Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Beautiful Saturday Afternoon

It's GORGEOUS today! The perfect temperature.

And I spent my morning working out . . . indoors! ARGH! I didn't end up biking to Curves this morning. My bike needs air in the tires, so I'll have to wait on that one. But I did go to Curves! I started off slow because I'm still a freaked about the pain in my shins. It pops up now and again . . . more as an irritant, not terribly painful.

But there was no pain in my shins once I was done and I managed to get a light sheen of sweat going. Next time I'll go a little harder. After Curves I went to Sheltering Arms and restarted my membership for the pool there. I swam some laps and then came home and went to the gym at the clubhouse where I ran for about 15 minutes and was on the elliptical for a few more.

Finally came home (for real) and ate a HUGE salad topped with Ranch dressing. (I know, I know. Ranch dressing is bad! But I'd left my salsa at work! OH! Have I mentioned that salsa is THE BEST salad dressing? Fresh salsa, not the jarred stuff.)

Now I'm sitting on the couch with my legs in front of me icing my shins. Up next, I'll scrub both tubs and go read a book outside in the sun!

(See Beej, I'm getting chores done! :-P . . . thbbbbb!!)

It felt good to spend the morning working out. I think I may keep to this routine. Though when my Italian gets his cast off (12 more days . . . not that I'm counting or anything) and starts going back to the pool on Saturdays, I'll go to Curves, come home get him, we'll go to the pool. I'll swim for 30 minutes (or more . . . I haven't solidified a plan yet), change into my gym clothes and go to the club house gym to run or just run around the area near the pool (when I get that good at running) then go pick him up at 1. I think it's 1 . . . I don't remember, it's been a long long time.

His "girlfriends" at the pool where asking about him. They really miss seeing him and can't wait for him to come back! His girlfriends are all the little old ladies who go to the pool to socialize and exercise. They're all so sweet! When we were dating and engaged he would tell them about me and count down the days till our wedding. He is a truly a precious man. I'm the luckiest girl in the world. (Even if we do drive each other totally bonkers!)

It really did feel good to get back to exercising. My body has been yelling at me all week because I've not been working out. Who knew it would get so addicted so quickly?  I mean I do have an addictive personality, but sheesh! I'm glad though. I just find it funny (have I said this before? I'm not sure. If I have, it bears repeating.) because I never dreamed myself one of those people who craved exercise.

I enjoy it too cause it gives me time to myself. I can think through things or not think at all and just enjoy the quietness of my mind.

I wonder if I can get fit enough that I won't need the thyroid meds anymore? It would be nice. To be in such great shape that I can dump all of my meds down the toilet and not need them. I don't like talking pills! Never have.

OH! (Yes, I'm a little ADD today.) Do you know if fiber supplements come in pill form? Not for me. For my Italian. I'm going to research a high fiber diet, put him on that and ensure that he's getting extra fiber supplements. We're still battling minor constipation. I'd rather he not have to take laxitives all the time. *sigh*

That's another subject for another day.

I am working on formalizing my diet, like I said last night. I'm doing to do the same with my exercise routine as well. Once I get the figured out and formalized I'll post it up here.

Any words of wisdom for someone who's considering an almost vegetarian/raw diet, but not quite?

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  1. no idea about the whole veggie/raw diets...but I think Larabars count as raw, and they're delicious!

    Way to go getting some chores done. And exercising. Bet if feels nice to be back in the swing of things...