Monday, March 15, 2010

Food to PT and everything in between

I can't believe it! There is such a thing as soy-free soy sauce . . . sorta. I forget who's blog I found this site on. So I'm not sure who to blame give the credit to. But I have decided as I use up ingredients in our apartment, I am going to replace them with soy-free items. Yes, we are going soy-free! 

I haven't discussed this with my Italian yet, but he's not picky really picky when it comes to food. He'll eat almost anything! Except broccoli flourets (he'll eat the stalk), the top part of asparagus (again, he'll eat the stalk), tomatoes (strange for a man who could subsist on ketchup), or avocados (don't ask. It's messy!). He's eaten stuff that I've made that I thought was awful and could only eat a few bites of. 

Does he ever gain a pound though? PHSH! No. But then he is really disciplined about getting his work-out in everyday. If it's not at the therapeutic pool he goes to two or three times a week, he's on the floor doing his exercises there. 

Since his surgery, he's not been allowed in the pool and hasn't been able to get his floor exercises in. (I wouldn't be able to pick him up off the floor. I'm not that strong . . . yet.) So he's got a the beginnings of a pooch. When I saw it I asked him about it, thinking that the +30 metabolism slow down had hit him. Yea, nope! It's because he's not been able to get his work-outs in. 

He starts out-patient physical therapy this week and in 3 or 4 weeks he gets his cast off and moves to a walking boot for 8 weeks. I imagine at that point the PT will become a little more intensive and begin to help him build the muscles back up in his left leg. 

I am proud to say, his right leg has gotten significantly stronger. He still leans on his cane and I can't (won't) let go of him when he's standing, but its a definite improvement. I am SO proud of him. 

I'm hoping when he finally is fully rehabilitated from this surgery that he'll use both legs as equally as he can. I'm sure his left leg will always be slightly stronger, but this surgery may have gone a ways into improving his gate . . . maybe?

Speaking of walking, the Monument 10k is fast approaching! I can't wait! Mom and I walked it last year in 1h 47min. My goal this year is to walk it in an hour and half. We've moved up to the next to last wave, so we won't have to dodge the people sashaying their way through the course. I think we'll be able to do it. We'll just have to walk fast and keep moving. I know my Italian will be waiting for me at the end, I'm hoping Dad will be able to take off work to be there too. They had a good time last year hanging out together and Mom and I had a good time racing around the course. March 27! 11 days away! (Today's pretty much over.)

I didn't exercise today. This is my traditional day off because I honestly, can't think of where to squeeze in the time! I guess I could get up at 5, exercise, grab my shower, get us ready for the day and head off to work  . . . Maybe I should try that. But I HATE getting up early in the morning. I also hate being stuck around 210. I guess the question comes down to which I hate more? Something other than food to chew on for a while.

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