Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Food & the Great Pantry Clean-Out

Tonight is looking like it's going to be a kitchen night for me. When we went to the grocery a couple weeks ago we picked up 5 lbs of hamburger meat for my Italian and his (ick!) Hamburger Helper. Well . . . instead of separating it into 1 lb chunks, like I was supposed to, I put all 5 lbs in the freezer.

So you're not supposed to re-freeze meat after it's been thawed (not that I haven't done it before with no problems . . . but that's another story for another day) I am going to make up 5 boxes of Hamburger Helper tonight!


Can you sense the sarcasm? Is it thick enough for you?

I'm also going to put my new toy to work . . . (details to follow in a later post). SO EXCITED!

I haven't figured out what's for dinner for me, but my Italian is having some form of Hamburger Helper. I think we have 5 HH, if not, I'm tossing some black beans in a pot to soak and tomorrow night he's having black beans and hamburger meat over rice or quinoa. Maybe I'll toss in some diced tomatoes with it. That sounds yummy to me!

OH! I should have taken a picture of what I made him for dinner last night! Lasagnia noodles and lentils. Over that was a can of black beans and marinara sauce. He said it was good! It was too much so he had some for lunch today and (if he didn't finish it today, which I doubt he did) he'll have it for lunch tomorrow!

Why is he eating such funky conctions? We're playing clean out the pantry of stuff Em isn't eating anymore but got tons of when she was eating it! Ideally I'd like . . . to remember what it is I was going to say . . .

I hate when I do that! I start to write something but someone/thing (like doing actual work at work. HA! What a concept!) distracts me and when I come back to it . . . I don't remember what I was going to say!)

OH! Wait! I do remember! Ideally, I'd like for us to eat our pantry empty, as well as our fridge and freezer.


I don't know. It's a good thing to do every once in a while, me thinks! We're all out of Jello Pudding and just have two boxes of watermelon jello left.

Yes, I ate all the remaining boxes of Jello pudding by myself. Which if you don't like vanilla and that's all you have, adding a little bit of unsweetened cocoa to makes it taste (and look) like chocolate! Total YUM!!

That's my evil plan right now . . . hopefully it will work!

Anybody wanna come over for dinner?


  1. You know, Em, I love how your posts are very much stream-of-conciousness. They're fun.

    I think we may nneed to eat our pantry empty, too. Kinda clean out the cobwebs, right?

  2. Exactly!

    I write the way I talk. One sentence stumbling over the next in effort to get out all at once. Except I'm able to put more details into my writing.

    I don't do well with edited, neat and organized posts. I get bored too quickly and then it never goes up! LOL! So instead it just goes from brain ->fingers -> and the publish button is pushed! Thanks beej!

    (I do admire those people who can pre-write their posts . . . it's just not me!)