Thursday, April 1, 2010

It was just a FAT day!

I mentioned yesterday that I had a doctor's appointment to discuss my shin splints and get blood drawn. It went well! I weighed in at the doctor's office and normally their scales are right in line with the WW scale. I weighed in there at 209.6! YES!! So Tuesday was just a fat day! SUH-WEET!! I feel so much better now!

I talked to Dr. C about my shin splints and he said they were just normal new athlete splints. *phew* I'm supposed to ice my shins 10 minutes after every work out and if they start hurting and keep hurting for 3 or 4 days I have to take 6 weeks off! BOO! He was thrilled with what I was doing and suggested I add biking and swimming to the mix so I'm still getting cardio, but it's not the pounding that I have been doing. So Saturday, I'll get up, grab my bathing suit and head over to Sheltering Arms, where my Italian works out in the pool, and re-activate my membership and get to swimming. Then I'll change and head over to Curves to get a work-out in there. Then it's home to ice my shins and shove food into my pie hole. (Or eat all the fruits and veggies I just bought last night!)

I'm really relieved that I don't have to stop all the activity that I've picked up recently. I've been enjoying it! And I feel better when I'm working out!

All that being said, I may have to skip Curves tonight. It's poker night tonight, and despite cleaning the kitchen and straightening up the living room last night, as well as vacuuming this morning, there's still plenty of "putting away" (otherwise known as dash and stash) that needs to be done. I'm going to try to squeeze in a 30-Day shred session. I also need cat food and pretzels for poker tonight. (The pretzels are for poker, not the cat food, I'm not THAT bad of a host . . . I don't think.) Maybe I'll pedal my happy little butt over there. It's not that far of a drive/walk/bike ride.

OUCH! Don't you hate when you sneeze and bite your tongue at the same time . . . or am I the only one who does that?

If everyone is there to play poker tonight, I'm going to head up to the gym and get started on the C25k AGAIN! *sigh* One of these days I'll make it past Week 1, Day 1!

But I'm thinking I'm going to reserve my Wednesday, Friday, Sundays for C25k though. May 8 is coming fast! I'm not sure I'll be ready for it, but I'm gonna run as much of it as I can. It's a really hilly course so I've been (when I have been running) setting the incline pretty steep.

I am so totally psyched that I got Dr. C's blessing on all this (not that I would have completely stopped . . . eh . . . I lie. I would have used it as an excuse to stop! Are you kidding me! HA HA HA!!).

They also tested my cholesterol. It's due again. ICK! It had improved last time, but still wasn't where they wanted it. But it was enough so that when I told him I wasn't taking the medication anymore, he reluctantly gave in. When my thyroid is out of wack, my cholesterol levels go up too. I learned that one early on and fought with that poor man over that. I won, but if their back up, back on the cholesterol meds I go. GRRR!! I take enough freakin' meds! I don't need anymore, thank you very much!

HA! But those results won't come back for more than a week, so I'm not going to worry about it for right now. I'm just going to stick to my fruits, veggies, legumes and nuts. (And maybe some chicken and fish.  YUM!)

Speaking of yummies . . . the Farmer's Market should be starting up soon! YIPEE!! I can't wait! What I'm really looking forward to (and my mouth is watering just thinking about them) is the white peaches. *drool* So incredibly good!

Speaking of shopping, I saw this sign in the grocery yesterday. Does anyone else find it just a wee bit disturbing?


Seriously? Pesticides? YUM!


  1. Welcome to the healthy you challenge. Someone clearly thinks pesticides go really well with cookies and popcorn!

  2. Wow, I think that's good news that you can keep exercising. I'm excited to find out what your cholesterol levels are.

    And yeah, I'd argue that pesticides are about as good for you as most "snacks". Hehe.