Friday, March 19, 2010

Shoe Advice & Richmond Happenings

A few posts back I asked for advice on running shoes as I was/am planning on getting a new pair. I also posted it on my facebook page and here are some of the responses I got:

DK: I like Adidas. I tried on Nike Shocks a while back and hated them...I felt like they were going to launch me forward on my face. The Adidas I have now are vented on the bottom which is nice, but obviously only for dry conditions or you end up with wet socks. I've been to the professional stores that pick the shoes for you, but I never really saw... See More a difference from what I would have picked myself-for less money-plus I now push a jogging stroller, so my stride is all messed up anyway. Once you find a brand that you really like it's easier to order your size on line with a little more confidence that they will fit-on line prices are sometimes much better.
 Bossman:  I recommend you go to the Road Running Store on Cary St. or 3 Sports on the west end. They will watch how you walk/run and get you the right type of shoe.
 Pirate Ruckman: I used to wear Nikes - New Balance screwed up my knees for some reason. You're just going to have to experiment and find what suits you.

Wishing I could still run... :(
 MW: I'm a fan of Adidas but I don't run anymore, my knees are damaged from running. In fact, I would recommend you power walk or bike or something less stressful on the knees.
 VL:  Aasics are really light and comfortable.
So this weekend, my Italian and I are headed down to the Road Running Store  in Carytown (I love Carytown!) and get some try to see if they can't help some more. I'm really really excited about it. Since I'm really doing this, I've essentially committed myself to learning to run . . . and running!

In other shopping news, I haven't mentioned getting new sheets for the bed to my Italian . . . yet. I figure I'll just mention it to him when we wander to or near Target this weekend. But we're also picking up QuickBooks Pro for him and I think there are a couple other things.

OH! If you're in Richmond on Saturday, you should check out the SHOP Richmond Weekend that's downtown. I'm going to drag my Italian down there and then off to Church Hill for the annual Irish Festival! (At least that's MY plan.) He mentioned a picnic too. It's going to be a fun Saturday! Lots of walking! (But I'm still fitting in Curves first thing in the morning!)

 What grand adventures do you have planned?

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