Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear body,

Okay, I understand yesterday's temper tantrum. I give that one to you. I didn't treat you right. I got up massively early, I had fast food for breakfast, I didn't drink enough water and then tried to run on top of all that. I. GET. IT.

The migrane today was ToTALLY uncalled for. I mean seriously? Must you continue tormenting me?

Legs, thank you for loosening up and not hurting so much anymore, I appreciate that. And I understand that you wanted to get straight back to work. So did I! But the headache just wouldn't quit and I knew I wouldn't be able to go very hard at all and probably wouldn't have been worth it. I know I told you we'd go to the apartment gym and use the weights there. I'm sorry. I couldn't process much other than bed and sleep once I ate dinner. I hope you can understand that and not hold it against me. We'll work extra hard tomorrow. Okay?

Ears, must you have been so sensitive? Why did you have focus in on my Italian's wheelchair's stops and starts. Are you getting back at me for making you listen to a 2 year-old music list last night? I'm working on changing it. Seriously! Calm your hyper-sensitive self down!

Migrane. GO. THE. HELL. A. WAY. I know you're still lurking. I can feel you lingering. I don't like you!! GO AWAY!!

Overall body, you've been cooperating really well with the new upped intensity level. Thanks for putting up with me, and don't get too comfortable with the break we had today. It's just for today. We're back on the routine tomorrow. YOU HEAR ME! The occasional temper tantrum is fine, but calling in reinforcements to torment me the next day is totally not fair. There WILL NOT be a next time. Is that clear?

Good. I hope we understand each other.

For my part, I'll listen to you better. Make sure you're getting the nutrients and water you need and you'll not mutiny again. At least not until I'm really really really old, like 90 or something. Even then I'm not sure I want you to do that.

Okay, I'm going to go back to sleep now. You guys get your rest and do what you do best while I'm sleeping.

Good night!


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  1. Co cute! Loved the post. I guess I'll have to read all the way back about your Italian, huh?