Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dad Update

Did you drink your water today? I did far better today than I have been. Thanks Dad! Next time can you not do motivation that way please! I didn't sleep well last night because I was worried about you!

I called Mom about 3 or 4 today and she said she had just gotten home. Dad was with her! Dad is home now! WHOOT! He has to wear a heart monitor for the next month and he's going to continue to drink water and have a bottle with him at work.

He said the water went straight through him so he figured he was hydrated enough. I advised him to keep on keepin' on. His body wasn't used to being fully hydrated and it will take some time, but the water will eventually quit going straight through.

The doctor suggested he go on a Mediterranean Diet. (YUM!) So Dad picked up a cookbook on the way home (Mom dropped him off at work where his car was and he drove himself the rest of the way home).  I'm going to do some research myself and see what I find.

I am SO GLAD he's home. Maybe I'll get to sleep at a decent hour tonight?


  1. Yaaaaay!!! Glad to hear he's home and is taking the steps to stay there! Keep it up, Em's Dad!!!

  2. What a relief! Yup! Drinking some water right now.