Friday, April 30, 2010

Paleo Diet

I'm committing.

I'm going to do it.

I'm scared shitless . . . but I'm going to do it. I'm going to transition my diet to a paleo diet. After reading on Dear Thyroid an article by David Csonka and reading the comments of how eating paleo has helped others who also have thyroid disease. 

I wrote this down, and wish I'd made a note of where I found it, because it defines the paleo diet ingeniously! 

Paleo = "meat, veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds, little starch, no sugar"

Simple! Em likes simple! So does her Italian (maybe that's why he married her? Ha ha ha! Kidding!) 

The paleo diet will be good for the both of us too. It's a diet we can both do and will be something that is sustainable. It's a far cry from what I was looking at. Which was a primarily plant based diet. 

I'm excited about this . . . nervous . . . terrified . . . but excited. Glad I've finally made a decision and one that both my husband and I can do together. (It'll help keep us stuck to it!)


  1. When we were first looking into going gluten free I read a LITTLE about paleo. Can't wait to find out more & see how it works from you!

  2. Great news! Keep us updated on your success!

    I believe I'll be starting the Thyroid Diet (Carb-Sensitive) plan on Monday. It's been heavy on my mind and I'm sure I'll be going for it. The book says "just try it for 4 weeks." so I plan to do just that.

    As far as vegetarian. I did that for 4 months over the winter and I didn't loose a pound. Of course, I did consume carbs and sugar during that time. I just focused on loosing meat and dairy out of my diet. If anything, I probably gained.

  3. Cool! I think this might be just what you need. I'll be excited to see how this goes.