Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Bad Food Confessional

No, I didn't get any exercise in. At least not yet.

I am going to plug the Evil Lady's 30 Day Shred in and do that. It's only 20 minutes and hopefully it will wear me out enough that I sleep like a rock. 

Food wise my day, to be honest, was a massive FAIL! I took my thyroid meds right before we left to walk over to the church. When I do that, I'm not supposed to eat for an hour after I take them. Well . . . normally that works. 

Alas . . . habit eating took over and I found myself sitting in the 9 am Sunday School class munching on a mini chocolate donut. Don't even ask how many I ate after class and before the service. I'm ashamed to admit that I didn't even keep track. 

Weekends are dangerous times for me. Very, very dangerous. 

An even more dangerous place to be in my in-laws. We spent the day over there right after church until the evening. I did pretty well with lunch. I had a can of lentil soup and a few whole grain crackers. I was still a little hungry so I helped myself to a banana and we sat down to play Piss On Your Neighbor and Canasta.

Both very fun games. I was paired up with my Father-in-law for Canasta. We won the first game with the very last card of the last hand. The deck had been frozen from the very beginning and the last card was an 8. Now when the deck is frozen you need 3 matching cards to pick up the deck. My father-in-law had it and we got something like 3000 points in one hand, which put us up over 6000 points. We were playing to 5000, so we won!!! We played 1 more hand which my Italian and mother-in-law won. They beat us pretty badly, but then it was time for dinner, so we didn't have time to finish the game. 

My mother-in-law made sweet & sour pork. So so so good. Dinner, actually, was really quite healthy. Sweet & sour pork, over brown rice with a side salad and a couple rolls. 

My downfall was the candy she set out between my husband and I during the card games. So bad, so very very bad.  Mindless eating. Ugh . . . 

Chocolate, jelly beans, DOTS, Andes Mints . . . yum!

(Edit Note: Actually, I think I eat mindlessly to keep my mouthful so I won't say something that will cause my in-laws to go on a rant. *sigh* Unfortunately it didn't work during dinner. Oh well, there's always the next visit!)

How was your food day?

OH!! In other news . . . !!!

I got the okay from my Italian to buy running shoes! YIPEE!! 

Now I need advice . . . I've not done this before, at least not seriously. 

What running shoes would you recommend to a beginning runner? 

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  1. Just found your blog...via Twitter I think? Anyway, I was thinking of asking this same question on my blog this I'll have to check back and see what advice you get. I am needing new running shoes big time!