Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meat! Meat! Meat! And Some Shredding

Did I mention how absolutely awful I felt last night? I went to bed feeling hideous! Ugh . . . I will never gorge myself like that again. (I say that until next Monday. But maybe I learned my lesson this time!!) I woke up feeling alright, sleepy, but that's normal.

I discovered the source of these green smoothies all these bloggers keep talking (and photographing) about! I'm SO excited!! Green Monster is what they're called. The site has various recipes and I made one this morning. WOW! It was fabulous. Electric green in color but tasted SO good!! I totally weirded out my coworkers when I told them it was made with spinach. But you don't taste the spinach. Really! YUM!!

I've moved my WW weigh in day back to Tuesdays. I like the people in that meeting better and the leader is not nearly as loud! It's more friendly too.  I feel like I can talk there!!

I'm down 1.6 pounds!! YES!!!! So I'm at 211. Officially back at 5% lost of my original weight, again. But this time I'm headed in the right direction.

I was really hungry after WW, but I'd eaten everything in my lunch. ARGH . . . but I went and did Curves anyway. I had the place to myself, which was fantastic. I was able to just completely zone out and not feel rude about it. I got some nice thinking in too. Nothing remarkable, just decompressing.

I raced home and for dinner I had the other piece of steak and a baked potato. I steamed some asparagus while I did the 30-Day Shred, but I think I overcooked it and honestly? It didn't look appetizing at all. So I put it in a container and it's sitting in the fridge.

We are officially out of ready to grab meat . . . no we're not. I lied. Our small group sent ham and Southern green beans home with us.

Southern green beans are cooked with bacon and onions. YUM! I call them southern because Buh, my paternal grandmother, made them that way. She was old school Richmond. Richmond accent and could insult you and you thank her for it! I miss her.

Yes, I finally got the Evil Lady pulled out. I figured it out. If I have it on the TV, ready to go, I'm more likely to do it. So my plan is to come home, turn her on, get dinner started and change into work out clothes (unless I'm already in them) and if I have time, crank out a work out. If not, eat dinner then crank out a work-out.

Curves and Shredding was pretty brutal. My legs are still burning a little. They're pretty pissed at me today. Eh . . . they're going to be more so tomorrow because I plan on wearing heels to work! Bwwwaaaa aaaa aaaa!!!

Okay, it's late. So I don't bite anyone's face off tomorrow, I'm going to go pass out curl up with my Italian and the monsters. Good Night!


  1. I am pretty impressed at the gym and the Shred all in one day. At the beginning I was working out twice a day. But my workouts weren't as intense then. Now I'm just doing one 45 minute workout a day, but I'd like to have a few days of 2 workouts each week...gotta figure out how I can get that in there! You are doing GREAT!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  2. Sounds awesome! You are hardcore.

    I like grilling asparagus on the George Foreman. But if you find that you've overcooked it when you steam it, try steaming some other vegetables (cauliflower and sweet potato are good ones), and then mashing them all together and adding some spices and maybe even a bit of cheese. That's what I do when I accidentally overcook my veggies!

  3. Thanks Holly! I've been talking and talking about starting 30-Day Shred and haven't done anything about it. Finally last night decided to! It felt good.

    I love that idea! I've never steamed sweet potatoes before, I'll have to try that. My Italian loves those and I bet he'd love mashed veggies with cheese. It'd be a casserole! Thanks for the idea!