Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Own Language & Next Challenge

I realized my last post was a little disjointed . . . let me translate.

Fundage = money

Umm . . . was there anything else that wasn't quite English? Eeeehh . . .

Oh! Un-rendered lard:

Pig fat. The farmer's market vendor, Faith Farms , does all grass fed animals. Even pigs!

Kohlrabi!! That's what it was called! The funky vegetable I was trying to talk about.

This website is where I found the picture and they have what looks like a yummy recipe for it too!! I'm going to have to try it out. If you find kohlrabi at your farmer's market . . . Go for it! It's really yummy . . . raw. I've not tried it cooked yet. That's my next thing . . . (okay that lack of verbage I'm blaming on it being late at night).

I'm going to attempt the hard-core 30 Day Paleo again. I fell off pretty hard.

I came across a blog of a Toronto reporter who did Paleo for 30 days. It was a really interesting read and I learned quite a bit from it. I think now, I might be a little more determined to actually succeed this time. (It helps to not have any cheat days planned.)

Though lunch still has me scratching my head. I guess I need to hard boil a bunch of eggs and take that for lunch with some veggies.

Well . . . I do have to make 4 or 5 hamburger helpers for the hubby tomorrow. (I forgot to separate 5 lbs of hamburger meat before freezing it. So now I have to make it all at once.) So I'll cut up some veggies and hard boil 1/2 of the dozen eggs I have.

Okay . . . it really is late now. I'm off to bed!

Weight . . . up a pound . . . ergh . . . but I know why. **le sigh**

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  1. I love kohlrabi! So yummy.

    Hey, Em, no worries, right? Try and try again. This is all about persistance, not immediate success--though that would be pretty sweet!