Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Crabby Post

Yes, I'm a little crabby today. And my poor Italian suffered the brunt of it before I left for work this morning. (I swear he has the patience of all of the saints and maybe even God himself some days! Seriously!!)

I snapped at him because he checked the mail last night and when he went through it didn't tell me there was mail from the school I just quit containing my exit interview information. And he told me he hadn't planned on telling me! (Grrrrrr . . . ) I probably went a little overboard on the snapping, but I was TIRED! (And crabby!)

I kissed him goodbye, told him I'd be home after WW and Curves and left.

Karma . . . She's a BITCH! Let me tell you. I developed the worst headache on the way to work. And it's still here. It's making my frigging cheekbones hurt! Seriously? What the heck?!! 

I finished my green monster that I'd made myself for breakfast yesterday and not finished . . . it's still here. I even made myself a mocha thinking that I needed sugar. (I use 2 packets of hot chocolate mix and then fill the mug with coffee.) Nope . . . still there. And now I have mocha splatters on the cuff of my shirt! :-( BOO!


Why do I always feel like crap on the days I'm supposed to go work out?

Could the headache be a hangover from water overload? Can one drink too much water? I drank 144 oz yesterday! And today, I forgot my bottles. Ergh . . . 

Alright. Back to being a good lil worker bee! (BBM is here today . . . must appear busy!!)


  1. hey girl I noticed in your post that you go to Curves, I have been thinking of going, do you like it? Does it work? And i hear ya about the snapping, I snapped on my boyfriend today too :S

  2. It must be a crabby day today!

    I LOVE Curves! It's a really relaxed atmosphere and I don't feel like I have to look "cute" to go to the gym. I don't do cute gym very well.

    I'm also able to go as hard as I can and get a really good work-out or if I'm not feeling well or just worn out from The Evil Lady or something the day before I can ease up. But I know what the circuit is and what I expect of my body.

    Plus everyone is REALLY nice there! I've been doing it since January and while my weight has fluctuated, I have lost inches. Actually I'll get measured tonight! Thanks for reminding me!

  3. you drank 144 oz of water? Whoa! I have to work really hard to get in 40-50 ounces. I find it so difficult to remember to drink. I never have the feeling of being thirsty.

    Your cheekbones hurting means that your are grinding your teeth - probably from the headache. When you grit your teeth, your can tighten your face muscles and then they get sore. It's hard to even notice you grit your teeth, but I admit that I do it all the time when I'm stressed and end up with a sore jaw for days.

  4. Bummer. Your poor Italian. Cut him some slack, huh? ;)

    I bet that working out will really help you! Way to go on the water, though!