Monday, March 1, 2010

Excuses to Get Started

Mmmm . . . lunch . . . yeah, I'm hungry today. Serious case of the munchies.

So I've finally gotten around to doing some actual posting! It's not that I've been avoiding it. It's more that I'm never sure how to start off a blog. I'm not exactly new to blogging, but I have never been good at starting off a new blog.

Enough of my yammering . . . oh wait. That's why you're here . . . right? HA!

I'm Em. I'm a life long messy (who happens to be married to a neat freak) and just in the past few years overweight person. I have finally come to the end of it and have had enough. I'm going to start purging the excess weight and shtuff!!

To be honest. I've been working on the excess weight since July 2009 via Weight Watchers. I started out 222.2 pounds and at my last weigh in a week and half ago (I have a good excuse for skipping a weigh in!!) I had lost a total of 15 pounds!  GO ME!! I'm down to 207.2.

Now my excuse for now weighing in this past week. My darling, gorgeous, sexy husband (otherwise known as my Italian) went into the hospital to have his ankle fused and ended up staying an extra week to have additional rehabilitation because he had the surgery on his strong leg.

I guess I should back up and rewind a bit? My husband is physically disabled, because of a couple car accidents,and gets around (most of the time) by use of a cane. He doesn't have a lot of use of his right side so when he walks he puts most of his weight on his left leg. Years of doing this has caused his ankle to begin to collapse causing him sudden sharp pains that would cause his spacticity to flair up. When this happened he would fall. Not good.
(Spacticity is something that causes the muscles to stiffen and lock)

Anyway. Since I really only got to see him in the hospital for a few hours each night and that night I needed to run a b-day card over to one of our neices before I went there, I skipped my weigh in. Actually . . . last week I skipped everything. You see I'm also doing Curves 3 days a week. My excuse is the same. I wanted to see my husband! Of course he came home Thursday afternoon, so I could have gone Thursday evening but the novelty of having him home hadn't worn off yet. And I had to work late.

ENOUGH EXCUSES! Lets get down to business.

Originally I was going to do a weight loss blog.

Eh . . .

My life is so much more interesting! Plus, once I lose the weight, sure keeping it off will generate plenty to talk about, but I don't know about you? I'm going to get bored! Did I mention I was ADD and a slacker? Yeah, just a little.

Currently my Italian and I are living in a cute little 2 bed/2 bath cave apartment. Unfortunately, because I am a messy and a hoarder in training, my stuff is EVERYWHERE! Here, take a look at our storage closet.

*sigh* I'm so embarrassed.

In my defense. It doesn't look THAT bad now. I unpacked some of the boxes of glasses and dishes and put them away in the buffet I got from my grandmother's house. It's coming along . . . slowly.

All of that to say, this is a blog of the adventure of digging out from underneath the excess of life. The excess weight, the excess stuff, and learning to live a healthier simpler life.

Wish me luck, cause here I go!

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