Friday, April 9, 2010

Just a Quickie

Okay, it looks like evil Em took over the blog. I have to let her out to play every once in a while. Otherwise she takes over and reaks havoc EVERYWHERE!!

I am so ADD this week!! ACK!! 

It's bad at work because my job is highly distracted anyway. (I'm a receptionist) But when I'm copying newspapers and I have to go answer the phone and it takes me an hour to get back to copying newspapers? That's a BAD thing! 

But tomorrow my Italian and I head up to DC for the weekend. We're meeting up with several other MD/DC bloggers for lunch on Saturday and catching up with friends of mine who I lived with while I was up there (see, I do sorta have a basis for not exactly caring to live in the area. No problem visiting (as long as I don't get lost . . . that gets ugly), but could never bring myself to live there. Too high stress and frankly I'm not a political animal . . . Oh the irony!) Saturday night. Sunday we'll head back home and stop at my folks to have linner and see their new land. (I got to see it on Easter! It's beautiful! I can't wait for my Italian to see it!)

It's late and my beautiful, gorgeous man has the alarm set for some un-godly hour of the morning that shouldn't exist any day, much less a Saturday! So I should get my snoozing on so I don't try to bite someone's face off as we head up the road. 

(Oh! I learned something today. Even if I don't feel like eating . . . I need to eat lunch. Otherwise I may be tempted to bite annoying co-workers faces off. Names will not be mentioned . . . Office Momma. It's good no one from work reads this . . . I'd be in so much trouble! At least I don't think they do . . . uh . . . oh . . . )

I promise . . . I'll get back to weight loss and healthy living . . . eventually. Though I did have a yummy dinner tonight. Stir fry! Chicken, bok choy, carrots, sweet potato, bell peppers, radishes, a tomato and rice noodles. There was tons left over too! Dinner Sunday night and/or lunch on Monday! (Yes, I used real soy sauce. I know, I'm supposed to be avoiding soy . . . once I get finish it up I'll get soy free soy sauce . . .)

Do you know a good/similar substitute for soy sauce?

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  1. I read soy free soy sauce and had a good chuckle! Let me know when you find it :). Looking forward to hearing about your vacation!