Thursday, June 17, 2010

An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry

Dear Fashion Industry,

Some of us will never be 28B's. Some of us are much larger! That doesn't mean we like wearing frumpy, ugly bras that are NOT cute.

We like cute bras! We want to wear cute bras!

OH! And charging us more? Totally not cool! Look mine came this way. I didn't have surgery and despite losing weight . . . they're getting bigger! (WTH!!)

Oh and same goes for shirts too!


That is all.



  1. Hey, I will gladly trade boobs with you! Mine were small to begin with and they will just continue to get smaller! I agree with the ugly bras!

  2. Ha ha ha! In all honesty, I like my boobs some days. But when I try to put on a cute dress that has those stupid triangles for a top, I get really irritated. Side boob anyone?

    I'm hoping with a little more weight loss, they start shrinking. LOL! But not too much!