Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Green Contemplations

I've been contemplating (okay only for the past 5 minutes) busing into work everyday. That would save money on tolls and gas. There is a bus stop within biking distance of the house . . . I think. Problem is, it leaves at 7:20. I have enough trouble getting to my car by 7:30! How the heck am I going to get out of the house in time to bike to the bus stop to catch the bus in time?! CRAZINESS!

It's $1.25/trip. (Where's my calculator . . . there it is. I REALLY need to clean my desk!) So it'd be $12.50/week. Right now it's just over $20 to fill up my tank and that usually lasts me a week and half. Then there's tolls . . . I'll have to discuss this with my Italian. And figure out if I can get my happy little butt (and bike) there in the mornings.

Maybe this weekend (nope, not this weekend. This weekend we're going to DC!! YAY!!) or another weekend I'll try pedaling up there and see how long it takes. It'll be good practice because the Farmer's Market is about twice the distance, and I'd like to ride my bike there on Saturdays. South of the James Farmer's Market opens in May! WHOOT!

I'm really looking forward to getting my produce locally again. What I REALLY can't wait for . . . the peaches. O. M. G. (Lame, I know) I'm not a big peach person but my friend Michelle raved about them so when I went last year I bought a pint. I nearly ate the entire thing on the way up to my parents! Wow . . . SO good! YUM!!

I found last week a farmer's market that's open now that's closer! YAY!! And that one shouldn't be as difficult to bike to. I google-mapped it using a bike. It's in front of a coffee house. Maybe I'll try to ride it this evening . . . (My Italian is having dinner at his folks house again tonight. When his sister and family are in town, the fam congregates over there every night for dinner. Something I just can't do. I need my me time.)

I'm always up for a cute little coffee house too! :-)

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