Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Babies, dresses and excuses

Okay, so I get it. I now understand why I've not been losing weight despite working out and (I thought) eating healthy. I'm still over-eating.
So WW is probably a good place for me to be after all.
  • IF I'd track every morsle that goes into my mouth
  • IF I'd stop eating once my points are gone
  • IF I would stick to it like a man in the ocean clings to a piece of driftwood.
Afterall, I know I can do this. I did plan out my meals for the entire week. Every meal, every snack, everything. With the exception of yesterday, I have points left over as well.

I even have planned when I am going to pre-make some of the meals. Like this morning. I don't have my endocrinologist appointment until 9:45 this morning, so I'm going to make breakfast for the rest of the week.
The only difference is that I am using real eggs instead of egg substitute. I'd rather eat the real thing.
Actually the dependence WW has on "fake" foods, or at least what they seem to preach, was one of the things that really bothered me before I left this past time. Of course I'm back! But this time I'm going to eat real food, and if I'm not getting to eat as much because what I'm eating doesn't have the chemicals or added sugars to make it low fat, then so be it! (Okay, off my little soap-box now.)
OH Poopie-heads! I forgot to send in my e-mail for this week's DDGBD! Ugh!
I have a good excuse though (hey! I saw that! Stop rolling your eyes when I mention my excuse . . . I know, I know. I'm full of them . . . or it. But you never know when you'll need a good one).
Just a quick review . . . remember how I was complaining about the world's UGLIEST bride's maid dress? Well . . . Julie came to my rescue. Future Army SIL met me at my folk's house on Saturday and brought the bigger dress that she had ordered for me, then we went to Julie's to see what magic she could create. We tried the dress on that I massacred and they determined the reason that I look pregnant is because it's TOO SMALL! (What? But it fastens!) So we tried on the new, bigger one (when you're trying to lose weight . . . this doesn't help!). It fit the way it was supposed to!
Sorta. I still looked like I was falling out of the top, but apparently this dress was made correctly! (The other dresses were far too long (falling at midcalf instead of the knee) and I think the bow was WAY too big!)

Julie, being the master seamstress and queen of fabric that she is, cut up the too small dress and took some of the fabric from the skirt to make a drapie (yes, I know that's not a word) modesty cloth (for lack of a better word). It drapes across and raises the neck line to an appropriate height (meaning . . . my inside, side boobs aren't hanging out. Lovely picture I know).
We then went to lunch and then I went to Fredericksburg to meet up with a friend from high school for dinner.

I ended up with a new boyfriend. I didn't know I was popular among the 3 year-old set!
It kept him distracted and occupied so he didn't swing the lamp over the table! Of course it only lasted 5 minutes, until he started sticking his hand in the tea and drinking it that way. (Eeeewww! That's MY tea, thank you very much!)
It was good to catch up with Melani, it's been WAY TOO long since we'd gotten together.

After dinner I needed to get home, since I had nursery all day on Sunday.
Got home, collapsed into bed and zonked out cold. Sunday came way way too early and I found myself in the toddler nursery, since there weren't any infants. We played airplane and all sorts of other *push Em's muscles to the max* games. The Sunday School hour passed and I moved back to the infant nursery where Italian Cousin brought her 9 month old in. YAY!! Cutie-patootie! So I got to play with him for the time of the Sunday Service. He's looking like he wants to crawl but doesn't quite have the mechanics down yet.

OY! After church I was ready for a nap! But instead we created our food list for the week and went grocery shopping.
By the time it was time for bed, I was SO TIRED that I was getting cranky. Really, truly, honest to God cranky. I've not been that way in a long long time. I mean I've talked about being cranky, but this was true crankiness! OY!
I passed out thinking I needed to get up to send the DDGBD e-mail. And I still haven't done it.
Maybe after my endo appointment & work tonight?
Speaking of which, I need to get going!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hilarious Tweets & Funky Feet

In honor of #ff or Follow Friday on Twitter, I thought I'd post some of my favorite tweets that made me think, giggle or evoke some other response.

@hypo_girl: When you are hypo - normal is standing on your  head! LOL. (I almost peed myself laughing when I read this! What makes it so funny though . . . is how TRUE it is!)

@halfofjess: You know you are a barefoot runner when, even in drunken stupor, you bet people that you can run down the block with no shoe (This is the fabulous lady who is responsible for Drop Dead Gorgeous By December.)
@JackSht: This is one of those days when the comments on my blog are funnier than the blog. I HATE THOSE DAYS! (Honestly, this guy is just hilarious anyway, but insightful . . . Which is always the best type of hilarious!)
@OperationJack: WOW. Stephen Strasburg needs Tommy John surgery. WOW! (I don't know what Tommy John surgery is (I guess I should google it) but I do know who Stephen Strasburg is!)
@cookswithtofu: It smells amazing in here! Working on a new sweet potato, garlic and herb dog cookie flavour. (TOTALLY not fair! She had me salivating . . . then I find out it's a dog cookie? Erm . . .)

Okay so, this one I found on facebook, but still! HIGH-LARIOUS!
Julie: My hubby sent me to the auto parts store with a shopping list. The poor kid at the counter couldn't figure out how to spell "flux capacitor." (Yes Julie, I stole this off your facebook page. This was just too too funny)

 Side note - The mail just came in and my fitbook arrived! YIPEE!!! I'd take a picture and show you, but my phone is still in the car and the elevators are acting wonky.

@5dollardinners: The children are playing "Fed-Ex Man"...a new game that involves door bell ringing, invisible packages and little people glee. (It's stuff like this that makes my clock start ticking again. Not that it really stopped. I want little people!)
So this time next week I'll be getting my hair relaxed and my nails done. I'm debating on whether or not to do my own pedicure, cause my toenails are pretty gross. Either way, they'll be painted for the wedding, but I'm not sure whether to do them myself or to have them done. I do plan on getting a bottle of whatever color my fingernails are, so I can touch them up Sunday morning. (I'm notorious for ruining a manicure within 15 minutes of leaving the salon!)

OH! That reminds me! I still need to make my hair appointment. YEEP! Here's hoping he's got an opening or that he's even there!!!

PHEW! He has an opening. 9:45. Hopefully my Italian has to go in at 9. Otherwise he's either going to have to call the van to take him or go in at noon! Meh . . . I'm sure he'll go in at 9.
If only V would get back so I can go pee and go get my phone and charge it up to tell him when my hair appointment is! (I don't know his work number off the top of my head.) E-mail! DUH!

Okay I'm off to find someone to watch the phones while I pee. (Sorry, I know, TMI)

Dumping pictures

I just dumped 286 pictures from my phone onto my work computer. Maybe my phone will work faster now!
Are you ready for a barrage of random and strange pictures? Do you really want a barrage of random and strange pictures?
Eh, they're not that strange. Lots of my monsters, food pictures that were intended to go up here but never made it. I think that's mostly it. OH! And pictures from when we were at the beach and went to go see where my brother is getting married next weekend. 
YOU HAVE to see that!
Approaching the wedding sight

The aisle and where the deed will get done.
Back down the aisle
The sound from the back of the lighthouse. Yes, it is a lighthouse.
Another view of the back, but this time with the sexiest man in the world there too. My Italian. I LOVE HIM!

I do imagine the day of it might look a little different. I don't know for sure though. Since it is out in public I can't imagine she's planning much decorating the night before and the wedding is at 10am, so I know SHE's not doing any. Hrmmm . . . I am wondering.

And on to more pressing matters . . . such as yesterday's breakfast!
Greek yogurt and flax seeds mixed together and left to sit overnight
Nanners and mango tossed on top of the Greek Yogurt mess. YUM!

If you follow me on facebook or twitter you know I had chinese food for lunch that just about killed me! Working out last night wasn't pretty either.

Ya know how they always say, Junk in, Junk out? Yea.
Apparently that goes for eating too. I've not attempted to wrap my head around the "food as fuel" concept yet. But I think I get it. Or at least I get the lesson this time. (How many more times will I have to learn it before I REALLY get it? I have no idea.)
I did my work-out, but honestly thought I was going to die. (And I wasn't doing the Evil Lady either. This lady was nice, but it was still a pretty intensive work-out.)
But today is Friday. A new day and I think I nearly broke my blender trying to make my monster this morning. I also think I may have accidently used hot water when I added water to it. Right now it tastes awful! So it's sitting in the freezer here at work cooling down.
Why no picture?
Well . . . my phone is dead . . . rather the battery is dead and its sitting in my car. (Not so organized this morning, but I did get to work on time!)

OH! And if you're wanting something yummy for dinner you MUST go check out HEAB's Chili recipe. If I didn't already have plans for dinner tonight, we'd SO be having that for dinner! Maybe Sunday . . .   

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weight Watchers Take 2

Have I told you how much I love my Italian?
We weighed ourselves last night. He is a lot higher than he wants to be. Still in a healthy weight range, but he wants to lose 15 or 20 pounds.
I weighed in at 210. (Holding strong at that damn number!)
My Italian suggested we do Weight Watchers together. So he's going to get us signed up sometime today since he has the day off. We're going to do it online.
To be honest, part of me is very excited to make this attempt with my Italian. The other part of me wants to throw a massive temper tantrum and not do it.
However, as much as I don't want to admit it, my weight loss has not been that successful since I left Weight Watchers. (grumble, grumble, grumble)
So, back I go!
I think I may actually be a little more successful this time around.
I have someone doing it with me! I'm not making 2 different meals anymore. I'll be making one meal, just one for the two of us.
It's fun watching him learn about it all.

It's actually been good to step back from Weight Watchers and actually getting a chance to focus on learning what my body wants and how it feels best. I do know that a low fat diet isn't a happy place for me. The plan isn't to go crazy with fats, nor do I plan to indulge in the WW foods.
My Italian and I were talking about it last night. As soon as I started eating the WW food, I quit losing weight as well as when I was eating real food.
So real food and watching my points it is.

I think the biggest change will be for my Italian. I think he was shocked to find out that a can of Chef Boyardee was two servings. HA!! I know he'll do well though. I'm looking forward to having my fit Italian back. (not that I don't love him now. Cause I do, very much so.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Faux Pas . . . Maybe?

So . . . I finally figured out how to fit into the god-awful bridesmaid dress I have to wear for my brother's wedding. (Trust me, I'm not just saying it's awful. It REALLY is! Even the bride, once she saw it on her Matron of Honor wasn't so thrilled with it!) I just had to rip the under skirt out.
The good stuff about the dress:
  • it fits
  • I don't have to wear a bra
The bad:
  • BOOBIES! (Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but when I'm showing more boob then I did at my wedding (and that was a lot), it's NOT a good thing)
  • It's UG-G-G-G-LLY!
  • The dress makes me look 9 months pregnant (Okay, maybe 7 months, but STILL!)
  • Three of the 4 of us are wearing purple, we're going to look like the friggin' California Raisins!
Okay, maybe not as wrinkly. But still! YEEP!
And my darling Italian won't let me go get the skirt altered so it looks better on me. (Grrrr!!! BAD ITALIAN!) Though I understand his point of not spending money on something that I'll wear once for an hour.

An hour? That's it?
Okay, so here's my plan . . . the day of the wedding, I'm going into Nagshead to the beach house and get changed into the California Raisin dress. Meanwhile my parents are taking my Italian out to breakfast and I'm going to give Mom my reception dress.
I'm planning . . . after the ceremony, pictures, and all that formal schmormal stuff that you have to do with weddings is over and the reception starts, I'm slipping out of that dress into something that:
  • looks good on me
  • is comfortable
Is that a faux pas? Is that a bad thing? I mean, I know, agreeing to be in my brother's wedding, I have agreed to wear an ugly dress to honor my brother's happiness. But . . . really? The reception too?

Dear etiquette-wise peeps . . . besides running the risk of an upset brand-new sister-in-law . . . am I breaking any "rules?"

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Returning to Being Me

Hrmm . . . I guess I should check my draft folder more often! I wrote this mid/end of July. I think I was waiting to get pictures off my camera for it. But ya know . . . It's all still very true!

Hi guys! I'm back! I've been back from the beach for 2 weeks now and still trying to really plug back in.

Inching out of vacation mode I guess?

It's lovely though. I did manage to start and finish my first knitted scarf. Put scarf pictures here

Isn't it pretty?

Mom loved it! I should have gotten a picture of her with it . . . but I didn't. Red is so TOTALLY her color too.

I had started on another one a variegated purple, which I left at my folk's house. (Ergh!)

I was up home for a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law. I got up there in the morning to help Mom set up for the shower.

My goal recently has been to work out twice a day. That, more often than not, NOT happening; I strive to work out at least once.

Well trying to get myself and my Italian ready, the monsters fed as well as lunch and dinner made for my Italian (the poor man ate peanut butter & honey sandwiches for lunch and dinner, but that's what he wanted! *sigh* I love that man!) working out got pushed to the back and didn't happen.

Then I remembered.

Mom had a yoga dvd that she used to do all the time. So when we got done setting everything up and Mom went up to get a shower I tried out the DVD. It felt really really good.

Maybe there is something to this yoga thing after all. It was only 20 minutes, but that seemed to be enough to get a light sheen of sweat going and I felt like I accomplished something.

The bridal shower was a success. It was neat to meet her family. I have completely fallen in love with her grandmother. I truly, truly wanted to keep her. She was a lovely woman who in some ways reminded me of Buh, my paternal grandmother (who was missed greatly at the shower. She would have loved it and fit in perfectly. Who am I kidding. I miss her most all the time anyway), but more toned down.

I even liked her mother! My impressions from the stories she told was awful! But her mother was a lovely woman as well, they all were. I just wanted to keep Mrs. P (her grandmother).

Pic of Kristin's family

That's her family, part of it. Her cousin, my future sister-in-law, her aunt, and her mother. Her step-sister and grandmother were also at the shower but decided to not pile on the couch.

Our side of the family was represented by my baby brother's girlfriend, Mom, myself and a friend of my little brother from college. She came down, not knowing anyone. A very brave woman. I really liked her too. She was, as mom said, "Our kind of people." Really down to earth, friendly and non-pretentious.

Everyone left about 5:30 or 6 and I stayed until about 9:30. It was wonderful to just sit and talk to Mom. Hang out.

Mom let me borrow one of her yoga mats and the dvd. So yesterday morning and this morning I've done the dvd. This morning was rough though. My lower back was SCREAMING at me through a couple poses. I think I need to let my muscles wake up a little before I do that. Maybe it would be a good end of the day/after coming from the gym/pool/Curves sort of thing?

I will say though, it's going a long way to strengthening my arms and shoulders. The Cat Chatarungas (sp?) seem to be getting easier. Though my shoulders didn't like me very much yesterday, they seem to be complaining today of the lack of work. (My body is weird!)

Overall, I think that DVD is good to squeeze in when I don't have time or don't want to be dripping with sweat, but I don't think it should replace a work-out. (Though the morning of my brother's wedding, that is what I plan on doing.)

What I am and am not eating has been on my mind a lot recently.

As you know (or may not know) I've gone through many a change diet wise recently. My latest attempt was paleo. And when I was following it strictly, I felt pretty good. However, I felt just as good when I was eating almost vegetarian as well. (I will never go strictly vegetarian, primarily because I am trying to avoid soy like the plague because of what it does to thyroid production.)

In all of my thunking (sorry for being vague, I'm still processing it all, so details are scattered about in my head) I've come to the conclusion that I just need to be me.

I'm not much of a follower, but I'm not a leader either. I kind of dance to my own drum beat (for the most part). Finding the way my food drum beats is the journey I'm on now. Weight loss is definitely a part of that, but finding where my body is happy in the food spectrum is more important I think.

What about just normal eating? I guess it's called intuitive or mindful eating . . . Eating when ones body says its hungry.

Honestly? I'm tired of thinking so hard about what I'm eating. I just want to make something, toss it on a plate and eat it.

I'm tired of trying to figure out if it's supposed to be eaten with this way of eating or that way of eating; this diet or that diet.


I'm going to continue to eat healthy and just take bits and pieces from each discipline and eat the way my body wants me to eat.

I am finding that I can hear a little bit better what my body wants (most of the time its saying SUGAR! ha ha ha) and if I continue to listen to that and continue feeding it healthy foods that will give it the energy to do what I want. <----Now if I could get that into my brain, we'd be golden . . . maybe one day.

I'm not real sure what that is going to look like, but I do know smoothies will definitely be a big part of it and white sugar will not be. I'm still trying to phase out sugar. I should just go cold turkey. But really? If I do that, I don't want ANY sugar. Then I get cranky, angry, and not nice and relapse into a 3-a-day soda habit. (And that's why I'm back up to 210.)

So I'm going to phase it out. Minimizing my sugar intake and ensuring I'm staying hydrated. I've found that if I drink enough water . . . I don't want soda.

OH! And my new discovery with water?

Lemons and Limes

Slice up 1/2 a lemon and 1/2 a lime and cover it in ice and water. After a bit, it's perfect! I actually have a slice of lemon and a slice of lime in my brita filter in the fridge. I think it's time to change them because my water is getting a little pulpy and very citrusy tasting

Just a few more thoughts.

I was thinking about this when I jumped on the scale at the gym and it registered 212. I'm back where I was when I decided to leave Weight Watchers and begin the paleo diet.

I've been trying to figure out what the difference is. Do I go back to eating paleo? Or do I cut out sugar, continue striving toward being totally gluten free and maybe one day I'll find myself back at paleo? This time simply having made the little decisions along the way and snuck up on it?

For right now, I'm not happy with my weight, but it's getting better. The more I work-out, the more confident in my own skin. And if nothing else, that's worth millions!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Losing It

Weight. I'm talking about losing weight.

No, really. I am. That's been part of my plan with this blog all along. During my recent disappearing acts I've been yo-yoing like a mad woman. I've dipped as low as 202 and gone back up to 212. And bounced around 212. I've started and stopped exercising and started back up again. (And back and forth and back and forth and . . . You get the point.)

I've toyed with the idea of various types of eating. Vegetarian (sans soy), going back to paleo, eating only when I'm hungry, raw, high raw. You name it, I've probably toyed with the idea of it over the past several weeks.

At the same time, people talking about tracking what they're eating have been showing up everywhere. (Ever feel like the Universe is trying to tell you something?) While I haven't out right rejected tracking what I eat, it's always an overwhelming prospect for me. I think because when I did WW it just felt overwhelming. Figuring out what I ate, how much I ate, and how many points it was. (That makes me tired just thinking about it!)

Did I do a lot of tracking when I was in WW?


Have I done ANY since I've left WW?


Have I thought about it?

Sure. But I sorta get the same overwhelmed feeling when ever I think about it.

I've thought about going food bloggie-esque and putting everything I ate on here. But do you really want to see my boring dishes? (Seems like all the food bloggers have some gorgeous & interesting dishes. Mine . . . boring and not very pretty. They didn't live up to the picture on the box. :-( Oh well. I'm in search of new ones to ask for Christmas. And suggestions?)

I have started . . . sorta . . . planning all of my meals. I'm not terribly good at following the plan. Which reminds me. I do need to sit down and plan out my meals for the next week.

I've also decided to jump in on #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember. A movement that Half of Jess is doing. I've watched on twitter and the blogs as #awesomebyaugust and #superbyseptember go by, partially wishing that I was taking part.

But let's face it . . .

I'm lazy. I've got a full plate, but I'm also supremely lazy and a skilled procrastinator. (My Italian could tell you that, but I think he's still fuming about my last procrastination binge . . . He's task oriented, OCD task oriented.)

However, I like a challenge. And as #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember isn't a contest and doesn't focus purely on weight, I'm all about it.

It will not be focused primarily on weight, and weigh-ins are optional.
Because being gorgeous shouldn’t be defined solely by a number. You are more than just a number.
Go check out her site and the rules . . . I'll wait right here . . .

Jeopardy music playing  

See what I mean? It's perfect! 
When I started this blog, I didn't want it to just be about weight loss, but I wanted it to encompass my whole life. My lack of house-keeping skills included (See, I told you I was lazy . . . mmm . . . that's too honest, let's call me a slacker)

Sure, I've been focusing on my weight-loss (or lack there of); mostly because . . . well do you really want to see this?
And have me admit to you that maybe it only looks mildly better?I mean I can fit the vacuum cleaner in there now. Don't even ask to look at my side of our bedroom! (Carpet? Color? What??)

Now that you're completely terrified . . . Our kitchen is clean. But not organized (I think we need a bigger kitchen . . . Or a place where the ceilings are not so tall I can't reach, even on a chair! But that's another story).

And our bathrooms aren't so bad. (No, no disclaimers here . . . just if you're coming over, give me a heads up, so I can "spruce" it up.)

All of that to say that #dropdeadgorgeousbydecember could not have come at a better time and is definitely the kick in the butt that I think I need.


Because while this is a challenge against me, myself and I and there are no "losers", if I do not meet my goals . . . I have defeated myself and lost.

3 months of keeping on top of a certain goal is bound to make it a habit and make life a far better place for my Italian (and make him a happier Italian) and myself.

Here goes everything!

And maybe you'll get more pictures looking like this:

Don't I wish that was my closet!

And less like this:


Separate but Me

After lots of thunkin' and debating . . . I've created a facebook page for my blog! YAY!! Come friend me! (Yes, I'm whoring myself out there. Hey! It's what I do! HEE!)

It's been a long debate. I've wanted to put one up, but at the same time, I like to keep my family life and my blog life (as if I don't intermingle them here anyway?) separate. (<--- I CAN NOT spell that word for the life of me! Driving me crazy!)

I posted the question on twitter, but want your thoughts on it. Do you keep your blog world and IRL world separate? Do they intermingle?

Not that I want to stay TOTALLY behind the computer screen . . . but I want to be me and express myself without the outward pressure of family. Ya know, worrying that they'll get upset and cause family drama. (Oy vey! Don't get me started on Italian family drama! Mama Italian isn't even Italian but geez . . . the drama some of the stuff I've written on my blog would start! SHEESH!)

I do want to get out there and say Hi! (Even if Logan monster is my face right now!)

So . . .


(that's not nearly big enough :-( Oh well . . . )

Come say hi! Tweet me, friend me on facebook! I don't bite . . . much . . . or very hard . . . er . . . yea.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I often have random thoughts pop in my head and sometimes, I'm simply too lazy to put them up on twitter. Or I'm afraid they may be too random or strange. So I decided to create a blog post. Enjoy!

I wonder if it's possible to be vegetarian and still avoid soy and soy products.

Why is it once you decide to record your thoughts they all go away?

I can't believe I forgot to pick up an avocado when we were at the grocery!

Speaking of grocery, I think we're going to be out of fruit by the end of the day. Do you think my Italian will let me go get some more?

How'd we run out of food so fast?

Ugh . . . I can't seem to wake up today. Of course I slept like a rock last night. I didn't move at all. Could that be why my back is stiff?

I need to buy mushrooms this week. Mushrooms and avocados.

My tweetdeck is up! I'd forgotten that was up! YAY!! Time to catch up on the stuff that people are saying I guess.

Why does my Mentions never come up? That's really annoying.

Tweet from SmoothieDrinker: Looking for something to replace your morning coffee? Try putting Maca in a green smoothie. http://bit.ly/9nrp7p - I did that and I was still falling asleep. Maybe I didn't put enough in there? Or maybe it's expired? I do know I'm running low. Am I supposed to keep it in the fridge?

I really need to NOT pull up facebook in the morning. I'm so much more productive when it's not up.

These savory oats look yummy!!

I need to remember to bring my brown bag on Friday so I can load up all my lunch dishes and take them home. (It's REALLY bad! I've got 4 glasses and countless plastic-ware.)

Yoville is annoying but so addictive. <-- Did I spell that right?

Okay, Boss-lady leaving early for lunch is getting really annoying because I know she won't be back until at least 2:30. But she has a shit fit if I'm late back from lunch? So she can interrupt my lunch but I can't interfere with hers? WTF!

Lunch is over . . . but I still want a salad . . . I need to focus and get my pile done so I can get the newspapers knocked out. Focus Em! Focus! Here's the deal. You finish you're pile, you can go make a salad. Deal? Good. Now go work!

What is tempeh anyway? And how do you pronounce it?

I think our copier is dying. It's making the worst squeaking sound every time someone uses it. Or a ROUS is stuck in there.

Why do people call all at once when I'm the only one answering the phones! ACK!! One at a time peoples!

Where is Big Bossman anyway? And why is he not answering his cell phone? BAD BBM!

Stuffed mushrooms sounds good.

I need pizza. I've been craving it since Saturday!

Smack is a strange last name.

A lot of Richmond tweeps have been following me recently. Which is nifty coolness, cause I'm in Richmond!

DOH! I wanted to go down to the Fountain Bookstore during my lunch!

I wonder if it's still raining out.

Okay Focus!! Remember! Yummy salad?

Actually I think I need to eat a monster salad anyway. I think the salad expires tomorrow! EEEK!

How does one de-seed a tomato? Isn't that basically what tomatoes are?

Okay people, you have direct lines. Give your friends and family your direct line and quit sending through the main line! I'm tired of talking to your children!

Do Magic Bullets still require you to plug into the wall? Or are they portable? I want one.

Okay now for real, I've GOT to get back to work. (Yes, this was very distracting, but fun!) I hope you enjoyed a peek inside my brain. Obviously very food oriented today!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hey! Not fair for doing that!

Ooops . . .

I just noticed the background for my blog had disappeared! ERGH!

Does this one look okay?

Doin' The Happy Dance

This weekend was FABULOUS! My Italian is pretty worn out from getting up early for work all week (not that he wasn't in the first place. He was getting up with me). We've decided to get up at 5 so I can get some sort of movement in before work.

Saturday he decided to sleep in. The poor man still woke up at 8. I got up an hour later, fed the cats and closed the door to our room to let him sleep. Or so I thought. Apparently he laid in bed for 4 hours trying to go back to sleep . . . it didn't happen. (I probably should have put Moulin Rouge in for him. That would have knocked him right out!)

We had to get all of our chores done Saturday, since we were spending Sunday at my folk's. Grocery shopping, laundry, cat box scrubbing (thankfully just a once a month chore. My Italian (Lord, bless him) cleans out the box every other day) and other various things. I'd vacuumed Friday morning since we had poker at the house on Friday night (another reason we slept in).

Sunday we got up raced off to church and while my Italian stayed for Grace Cafe (once a month our church has a meal after church) and the pinewood derby I raced out to pick up Baby Bro & Dad's birthday presents. Then it was back home to pack up the van (seriously! Going to my parents with my Italian, since his surgery, is an adventure).

Manual wheelchair . . . check
Accoutrement to wheelchair . . . check
Presents . . . check
2 sticks of butter Mom asked me to bring . . . I'll grab them in a minute
Husband . . . check
Off we go!

Yeah. I forgot the butter. No worries though because Mom sent Dad to the store for ice right after we got there, so he picked up butter too. Phew! Crisis averted.

Future sister-in-law and . . .

wait for it


arrived next!

I haven't seen him since Christmas. It was SO SO SO! good to see him. He's on leave for a week. Tomorrow bright and early he and future sister-in-law (I'm really gonna have to find a new name for her) are headed down to North Carolina to do wedding stuff for a couple days only to turn around to head back to Virginia to meet with the guy who is marrying them for marriage counseling. (That's kind of hard to do when you're on opposite coasts).

Army Bro flies back on Saturday I think. I'm hoping to get to see him on Friday for lunch. That would be fabulous.

Once he flies back to California, he won't be back until Labor Day weekend. He's almost literally flying in to get married. He'll fly in Friday, Baby Bro will pick him up and they'll go down to NC with the other groomsmen for a bachelor party. Saturday is the rehersal and rehearsal dinner. He gets married Sunday and flies back to California on Monday.

A whirl-wind wedding weekend!

In other news . . .

My Italian is LOVING his job. He told me "It fits well with my OCD" one evening when we were driving home from work. I quite literally had to stop the car and pull over I was laughing so hard! He is so happy too.

We're still ironing out the kinks of transportation, but we're getting there.

Picking him up in the afternoon . . . SUCKS!

It takes me 20 minutes to get from his work to mine in the morning. 45 to get from mine to his in the afternoon! Eeewww!

I still want to move over there though. Next summer . . . Hopefully . . .

OH! Speaking of weddings (Yes, I'm a little ADD). I did mention that I wanted to be under 200 lbs for my brother's wedding right? Well, we're a month away and I weight 210 lbs. (Solid. No point anything.)

Needless to say, I'm getting a little nervous about it.

The bridesmaids' dresses have come in and future sister-in-law is dropping mine off at my parents' on Tuesday. So Saturday I'll be able to try it on and see how it fits.


Go shopping with Mom for a rehearsal dinner dress and shoes for both dresses (as well as a pair of black flats for work and more sheets for our bed.)

It's been great! I've gotten to see my parents three (will be) weekends in a row! That NEVER happens. It's not like we're that far away, but its far enough away that when I do go up there, I want to be there all day long.

(Which reminds me, maybe I can get up there early on Saturday and Mom and I can go blackberry picking! YUM! I heart blackberries)

Okay, I've got 15 minutes left in my lunch. I need to go make my salad and food my self . . . er . . . umm . . . feed myself?

Romaine lettuce, carrots, almonds (maybe), grape tomatoes and pepperonis.

Okay seriously . . . Off I go!

OH! I forgot the pictures for the last post! I will pull those off my camera soon and repost it with all the loverly pictures. (And maybe some beach ones too?)