Friday, April 23, 2010

Weight loss, food & thyroids . . . Doncha love it?

I'm back!

Sorry for disappearing for a couple days. The whole doctor/thyroid tirade left me exhausted! And yesterday I tried to be a good worker bee and not slack off (like I have been doing all week) at work. I did get everything done . . . it took me until 6pm . . . but I got everything done!

Let's rewind and review . . . shall we?

Oh wait . . . I did post Wednesday. HA! Okay . . .

Well I went to WW on Wednesday (OH! Have I got news about that . . . it'll have to come later though.) because . . . I forget . . . OH! I got out of work late on Tuesday; far too late to make the meeting at WW. Anyway . . .

I got to the meeting Wednesday and weighed in. Sure I was going to have a gain.


What the heck?! SWEET! Being sick all Friday night must have helped! (Not that I EVER want to do THAT again. UGH) I haven't lost 3 pounds since I first started WW. WHEE! I'm pretty psyched about that . . . even now.

I went home and made an avocado-strawberry salad. Alas, no pictures (I was starving!) and I can't remember where I found the recipe. I tried googling it and checked Kitchen Parade, where I get most of my yummy vegetable based recipes from. Nope . . . not there. Though I did find some yummy quinoa recipes I'm going to try either this weekend or next week.

OOOH!! I found it!! Avocado-Strawberry Salad with Orange Vinaigrette

The Bitten Word. DUH! I should have checked in my e-mail like the little voice in the back of my brain was telling me to. But did I listen? HA! Now why would I do something intelligent like that? 

Even my hubby had a healthy dinner on Wednesday night. He had a can of soup, 2 pieces of bread, glass of milk and . . . wait for it . . . a salad!! I was so proud of him! I almost wanted to take a picture of his tray (he ate dinner while watching the Caps beat Montreal. GO CAPITALS!!) because that's something that doesn't happen all that often . . . last night . . . crap . . . oh! He had Hamburger Helper. (ICK!!) No, no salad then. :-(  And I ate crap for dinner last night. Not literal crap.Eeeewwww!!

Tonight dinner is going to be iffy because we're going to his Brother's house to watch the game and have dinner. (GO CAPS!! DESTROY MONTREAL!!!) 

On the cleaning end of things, my Italian can help a little more around the house. Not a whole lot, but some. He can rinse off the dishes, now that he can put weight on his left leg again. He also helps fold & put away laundry. It's amazing what just a little help does. (And staying on top of things too.)

In other new . . . I think I might have found an endocrinologist. I haven't called to see if they accept my insurance or if he's taking new patients, but he came highly recommended but with a warning. 
She did say that he is a bit eccentric and does have a very big personality, so be prepared that he is a bit outside the box.
YES!! I love him already! I like big and outside the box personalities!! Another plus in his favor is that he is on my side of the Riv-ah. At least from home. I work on the wrong side of the rivah. But that's because I live just outside the city and work downtown.

I still haven't called my doctor back. I just can't bring myself to do it! I don't know why. I guess it's like that final break-up call. I was always really bad at that.

I'll call him Monday. Since I now know what/how the discussion is going to go. I'm going to discuss my labs with him and then ask for his recommendation for a endo (even though I found one I think I might like, doesn't hurt to have back-ups).

Speaking of thyroids and the insanity I went through . . .

Seriously! Between comments here, in my e-mail, on facebook & twitter I got a lot of support and advice. (Frantic phone calls to Mom helped too!) Seriously, having this blog to vent to helped immensley. (And I'm sure you got an earful if you follow me on twitter!)

I have found so many totally awesome websites geared toward people with thyroid disease through this. And been able to experience the depth of support that some of these provide. DearThyroid is one of the best sites I've found. Totally fabulous! Mary Shomon and Stop The Thyroid Madness are two others that pop in my head readily as they're sights I go to quite often. 

Bloggers I've found recently in the blogosphere/thyroid world are Hypo Girl (I have a blogger-crush on her!) and a newer blogger Molly from My Struggle with Hypothyroidism. Both of these women are A-MAZ-ING! Molly is losing weight with the Thyroid Diet that Mary Shomon has spelled out in one of her books and she (Molly, not Mary) is doing REALLY well!  

Go check them out! I'll still be here, but I think I'm going to finish up some work before the weekend starts!

LOVE YA'LL!! (No really, I do! Even you Drazil!)

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  1. Wow, thanks for the update! I'm super excited for the possibility of your new endocrinologist. What an exciting development!