Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hamburger Helper Flambe

Yesterday was an absolutely CRAZY day!!

What should have taken me 5 minutes to get to Curves yesterday took me 30 because I was so absentminded yesterday.

I did have an awesome lunch with my fellow outlaw, sister-in-law at Kabuto's, a hibachi Japanese steak house. YUM!!

I had some green tea, and they started us out with onion soup and a small salad with a ginger dressing, maybe(?). I ordered a chicken/steak combo with a side of scallops. YUM! Yes I was a piggie, but I was hungry! Breakfast was a berry smoothie with oatmeal mixed in before I worked out. Yes, that is my excuse.

It was so so so good. I all of my veggies, all the fried rice, all the scallops and some of the chicken and steak. A good portion of that I brought home and had for lunch today. Good even the second day!

After lunch we went to the Book Exchange, which I'd heard of but hadn't been able to find it. So I was exstatic. Plus I now have a place to take my books when I get to decluttering my books! Of course while I was there I picked up The Last Lecture and Plato Not Prozac both books I'd heard of before and been wanting to read. I was pretty psyched.

I got home and my Italian and I went to go see Shutter Island. A FABULOUS MOVIE! If you haven't seen it yet, you MUST go see it. It's phenomenal! It's one that's definitely on my "To Buy" list.

We went to the movie late afternoon so we were starving by the time we got home. And I'd pulled out some meat before I met my sister-in-law for lunch. After the meat had browned and everything else been added I put the top on to let it cook. When my back was turned I heard a . . .


and there was a fire COMPLETELY surrounding the skillet. It came within inches of the microwave that is above the stove. I grabbed the fire extinguisher but could not figure out how to get it working before the fire burned itself out. *sigh* I know how to use it now though! 

Happily, I was making the Hamburger Helper in a glass skillet, so it wasn't harmed and believe it or not, the Hamburger Helper turned out really really good!  We cooked the rest of it on the same burner, but with it turned off. The remaining heat finished it off just fine. 

The rest of the day was pretty anticlimatic. We got ready for bed and I had a beer and watched my newest addiction on BBC America, Survivors. They seem to have a marathon on again today but I have yet to catch the beginning of it! 

Well I need to run off to hit Target for a few things and pick up the script for a speech choir for church. 

Alas, but today was a total fail in the exercise department. Unless I make it there tonight . . . though I don't see it happening . . . I'm gonna be wanting bed when I get home. 

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