Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Balancing Act

So before I get to today's post, I have to apologize for the awkwardness of yesterday's post. *shudder* That's what happens when I start a post with an idea half formed in my head (the posts are never fully formed in my head. I just can't write like that!) and decide to run with it. It sounded good when I was thinking about it, but couldn't get it onto paper! ARGH! (I hate when that happens, normally those posts don't see the light of day, but somehow this one escaped. Call it post lunch delirium??)

To totally change gears now . . .

I've been uber focused on ex-a-mer-sizing (exercising) and my food intake recently. Unfortunately, our little apartment shows that. I have clothes in the drier, clean clothes on the couch and lazyboy, and clean clothes in a basket. All waiting to be folded and put away. Until last night, it looked like a tornado had hit my kitchen. *sigh* I'm getting myself put together, but my apartment is falling apart!
The floor is in DESPERATE need of being vacuumed, the bathrooms are eh . . . okay. (I try to keep those okay clean cause . . . EEWWW!!) Don't ask about our bedroom or the office. Well the office isn't SO bad, because I'm rarely in there and that's more my husband's domain, but it is showing a lack of care.

I'm not real good at house keeping anyway. That's always been my Italian's job . . . sorta. He cleaned up the kitchen, did the laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. Since his surgery those have fallen to me. Of course it didn't help that while he was in the hospital I let the apartment go to shit.

The reason it is SO much on my mind right now is because we're having poker night Thursday night and Friday my sister-in-law and her crew (seriously! It's a crew!) are coming into town for Spring Break. I imagine she'll pop over to the apartment on Friday to see her little brother and I'd (so would he) like it to be clean. (She'll clean it if it's not! I hate that!! I feel so bad!) So I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all. Working 40 hours, getting the apartment company (in-law family company at that!!) ready and staying on top of exercising while still eating right and getting enough sleep. (If I don't get enough sleep I tend to bite people's faces off. It's not pretty.)

But not just for this week. For the weeks to follow. My Italian gets his cast off on April 15 and then gets a boot, but it's still going to be a while before his left leg is going to be strong enough to be fully mobile again. I think. He'll be in the boot for 2 months.

I'm trying to figure out how to balance it all still. The morning routine of getting my Italian and myself ready, the monsters fed, breakfast and lunch made for both of us (mine gets packed, I eat it when I get to work) is down pat. Its the evening routine, before we get to getting ready for bed, that is all haywire and crazy.

Honestly? I'd rather just come home, make dinner and eat it. Then get on my netbook and catch up on blogs and such until bedtime. Which is what I have been doing. Unfortunately, the inertia carries through to the weekend, so I don't get my chores done then too and viola you have our messy apartment.

I guess I need to assign myself daily chores in addition to keeping the kitchen clean. (But I HATE cleaning the kitchen . . . no, that's not really true. I'm just lazy. To be honest.) Then on the weekends do laundry. Oh . . . I have to fit the cat box in too. ICK! (How much longer until he's mobile??)

How do you keep your life balanced?


  1. Balance - what the heck is that? When you figure out the answer let me know! LOL You'll do fine - relax - enjoy the present moment and don't fret - this too shall pass.

  2. Just wanted to say Hi from one Em to another and welcome you to the Healthy You Challenge. Good luck with the coming week and with finding some balance in life, not an easy task at all. I tend to think I've just gotten everything in a routine and then it all goes wrong.

  3. Thanks Drazil! If and when I figure this balance thing out, I'll definitely let you know! Though you seem to have it somewhat together!

    Thanks Emma! I'll figure it out . . . just as soon as my Italian is mobile again! LOL!