Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Adventures in DC

Okay, I know I said I'd post this last night, but I got in a cleaning groove. Then the hubby came home and we zonked out pretty quickly.
My Italian and I got out of town this weekend. We headed up to DC. One of the benefits of living in Richmond, heading to DC for an overnight trip is totally cool. It's far enough away that it's out of town but close enough that  an overnight trip isn't a hassle.
We headed up there and landed at Toscana Grill just outside of DC to meet up with several MD/DC health & wellness/food bloggers. It was so much fun! Everyone was really nice. It was really kinda cool to meet everyone.
My Italian came with me, which was wonderful. I have the tendency to get REALLY shy when meeting groups of new people. This meet up was no exception. Everyone was gorgeous! (and skinny!! I guess I should say VERY fit! I felt HUGE!) Everybody was really really nice though. (Next time, I'm just going to have to get over myself and be more social!)
At the end we all grouped up and took a picture. A few people had left before we took the picture.
I'm really bad with names, but if you go to Anne's blogfannetasticfood.com, she did a full recap with everyone's names. (I'm sorry! I really am!)
(See what I mean? They're all skinny (okay . . . fit!) and dressed stylishly. Me? (I'm in the back in the black shirt . . . the way back) I was dressed for comfort and travel. *sigh*)
The food at Toscana's Grill was SO good!! I had curry rice (not so much curry though, I was dissapointed in that!)

So GOOD! Even better a couple days later too! (Cause I had the leftovers for dinner last night.)
My Italian had french toast, with bananas and sausage. (We discussed what the sausage was made of because it was off the vegan menu. He said it tasted close to sausage, but didn't taste like tofu. I still think it was tofu)

The food was really really good. (Did I already say that?)
After lunch we drove up and down Richmond Highway looking for our hotel. (My darling Italian write the wrong address down. It was 6100! Not 8100!) We finally found our hotel got checked in and relaxed for a bit until we had to get ready to meet friends of mine who live up there. 
This is 2 of the most awesomest people in the world! (And not just because I lived with them for 6 months or that they gave me a ride to my first Revolutionary War re-enactment or that she helped me get the job I'm currently in. (Or that she might be reading this! ha ha ha) They're just in the top 10 of the most awesomest people! )
No. That picture wasn't taken this weekend. I pulled that off of her facebook page (with permission of course!). I didn't bring my camera to dinner and didn't think to take a picture when we got back to the hotel. (I know . . . bad blogger . . . *sigh* I'm learning!)
We went to Delia's Mediterranian Grill for dinner. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Next time I go up that way I HAVE to stop there again! The food was SO SO good! 
We split a bottle of Pinot Grigio and had their Goat Cheese Jalapeno poppers and Calamari to start off with. They also brought out some pita with an olive dip and a tomato dip. It was all incredible! I don't remember what everyone else had (but it all looked good and what I sampled from other people's plates (yes, I did that.) it was incredible), but I had a gyro. I have not had a good gyro since I was in Fredericksburg at this little hole in the wall restaurant that serves the BEST gyros. 
I had to stop myself from cleaning my plate, it was so good! But I managed to control myself and got a box for the rest (which I had for breakfast the next morning!). 
We all hung out in our hotel room for a bit and then we called it a night. 
My Italian and I crashed pretty hard (or at least I did!) once we got to bed.

The next morning we got up and by the time we were dressed the kitchen nazis were chasing people out of the breakfast area (I couldn't even get cream and sugar for my coffee! GRR!). So we ate some fruit I'd packed for the trip and got packed up, then checked out. 
Into DC we went (after driving down to the Springfield Metro station)
Waiting for the train to get moving. (Isn't he gorgeous?)

It's finally moving! Onward! (Aren't we just TOO CUTE?)
We spent the day around the Tidal Basin. 

Poor tree :(
When we got there, my Italian decided it was time for lunch. He was hungry! (Poor guy only had a small bowl of cereal I was able to smuggle out before the kitchen nazis took over!)
Figuring out what to have for lunch is VERY serious business!
My Italian had a barbeque sandwich and fries and I had chicken fingers with fries. (No. No pictures. They weren't picture worthy!)
After lunch we took pictures and found some cherry blossom trees to take pictures with.   

I'm not sure where my Italian was at that moment or why I'm not smiling. Probably just concentrating on getting the picture I guess. Hrmm . . . 

YAY!! Cherry Blossoms in bloom!

 Have I mentioned how much I love this man?
After taking pictures, we decided to head home. But no trip to DC is complete without Metro problems!
They had a fire drill and that locked up all the elevators! So we were stuck at the Smithsonian Metro stop for a little while. 

The picture of gracious patience. 

Yes, this is what I do when I'm stuck in a Metro. Take blurry pictures!

Send HELP! HERE!! I wanna go home! (I'm in full pout mode, but we couldn't get it to come out right!)
After about 20 minutes, the elevators were unlocked and we were able to get down to the platform. Then we were on our way home!
My poor Italian zonked out as soon as I turned out the light. 
I managed to throw out my back putting his legs in bed, so once I took 1/2 a muscle relaxer I was out cold too!
It was a fabulous weekend! Great to get away and get out of town. Now we're back . . . and it's back to the grind. (More about that later!)


  1. Lovely pictures! You guys make a cute couple. :)

  2. beautiful pictures with the cherry blossoms!

    my name is Jasmine and I was at that DC blogger lunch, I regret not being able to talk to you more - I was sitting all the way at the other end of the table. hope all is well, and hope to be in touch!

  3. Hey Jasmine! I remember you! The Tidal Basin and the cherry blossoms were so much fun! As was the blogger luncheon.

  4. Sounds like a great trip (even including the breakfast ans metro issues)! I'm glad I got to see pictures of your Italian. You guys really do make a cute couple! Thanks for all the pictures!