Tuesday, June 1, 2010


YAY!! My 100th blog post! WOOHOO!! 

Sorry, that's it. Nothing spectacular. Yes . . . I know . . . How boring. Stop yawning! You're making me yawn!! 

Eh . . .

So tell me . . . How was your Memorial Day weekend?


Saturday, Julie and I got together for lunch and then spent the day knitting. It was fantastic! We discussed food (my favorite subject), nutrition, blogs . . . OH! Which reminds me! You must go check out her new blog! She's making all her own clothes for a year! That's all I'm going to say about it, so you have to go over there and read it.

Speaking of Saturday (yes, I'm a little ADD today) I FINALLY got to the Farmer's Market with cash in hand! I picked up a dozen eggs, unrendered lard (which I'm going to render tomorrow while I'm at work), beets, radishes and some kobuchi (that may not be right). It's a funky looking vegetable that (I think) is in the cabbage family. It's REALLY good!!

Then I ran out of fundage. But never fear! I picked up lots of fish at the grocery on Friday when my Italian and I went grocery shopping. So it's going to be a seafood & veggie week for this girl this week. I'm hoping to pick up a Cow's heart and some bacon at the Farmer's Market next week. I'm really excited about the cow heart. That should be a fun adventure to try to cook up. I miss bacon too. I can't wait to pick up some pastured bacon!

Other than that . . . I gorged myself on Sunday at my in-laws annual Memorial Day picnic . . . and then felt ugh later. Food over-load. Junk food overload!

But! I did get to hold the cutest lil baby! It was so much fun and he look JUST like his dad!

Okay, my wrist is now screaming at me and I've got a pile of work to do!

Sorry for the disjointed, ADD blog post today. (Can you tell I forgot to take my meds this morning? LOL!!)


  1. oh my gosh! what is lard of the unrendered kind? And fundage? that word sound scary...(happy 100th)

  2. Congrats on #100! :)

    I completely missed my #100 ages ago and now it looks like I'm close to my #200 (3 posts away)! lol Hopefully, I won't miss it this time! Hell, I'm just happy I actually have a blog that I didn't give up on. I had many in the past that just died in blog-grave.

    I have to agree with above poster - you bought some weird foods, girl. lol

  3. Okay ya'll are cracking me up! I did slip into Emilese (my own language) a bit. Sorry about that!