Thursday, April 29, 2010

Medication & Diet & Exercise . . . Or maybe not Exercise

Sorry for the back to back posts.

Thinking . . . it gets me everytime!

In doing a lot of research for my thyroid, I'd found that most of the stuff I was taking meds for was related to my hypothyroidism. So . . . I took myself off of them.

And . . . I did fine until recently. My thyroid's back acting crazy and so are the symptoms. I think I need to be taking my meds like I should be . . . especially my anxiety/anti-depressants. I absolutely HATE that I have to take those. But I'm noticing a downward trend here recently (have you noticed my blog posts have been more blah recently too?) so it's time to start popping the pills again. This time I (*sigh I guess, if I have to!) have to stay on them. I don't want to take them.

I HATE taking pills.

But for my mental health, for my husband's sanity . . . I need to stay on my medication!

Ergh . . .

And I still have to pick up my cholesterol meds. :-( I'm going to do that tonight! I promise! On my way home . . .
Yea, it has to be on my way home . . . or it won't happen. Cholesterol meds are the ones I HATE the most! It feels like overkill to me. Especially when my doctor never tried to adjust my diet.

And my diet has kinda sucked recently too. I've been researching various things . . . and eating healthy one minute, crap the next. I need to quit and just start eating healthy. Quit messing around and do something about it.

Small changes . . . . I think I put that in someone's comments? Yea, yea I did.

Time to take your own advise Em.

Start small. Lets look what you're eating. Let's cut out fast food . . . oops . . . ordered Domino's for lunch.

Okay, after lunch. No. More. Fast. Food.

Lets work on that for two weeks and see where it takes you . . . Okay?

Fine! Okay . . . 

 Now about my exer . . . 

CHILL WOMAN! Do what you've been doing and we'll deal with that SLOWLY too! No more shin splints okay? Those sucked!


  1. hey chicka, don't be cutting those anti-depressants cold turkey like that! That can give some serious mood swings and even worse depression. About 4 years ago, i wanted to get off of the Zoloft because the sexual side effects was not worth it to me. I wanted to quit cold turkey but I called my doctor first. She was very much against me quitting them, but she understood. She told me how to CORRECTLY quit them. You have to slowly get off of them. If you can't split them up, then have your doctor drop your dosage. Once I slowly got off of them, there wasn't any change and I felt fine. No wonder why you were frustrated!

    Hey yeah, small things are a great start. Once you start cutting out some bad things out of your diet, you start to feel good and want to add on more good things. Before you know it, your diet will be so good that you will WANT to exercise! :)

    I saw a new doc today. I'm switching to Armour - yay! I start them tomorrow. I'm hoping it makes me feel better. But the main issue was that he found out I had adrenal fatigue. He said that was the main cause of how I'm feeling now and explains the crazy weight gain. He says my adrenals are throwing out some crazy amounts of cortisol and it's wearing me down in response to stress from my thyroid. Thanks Thyroid! Now you're fuckin' with my adrenal glands! I want to stick with natural treatment, so I'm going to start some natural supplement for adrenal/cortisol support next week. I'm hoping to feel better soon.

  2. YAY to switching to Armour!! SO TOTALLY excited for you! I can't wait to hear how it's going to work!

    Adrenal glands? *sigh* I don't even know what those are! Stupid thyroid! I feel like I need to take an anatomy class to follow discussions and prepare for what MIGHT happen!