Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just One of Those Days (Whiny Warning)

Ever have a day where you know its going to be rough from the minute you open your eyes? Yeah. That's the way mine has been today. Actually before I opened my eyes.

I felt a tap on my back and the dreaded words I hate hearing before the TV turns on (that's our alarm clock) in the morning. "Baby?"

My poor Italian got sick about 5:30 this morning (I get up at 6ish normally and since I didn't have to be at work until 8:30, I was looking forward to an extra 1/2 hour of sleep!). So got up, got him cleaned up and went back to sleep (it was about 6:30 by that point. Things take a while in our casa) while he sat on the pot. He woke me back up at 7 and told me to go get a shower while he sat there a bit longer. I got out of the shower and dressed at 7:45. Finished cleaning him up and got him dressed. By that point is was past 8.

*sigh* I'm gonna be late for work!! (Luckily BBM (Big Bossman) is on vacation in Cancun (must be nice) this week.) I left the house at 8:30 and made my way to work. When I got there I got an e-mail from BBM that his phone was acting strange and to call him at his hotel room (the man doesn't know how to relax. He bills hours 365 days a year!!). Once I figured out what the number to the hotel was and how to dial internationally from the office, I got in touch with him. While he was giving me my daily list of stuff to do, Office Mom stuck a post-it note from Not-The-Bossman saying he wanted me to call him and that his phone wasn't receiving e-mails. So I got off the phone with BBM and called Not-The-Bossman (He sorta gave himself that name). Didn't figure out how to fix his phone but did get a plan in action to get his messages to him. (Texting! Ain't it grand!)

Oh it doesn't stop there. Since the Washington Post hasn't been delivered to our office all week and BBM is out of town so we're not getting the Richmond Times-Dispatch, I had to run out to get the papers. On my way to my car I called mom to see if she'd gotten my e-mail about Green Monsters

I forgot she was on spring break . . . oops! They're putting their house up for sale so she was painting the bathroom. (SO JEALOUS!! I wanna paint!!)

I was driving through the parking deck, while talking to Mom and nearly ran into Bossman! Head on collision!! I hung up with Mom real quick (not mentioning my near miss OF COURSE!) and backed my car up so Bossman could get around the corner. SHEESH!! (Bossman is a different person than BBM.)   I talked to Bossman for a minute then went my merry way home.

It's been pretty uneventful until about 4:30 when a migrane kicked in. ICK!

It's 5:45 now and I'm off to make a run to Whole Foods to pick up some salmon and chicken. Then home to plot out meals for the week. After that to Kroger to do the rest of the grocery shopping and home to put on sheets and curl up with the Tudors on Netflix . . .

Or go exercise with Michelle

I may beg off until tomorrow . . . I shouldn't. I'm skipping Curves tonight . . . Eh . . .

(Sorry I'm so whiny. I'm just vibing that way right now. :-( I'll perk up! I promise! Maybe after some real food?? And the sodas (yes I said sodas) are out of my system! hA!!)


  1. Oh holy shit - I'm tired just from reading about your day. Go put your feet up - if you can! Smooches!

  2. Thanks Drazil! After running to 3 grocery stores, I finally got home, got things unpacked and was able to veg with Law & Order SVU and left-over ribs. HUGS!

  3. Wow. Tough day! Hope it got better!!!