Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A peanut butter weigh in

YUM!! I am totally addicted to peanut butter right now. I have no idea why, but in the past couple weeks I have been craving peanut butter (no, I'm not pregnant. THAT I'm sure of.) I'm almost through my jar of peanut butter I got a couple weeks ago, so now I can move on to totally sugar free peanut butter! YAY!! That's on the grocery list for this week!

I do need to plan out meals for next week before I go grocery shopping this week though. (Why do I keep thinking it's Thursday! Is this week dragging for anyone else?)

OH! And I weighed in last night. Wanna talk about a minor almost heart attack! I got on the scale at WW last night and my leader told me I'd gained 0.4 pounds. (WHAT! AGAIN! WTF!!!! Okay . . . calm down . . . exercise was off last week . . . you did pig out Friday evening and Sunday. Calm down . . . there is reason for this.) I talked to her for a minute about it, then she noticed the scale was blinking and had me get off. She zeroed it out and re-weighed me. VIOLA!! I lost! YAY!!!

1.2 pounds went bye bye!!
(You can't tell I'm happy about that can you?)

Phew . . .

After the meeting, I went to Curves to work out. It was good, I was able to make it around the circuit twice. But my shins don't like butt kicks. They're actually still yelling at me a little bit this morning about that.

I also made the mistake of letting myself get too hungry last night (and this morning). I had a package of brown sugar & cinnamon poptarts, an entire package of corn on the cob steamers (4 mini ears of corn), and a small bag of 100 calorie popcorn. OH! And for dessert I had 1/4 c of the M&M's that Mom sent home with me on Sunday for my Italian. (I figured out his hiding spot!)

When I plugged everything into Spark people, I found out I'd eaten over 850 calories for dinner! (YIKES!!) But for the day I went over, but not too bad.

So I need to up my protein and cut back on my fat and carbs. 

I'm really liking tracking on SparkPeople. I like charts and that sort of thing. This helps me know where I need to focus to find better balance. 

I don't exactly know what this is in WW points, but I guess I should figure that out too. Hrmm! (I'm lazy . . . I don't wanna!!) Maybe I'll do that on my long lunch! Okay, it's almost lunch time. I guess I should at least crank out the work that BBM gave me to do for the day. *sigh*  

(I'm SO unmotivated today! . . . Eh . . . this week! Who am I kidding! I wanna go play outside!)

Edit: YERP! I just finished plugging into WW tracker. 9.5 points over my daily allowance! YIKES! Today is a new day and I'll do better!! (I hope!)


  1. Ahahaha I love that you talked your way out of the number on the scale. The next time I see a number I don't like, I'm going to argue with it, step on it again, and see if the number goes down. Hehe.

    But seriously, congratulations on your loss- that's fantastic! And also says something about the reliability of scales... they're so sensitive and if they aren't properly "zeroed", the numbers can be all off (I'm constantly re-adjusting the scale at the vet clinic that I work at).

    Nut butter is glorious.

  2. I'm going to look into that. Everyone seems to be talking about it. Nut butter I mean. Does is have any sugar in it?

    Thanks for the congratulations. I'm pretty happy about it.

  3. Congrats on the awesome weight loss! I would have had the same reaction if I had gained and thought I had lost! LOL!

  4. Just found your blog and really enjoy it! If you get a chance, check out mine. I'm a new follower!

  5. That must have felt much better when you re-weighed yourself! Nice! Yeah, don't beat yourself up too much about the dinner--tomorrow (or today, or last week) is a new day!