Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I hope!

Spring! Warmth! SUN!!!

I went out on my lunch break to go get some tomatoes for my salad. When I got in my car, it was warm! Oh happiness!

Downtown Richmond in the spring is beautiful! Well, at least from the roof of the parking deck or in a place where the buildings aren't towering above you. The sun is warm, bright, and friendly. There's not much of a breeze out. Truly is a happy day!

The building I work out of is downtown right on Main Street. Now if you go to street level on Main it's little cooler and windy, but then you've got big buildings blocking the sun.

Another true sign that warm weather has returned? Christopher's Runaway Gourmet carts are back on the sidewalk! YUMMY!!!

They're Tarragon Chicken Salad is SO good. Toss in a wedge of cheese, some mixed fruit and piece of french bread and that IS the perfect on-the-go lunch. The lines are usually pretty long, but they have it down so it goes fast. You just HAVE to know what you want when you get up there.

Speaking of lunch, let me tell you about my fiasco this afternoon. The absent-minded professor strikes again!

I packed some left over canned soup from dinner a few nights ago, a salad made of mixed greens and shredded carrots, an orange, an envelope of tuna and a 100 calorie microwavable popcorn bag. I was starving at 10 so I ate the orange and ate the popcorn right before lunch because I knew I needed to run to the store because I wanted a tomato for my salad, something to mix with my tuna and a quick bite for between Curves and my run with Michelle this evening.

I jumped in my warm (WHOOT!!) car and made it to Kroger in about 20 minutes, which for lunch time traffic and the fact that VCU is hosting a collegiate basketball tournament, isn't half bad. I got a couple blood oranges, a lara bar, some laughing cow cheese, the smallest container of mayo I could find and a container of cherry tomatoes. YUMMIES! (Except maybe the mayo. Not a big fan of the mayo.) I got to the self-check out, got everything rung up and went to pay . . . LO And BEHOLD . . . I had no money in my wallet and my credit card wasn't in their either.

It was in my purse which (of course) was back at the office. *SIGH*

In a massive sort of way. Fortunately, I had other food to eat. I  heated up the soup and ate that. It was, at best, bland. I was disappointed. Not that it was that good in the first place. 

I was so looking forward to that salad too! I just can't bring myself to eat it without the tomatoes. I've decided when I get off work, I'm going to run back by the store (with cc in wallet this time) and pick up those tomatoes. That will be a yummy, quick meal before I work out and I'll grab a blood orange to eat on my way to meet Michelle for a "run". Yes I do use the term run loosely in my case. I'm hoping for a 3 minute non-stop run for myself. 

BBM just sent me more work to do. I guess I'd better go be productive some more. 

Isn't it great? The sun is out!! And WARM!!!!!

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