Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What? Blog? OH . . . yea . . . That thing I write that stuff on . . .

 Yeeks! Has it really been a week and half? Oy!

I didn't forget. Really! I got sucked into the world of facebook games. HA! No really, I did. It's SO BAD! I've also not been on Twitter a lot recently . . . it's not that there's not a lot going on . . . More that I don't have too much to say. (As strange as that is. I usually have something to say about everything!)

So let me get you guys updated. I have missed spilling my guts here! (Have you missed my emotional word vomit?)

Hrmm . . . where to start.

Weight: It's gone UP! (No, that's not a happy exclamation point.) But I know why and the Pepsi can with the straw in it sitting on my desk is a huge reason why. Yea, I thought I'd beaten back the soda monster. But it's come back in a BIG way. Oddly enough . . . I don't like coke anymore. Pepsi . . . that's okay. I like that. It used to be reverse. Weird. Very very weird.

Work: Thank you guys so much for your kindness with my work vent post. Things are far better. I think I'm out from underneath the microscope. Or else Big Bossman over heard my threats to quit. I don't know. (Naaa . . . I don't think that's it.)

Friday before this past one I had a meeting with Bossman and Big Bossman to discuss the newspapers. (Did I relay this story already?) I was fully prepared to suggest we simply pull the papers from the internet and had reasons why it would be better than me copying them, cutting them out, then taping them to another sheet of paper. (There used to be more steps than that! But I cut those out several months ago.) Before I could open my pie hole BBM (Big Bossman) made the suggestion! I nearly fell out of my chair in shock!

Oh my goodness . . . it makes life SO MUCH easier now! YAY!! ***HAPPY DANCE***

My Italian: He went to the doctor a week ago last Thursday. His surgeon (who is fabulous!) declared his ankle completely fused and the stress fracture totally healed and released him back into physical therapy. For the past couple Saturday's we've been going to the pool where my Italian has been getting his work-outs in, a shorter version of them, and I've been swimming laps.

In therapy they've been working on getting him from the bed to the floor and back to the bed again. Getting out of bed is easy. He just rolls out . . . sorta. He rolls his legs out.

The past couple mornings I've woken up to him on his knees stretching his arms and back. To get him back into bed all I have to do is block his feet from sliding. No more lifting him into bed! YAY!! (Not that I was so much lifting him . . . all the time, but still. My back is happy.)

He is still spending a majority of the day in his wheel chair. But when he practices walking with his walker (did I tell you guys about this contraption? I'll have to get a picture, it shows it better than I can describe it.) he has his AFO on. His AFO is a plastic brace that goes under his foot and cups his ankle and calf. It gives his ankle support and helps prevent his knee from getting hyper-extended. (That's totally gross. Essentially he's now double jointed in his right side. ICK!!!)

On the job front for him, he had an interview today with a state agency he interned and worked part time for before our dear former Governor (now the Democratic National Chairman) cut funding to a lot of agencies. So while it's not guaranteed, he knows a lot of people who can put in a good word for him about his work ethic. And oy! Does he have a work ethic. He's a total ant. (While I'm the grasshopper.) BBM knows the commissioner of that department, so I gave him the name of the job my Italian interviewed for & maybe something positive will happen!  

Other stuff: Hrmm . . . what else is going on?


I'm so totally in countdown mode. A couple reasons.

A. (yes, I'm list making too.) BEACH!!! Every year my in-laws rent a beach house and invite my Italian and his siblings and their families to the beach for a week. This year is a little bit later. We're leaving for the beach on the 4th and staying through the following Sunday. I am SO looking forward to that. At the same time I have to prepare myself for all 7 of my neices and nephews running around like maniacs for a week. (I now know I only want 3. I'm done after 3!)

B.  WEDDING!! Ironically this ties in very well with the beach. The beginning of September my little brother, who is currently in the Army stationed in California, is coming back east to marry his girlfriend. AND THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED THE DAY BEFORE MY 30TH BIRTHDAY! NOT FAIR! MY MONTH! 
Okay, I'm done. Temper tantrum over. But really! September is my month! They're horning in on NOT ONLY my month, but a major milestone birthday! WTH!!! ***pout***
Okay, so I lied, I wasn't done . . . actually it's in half jest really. I'm thrilled for them. 

How does this tie into the beach? Weeeeeeellllll . . .

The house we're staying at is mere miles from where my lil Army bro and future sister in law will be getting married. My Italian and I are going to go and check out a restaurant that Baby Brother and his girlfriend recommended for the rehearsal dinner. (Once lil Army Bro gets married it'll be his turn!)

Lots going on here! Things are getting better all the way around.

Did I tell you all about my appointment with my endo? If I did awesome . . . If I didn't . . . Enough to say he looks like mini-giant and I LOVE him! I think I did . . . Or I wrote the post in my head.

Oy! If the posts in my head were actually magically posted, it's be insanity!

I've missed you all. Tell me what's going on? (I got SO behind in my reader that I finally just gave up and I feel really really guilty about it, but I was 7-800 blog posts behind. I was NEVER going to catch up!)

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