Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the envelope goes to . . .


Did I tell you guys that I had forgotten my health insurance card when I went to go see Dr. Mini-Giant, my endo? Yea, I did. And I forgot to send it in until 2 days later. 

Guess what came in the mail for me today! A bill for my labs! 


What the freakin' heck! Sheesh! 

This makes me very thankful that I have incredible health insurance through my job. How can . . . hold on, I'm counting . . .  8 tests plus a drawing fee (really? I have to pay you for the pleasure of you jamming a needle in my arm and pulling out blood? MYEH!) equal out to that much! Seriously? 

Okay . . . ya know what? That's depressing! I'm not going to talk about that anymore. Except to say that I think I submitted my health insurance info to them correctly. At least I hope I did. We'll find out soon enough I guess.


On to happier less ranting subjects . . . 

I wanted to say thanks for all of the e-mails and comments on my freak-out post. It made me feel significantly less crazy! 

I went up to Fred Vegas (Fredericksburg) on Monday and had a serious afternoon of "me" time. Went to Carl's (Massive disappointment! The ice cream tasted like cotton candy! I ate my entire jumbo cone, but it just wasn't that good! I think they changed the formula . . . or my taste buds have changed . . . mixture of the two?) then to Fredericksburg's greatest independent coffee shop; Hyperion. Really. If you're ever in F'burg and want coffee, skip Starbuck's and go to Princess Anne & William Street in downtown Fredericksburg and go to Hyperion. It's an awesome place. A great place to people watch or just sit with a book. 

I miss Fredericksburg sometimes!

Monday was mom's birthday so after Hyperion, I stopped at Wegman's to say hi to Dad before heading back down into Caroline to see Mom. 

We went out to dinner and I brought up my freak out from last week (see, there was a point to that bunny trail! I'm not totally random . . . just mostly! HA!) and she asked if Dr. Mini-Giant simply mentioned off-hand, observation like that my thyroid was enlarged. When I told her yes, then she said that's probably why it got filed away in the think about later folder and that it was probably nothing to be concerned about. 

We did a lot of thyroid and thyroid symptom discussion actually. It was really neat. I'm pretty sure my dad is hypothyroid because as we were discussing the symptoms, we began discussing Dad as well. Yep . . . he's got all the symptoms. 

So I've been applying gentle pressure to him to go get his checked. (It does run in his side of the family after all!!) 

He said he would when he went to the doctor next . . . He doesn't have an appt. ERGH! 

But as I am his daughter I totally get it too. (That's the frustrating thing!!)

In happier news

Did I mention this already? My Italian went to his surgeon on Thursday. His ankle is completely healed and the surgery was a success! His ankle is fused! And the stress fracture in his foot is healed up as well. **happy dance** 

He's back on pool and land physical therapy and will remain in the boot until his foot quits swelling . . . which could be up to a year. 


But he's allowed to practice walking again with the rigged up walker and I'm going to get him to start doing sit-ups in bed to help strengthen his core again. (Which was weak to begin with, but has gotten weaker with lack of use/exercise)

OH! And if you haven't see  The Men Who Stare at Goats  . . . a definite must see. Totally funny. My Italian slept through it, I think he was tired though. He did have his first session of land PT in several months today. My poor baby was worn out!

And on that note, I've got a Rufus monster wanting attention and a husband who's zonked out despite computer screen light. So I'm gonna zonk out myself!


(I've missed you guys! How have you been? I'm still playing catch up on my reader . . . HUGS!!!)

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