

A box of samoas for breakfast? Are you kidding me? No wonder it took me all morning to wake up!

It got better as the day went on though. I managed to make it to the grocery during my lunch. A successful trip! I didn't forget my money like last time. I managed to pick up a tomato, some bananas (the best I've seen anywhere recently) a block of white sharp cheddar cheese and the smallest container of mayo I could find, 8 oz.

For lunch I had a sandwich made of soft whole wheat deli flats (eeehhh . . . rather go with the whole whole wheat . . . but it's not awful) a thin smear of mayo on each slice, cheese, a couple slices of tomato, turkey deli meat and some baby spinach.

I was hungry! I didn't think about taking a picture until halfway through the sandwich.


I also made a salad with mixed greens, baby spinach, tomato, cheese, shredded carrots, and balsamic vinegar.
So good. And I was stuffed!

A couple hours later I ate my ice pack burned orange. Learned something. Don't stick an orange next to an ice pack. It ruins it. I lost 2 sections because they tasted like they were fermenting. ICK!!

Here's another disgrace. I ate a sleeve of Girl Scout Thin Mints! *sigh* I never learn do I?

BUT, I didn't eat anything else until I got to Curves where I had a banana right before I worked out. It was still slightly green, so it wasn't fabulous, but it was edible. Which is something.

I usually go pretty hard around the circuit when I'm at Curves, but the coach either reads this blog or has ESP and knew that I'd gorged myself on Girl Scout Cookies yesterday, because she pushed me to go a little bit harder than I normally do. I was completely wiped by the end of my circuit.

Once I got home, I realized how weak my arms felt! They haven't been that weak since I started there. It was fabulous! I was supposed to go running with Michelle, but after I got home, got my Italian some dinner and ate an orange (I didn't want to eat a whole lot and then feel like crap trying to run) I texted her and told her I was wiped out! I just couldn't do it today. So, for the second time, we've moved our run. Today . . . maybe? It's yucky and wet out, but like I've said, this girl runs in EVERYTHING! (She's crazy!!)

I grabbed a shower, put my jammies on and snuggled into bed with my Italian watching Mr. Deeds on tv until I fell asleep.

It was a good sleep too!

Here's a list of the damage I did yesterday, food wise:

Total points eaten: 59.5 DAMN! Ooops . . . 
Activity points earned: 2
Weekly Extra points used: 30.5

*sigh* Well, lets hope I got it out of my system! (Maybe . . . )

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