Thursday, June 10, 2010

More thyroid thoughts

My endo, Dr. Mini-Giant, mentioned that my thyroid felt enlarged. Which didn't bother me (or maybe register) until today.

So of course off I go, looking up and researching enlarged thyroids. (Mine isn't so big you can see it) Apparently the two causes are iodine deficiency or Hashimoto's Disease. *sigh* Which I forgot to ask about! Damn it!

Both are things I've wondered about and wanted to get checked out. In the US an iodine deficiency is rare because it's so plugged into our foods. But I'm not a big salt person . . . never have been.

Hashimoto's Disease is genetic. My "crazy uncle" is hypothyroid (but we're not going there. That's a story that I don't want to get into), so I know I came by it honestly. I have theories that my dad maybe too. So Hashi's is a definite possibility.

When I started doing research on enlarged thyroids, thyroid nodules also came up, as well as thyroid cancer.

Okay . . . I really don't want to be a hypochondriac, but this stuff is FREAKING ME OUT!

I still need to fax over my health insurance card to my endo's office and I'm anxiously awaiting my test results. I'm sure they won't come back for a week, but still . . .


Freak out much? Oy . . .

Okay . . .

It's lunch time . . . I'm hungary <---yes, I know that's misspelled.

I'm going to go to my car, get my insurance card and get some lunch.

Thanks for letting me freak out a little!


  1. my tests did come back as iodine deficiency because I stay away from salt like it's the plague! BUT the solution is freaking simple! I take one kelp supplement pill with my lunch every day. It's easy to remember because I take it with my adrenal fatigue meds. The kelp supplies you with natural iodine that you need daily, the best kind you can get!

  2. Awesome! Thanks! I plan on checking in with him regarding that once I get my test results back.

    Thanks Sharper!

  3. It can be a good idea to check if thyroid enlargement is not caused by nodules.
    (common with Hashimoto thyroiditis). This can be done by the ultrasound or at home by having someone watching your neck while you are swallowing with the head tilted back. Larger thyroid nodules will move up, similar to the adam's apple