Friday, April 16, 2010

My Poor Batookis!

I know, I said I would talk about my Italian's cast getting removed last night . . . and I never showed up. Honestly? Even though I left work early, (thank you Tea Party Rally!!) I seemed to not stop moving yesterday evening.

I got home about 5, made Lasagnia Hamburger Helper for dinner for my Italian and we discussed the care he would need with his boot on.

I ate a mini bagel with peanut butter, pulled out my bike and went over to Michelle's house to go for a bike ride. We ended up going to West Creek Parkway to ride. It's a 6 mile loop with a few hills and one evil hill. I've never ridden it so I had no idea what I was getting into . . . or that I was THAT out of shape!

I love Michelle, but let me tell you, that woman is EVIL! Yet I keep getting together with her to exercise. *sigh* I do this because I know she'll kick my ass then hand it back to me. And that's what I need.

She's actually dropping weight really fast. She looks fabulous! (Yes, I'm slightly jealous, but I shouldn't be. She's working her ass off for it.) 

I've really gotta learn to be less honest with her!  I made it about halfway up the nightmare hill when I just couldn't pedal anymore (My muscle endurance sucks too) so I got off my bike and walked until I was just before the top and jumped back on. I had NO earthly idea where she was. Until I heard what sounded like a car coming up behind me. Nope . . . that was just Michelle! She scared the livin' poop out of me! (Thankfully there was no livin' poop in me!)

She asked if I'd made it all the way up and of course I confessed that I walked a bit, but I made it up the hill!! We passed our starting point and I gazed longingly at the parking lot as we passed. (I wanna be done now!!) We went back to the top of the loop and she decided to educate me in intervals. So we did a few intervals and as we were closing in on our starting position I told her "Ya know, you're a great friend but sometimes I really hate you!"

Yea. That was NOT SMART! NOT SMART! THAT. WAS. NOT SMART! (See What About Bob?, the greatest movie ever made!) She grinned and told me for that comment we were going to do more intervals. GRRR!!! So, we did more intervals and I was able to keep up for a minute but somehow my legs don't work quite as fast as hers do . . . yet. She circled back around and told me that the next left turnoff was our stop, then zoomed ahead.

We finally got back to the parking lot, put our bikes away (I took my Italian's van, so I just wheeled it up the ramp. It was beautiful!) and stretched. My shins didn't hurt, my hips weren't sore, and my back was only mumbling under its breath. (Yes, my body talks. All the time!) My batookis (and lady bits, as MrsFatAss would call them. I now fully understand her pain (well . . . sorta) from her Spinning class. OUCH!) were SCREAMING! (I think my gel seat bruised them! My poor batookis is still sore this morning!)

By that point it was 9:30 and I was STARVING! Though I was glad I hadn't eaten any more than I did. . . I'm pretty sure I would have throw it up.(Sorry, I know that's gross, but . . . )

Michelle went home to feed her hubby and I went home to my gorgeous amazing Italian hubby.

Ya know something? . . . with the boot getting him ready for the day and ready for bed takes a whole lot longer! So I got home, complained about my batookis and we crashed. Well I crashed. HARD.

Of course Logan-monster decided he wanted to be pet at 5am this morning. (Do any of you who have cats who decide they want to be pet at ungodly hours of the morning?) He tells me this by standing on my ribs if I'm on my side or on my boobs if I'm on my back (both of which hurt! I think he puts all of his 11 pounds on his front paws and finds the pressure point! The little brat!)

I finally got him off and all too soon the TV went off and our morning routine started.

"Baby, it's 6:00."

"Baby, it's 6:05"

"Baby, it's 6:15"

I think I got up at 6:20 this morning! But I managed to get both of us dressed by 7, then my Italian practiced his walking with his new walker contraption. (I promise tonight I'll detail it all with pictures!)

Got his breakfast and I was out the door before 7:30! YES!!

My poor batookis is still furious with me though. It's trying to pull my back and hips in on it, but my hips are happy and my back is only grumbling now.

Despite nearly killing myself last night . . . I feel good today! (A bit steam rolled this morning because I forgot to take my meds . . . but good!!)

Do your animals wake you up at ungodly hours to pay attention to them?

How are you feeling today?


  1. lady bits? hahaha! take care of that booty booty girl. When my animal children wake me up, I wanna ignore, but that would be bad parenting I guess. But I do miss my indoor cat - she was actually kinda human-like. ((sigh))

  2. I'll send you one of mine! Do you want the Logan monster or the Rufus monster? I'll put him in the box with the cookies!

  3. Way to go on the workout! Gald your Italian is in a boot now, btu sorry that it takes even longer now.

    We used to have a cat (my brother has him now--he stayed with the house) who would stand on your chest purring and butting his head against your face. One kneading your face sith his claws...yeah, that sure woke you up!