Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flying Off the Wagon

Some people say they've fallen off their wagon diet. Me? I took a flying leap off of mine! Cutting out sugar and soy? Yea, not so much. If you were to look in my trashcan here at work you'd find 2 or 3 Mrs. Fields cookie wrappers and a empty bag of Starburst Jellybeans.

Food binge anyone?

I wish I could say that it's only been today's binge. But that'd be a lie. I've been on this binge probably for about a week and half now. :(  I can pinpoint the start of it too. *sigh*

On my way home from work I decided to fall back into an old splurge.
Yes, that's what it looks like. A medium chocolate milkshake and large fries. My ultimate weakness and downfall! From there on it was sorta downhill. 
I did pretty good at my in-laws the next day. I stuck to fruits and vegetables. Though I did have a few fries while everyone was sitting outside. My Italian was so proud of me! :-) When we got home he told me so and asked me if I wanted a couple hershey kisses. I told him no, but they began to haunt me and I gave in. He went to his hidden stash and pulled out two. I ate the first one and my chocolate craving was satisfied. I should have been a good wife and given him the other one. 
But no, I'm a fat, selfish wife. I looked at it for a minute and it just looked so lonely sitting there. So I ate it!

That Sunday was Easter and I knew I'd come face to face with bowls of candy at my parents house. (Mom always sets out little bowls of candy for whatever the season is when the family (including extended family) gets together.) I said I wasn't going to eat any, but no more than 10 minutes into my visit I found myself stuffing spiced jellybeans in my mouth. *sigh*

All that to say I did pretty okay with dinner. Like Amber, my WW leader said to do, I made little islands on my plate and only ate 1 plate of food. I felt satisfied. I thoroughly a small slice of Mom's double decker strawberry shortcake. I was only able to eat half of it though. It was SO good! 

After everyone left, my little brother's (who is at language school in California with the army) girlfriend, my parents and I sat around in the living room talking. I had a glass of coke while we were talking. Just one! I didn't refill it . . . yay for me!

Monday was back at my inlaws where I gave in to the dessert. It was our youngest neice's birthday after all. It'd be a SIN not to have some cake and ice cream. Tuesday, I think I mentioned to you that I just got too hungry and ate way too much. 

Wednesday through the rest of the week my bad habits started leaking into my work days. Sodas . . . by Friday I'd gone to CVS and picked up some junk food and had that for lunch.

Over the weekend I did pretty okay with food. But Monday found me back at CVS in full junk food mode. A 4-pack of pudding cups, bag of tootsie rolls, and bag of starburst jelly beans. Maybe some ho-hos too?
But I was drinking 2 32 oz bottles of water! (Of course I was! I was dying of thirst!)

Yesterday I found a box of Cheez-its from my Friday CVS trip. Yea, I ate the rest of that box (which was mostly full). That's also where I discovered the Mrs. Field's cookies! (Do you have ANY idea how GOOD those are warm? O. M. G.)

No, I didn't exercise yesterday. I did stretch though. And no, I didn't weigh in. I don't need a scale to tell me I've gained. I can feel it. Ugh . . . 
Does anyone want several Mrs. Field's cookies? They're individually wrapped. I'll send them to you! I have to get them out of here! (And I can't bring myself to throw perfectly good food away!)

So that is my confession. And I'm serious about the cookies. I'll mail them to you! PUH-LEASE!!! 
I did make a quinoa and black bean bowl last night. I added a little low fat mozzarella cheese and 1/4 of a yellow pepper and too much hot sauce. So I'm adding that to my left over stir-fry and that's lunch for today. 

Oh, and about the cookies. Seriously. Take them. I. Don't. Want. Them.
 (Chocolate chip Mrs. Field's cookies) They're good, I just don't have self-control at the moment!


  1. hang in there! it's never too late to get back on the wagon -- you can do it ;)

  2. Ok. you confessed. All of that is over. It wasn't great--we've all been there. Nothing to give up over.

    Did you know that this could possibly be the last binge you ever have??If you decide that it is. Really, it is THAT simple. I believe that.

    You totally need to prove to yourself that you can do things differently. Run the 5K today. Heck--go do it right now if you can! Let me know how it goes. Everytime you think you have to stop think No, I have to finish so I can tell that crazy Keelie I did it. It will feel so awesome! trust me.

    Go Em..Go Em...Go Em...


  3. wow girl
    i can soooo relate, i have been on a binge since april 3rd, isnt that horrible that we know the exact date that we start these things? i have eaten horrible and i just cant seem to snap out of it, i dont know what is wrong with me. good for you for putting it all out there and i am confident you will improve from here :)

  4. Thank ya'll for the encouragment!

    Okay Keelie. I'll take the challenge. (I'm such a sucker for a challenge!) After speech choir I'll go run a 5k.

    LaurenD - You can do it! You seem to have a TON going on right now. **HUGS**

    Thanks Shannon! I'm jumping back on tonight . . . after I'm done icing all of my joints from the 5k I'm going to do!

  5. I agree with some of the other comments. Thanks for confeesing--that's really tough! And now you can move on and eat well and exercise more. You can so do it!