Friday, April 9, 2010

Adventures in Whole Foods . . . Or the post where I alianate the entire northern area of the Commonwealth

Warning: I go on a anti-Northern VA tirade. It's not don't like Northern Virginia or the people in it. I just don't like Northern Virgina or the people in it. Too much craziness! But I do love some of the people in NoVa!  Maybe I should save this post for Monday . . . when I come back from the State of Northern Virgina?  Naaaah!! (Love you guys!) 

So I've never been to Whole Foods before. But Michelle and others in the blogosphere keep raving about it. I wanted to pick up some salmon and chicken (sans soy) and I figured Whole Foods would be the place to go. Right?

Well I found some salmon that looked good, so I picked that up. Went over to look at the chicken.


Massive and total FAIL! Sure their chicken didn't have any hormones in it, but it was barn raised and vegetarian fed, which meant it was fed SOY! Bad Whole Foods! BAD! I couldn't find any pasture fed chickens. Grrrr! Come to think of it . . . I'm not sure where I could find pasture fed/free range chickens here . . . I guess I'll have to wait until the farmer's market comes out.

Poor Whole Foods never had a chance to make a good impression on me though. I pulled into the shopping center and swore I'd been transported to Tysons Corner in Northern Virgina. (See above warning.) For those who aren't familiar with Northern Virgina (NoVA), Tysons Corner is a major shopping destination. It's also a MASSIVE fustercluck! (Okay so I've not been up there in several years but I can't imagine it's improved!) 

Short Pump (insert joke here) is like a mini NoVA. It's trying really really hard to be like Northern Virginia. It's getting there. It's got the horrific traffic and the uber expensive stores. When I walked into NoVA it was full of rich, perfect people wandering around doing their wine tasting (Wine tasting? In a grocery store? Huh??) and talking with their other rich, perfect friends. Ugh!

Disclaimer: I should never go to the West End after work. I'm crabby after work and bound to hate EVERYONE!

So now you know the real b*tch that I can be. (Not saying I am a b*tch. Well maybe. I definitely have those tendencies!)

After Whole Foods I went to Elwood Thompson's.(that's not the name. CRAP! What is it?? Erg.) *sigh* It was wonderful. Not pretentious (unlike a grocery store that I was just at!). Small but had everything I needed. It didn't say anything about the where the chicken was raised or how it was raised, but I got it from there anyway. It was a FAR better price! (I'm sorry, but for $5/pound (or whatever the price was . . . something re-dunk-u-lus) I want exactly what I want! And that's soy-free, free range, pasture fed chicken damn it!). I picked up some artichokes and bananas which they had a FABULOUS price on (39 cents/pound on bananas? Yes please!). Then racing across town to the Southside trying to beat the storm (my windshield wipers are beyond the point of needing to be changed.) and to Kroger to pick up everything else.

I'm off to DC tomorrow to get out of town with my Italian and meeting with a bunch of DC/MD bloggers! I'm so excited! I'm just hoping they don't hate me after reading this post! HA!!


  1. I've been saying that about Short Pump for years now. It has numerous nicknames including "Tyson's at Short Pump" or "Buckhead at Short Pump." It's sad to see what it's become. Honestly, when I saw you weren't happy about Whole Foods I thought you were going to complain about people's attitudes in that store; it's like the words "excuse me" leaves people's brains when they walk in the door. I will say though their Caesar pasta salad is excelente!

  2. Wow, that's a lot of driving around! Glad you finally found what you needed, btu that must have been frustratiing!