Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shootin' Kitties!

(okay, so I maaaayyybe might have sorta kinda taken my title from this post from Yum Yucky.)

Since I slept yesterday away, I decided to take a break from unearthing my side of the room and come outside for a bit. Actually . . . my monsters (cats) gave me the idea.

I had left the screen door to our apartment open while I put  a box of Christmas stuff I'd found next to my bed away and both cats came out. Rufus started rolling around on the cement and immediately because a shade of yellow. So of course I had to go get my camera!

We had a mini photo shoot! My monsters in action!

Rufus recalling his younger hunter days in the grass. (He had just chased a bird out of the bushes!)
Logan checking out his surroundings.
Getting his greens in for the day.
My black cat's gone yella!
What kind of kitty litter is this?
Nice cool concrete! And Mommy can't get me here!!

They behaved pretty well for cats that are rarely outdoors anymore! They didn't try to run off, like I was afraid they were going to. But they wouldn't let the the neighbor kids, much less me, touch them. When my Italian and I decided to go for a walk I told them to go inside and inside they trotted. On my first command! They never do that! I was so proud of them!

The hubby and I had a short walk to the pond behind our building. We sat and talked about a lot of different things. 

Back home and I've got sweet'n' tater fries (finally!) in the oven! I'm so TOTALLY psyched. We're going to have some spanakopita triangles as well for dinner. :-) YAY!! A dinner we can BOTH eat!! 

It's been a fantabulous day! Speech choir ROCKED! We even had an encore performance demanded by one of the elders (massively HIGH compliment there!!)!!! We had to do it one man (our loudest) down, but we still did a pretty good job! :-) 


  1. Great pics! What are sweet'n' tater fries? Those sound great!

  2. Sweet potato fries. I cut up sweet potatoes and then cooked them. Totally YUM! (Too much red pepper flakes though)