Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thunking . . .

I've been thinking this morning . . . (yes, that's why it looks like the East Coast is covered in smoke I dun been thunking again)

About what?

My recent eating habits. I've indulged every whim, fancy and craving.

What has it done for me?

Not a whole hell of a lot. Instead of happier, more content and at peace (because I don't have those cravings haunting me) I've been crankier, punchier and more a slave to my cravings. It's been interesting.

Well . . . maybe not interesting . . . that might not be the right word. Eye opening maybe?

I'm going to pull out my WW food journal again and start tracking what I'm eating. I'm not going to worry about points but just keep track of what I'm eating.

Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone just did a podcast on intuitive eating. It took me quite a while to listen to it (I was at work and kept getting interrupted.) And I feel like I need to go back and listen to it again, but it was an interesting and something I'm mulling more over.

I'd like to give it a try as it seems like, no matter what I'm eating, being present while I eat and enjoying it might not be a bad idea. I hesitate to say I'm going to do it because it seems as though I make declarations like that here and then with in a few days I'm off the wagon in a massive way. I'm tired of admitting to that.

I'd rather get into the routine of something, then let you know. Know what I mean?

Actually in the podcast MizFit (who I totally idolize for being so awesomely and totally true to who she is) discusses simply being present in life in general. (That's all I'm going to say about it . . . so go listen to it if you haven't already!)

It got me thinking though. How much of my life do I just slide through, coasting in nuetral. It explains why when I hit bumps in life or the little mole hills, I've been having a hard time getting up them.

Huh . . .

A lot of the blogs I read (yes, I'm trying to stay up to date on them again. I sorta feel like I've lost weeks of people's lives! Well . . . I have, but that thought bunny trail will have to become another post.) people have been talking about how they feel better after they work out and how they don't feel as good or feel worse if they dont.

Which got me thinking . . . 

They're right! I do feel better after I work-out. Even after Curves. Which reminds me, I forgot to pack clothes! CRAP!

Yes, that has been sliding too. My mom got me a camel pak for an early birthday present . . . and I've not used it yet. I've been using this insane heat as an excuse not to get on my bike. Honestly? I need to fill up my pak, get on my bike and head out. I do so much better mentally and emotionally after a long bike ride.

What have I been doing instead?

Chocolate! Yes! I have discovered a love of dark chocolate and sea salt. OMG! And I've returned to chocolate milk, milk chocolate, junk food, soda, popcorn the microwavable kind (which will be my lunch because I forgot to pack something this morning) and all sorts of other not so good for you stuff that's packed with sugar.

Yea . . .

And I'm going to the beach with my in-laws for a week starting Sunday. This is otherwise known as cookie central since my Sister-in-Law aka Cookie Queen will be there too.

Do I plan on eating some?

YES! But the goal is to not gorge myself and be content with ONE. (After I've eaten my lunch or dinner though.)

If we're going the same route we did last year, we'll pass some fabulous farmer's markets on the way down. I'm going to stop by and pick up some yummy produce to ensure there is plenty of fruit. Since we're leaving on Sunday, I may try to swing my our farmer's market to pick up some grassfed meat & other local produce to take down with us.

Or should I just wait, enjoy and continue indulging this week and get back on track next week?

What are you thinking?    

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  1. I am totally having the same conundrum as you, and unfortunately I have no answers. GAH indeed!

    Was just listening to their podcast earlier this morning; it was awesome. Intuitive eating is something I struggle with... I think that eating while doing nothing else is really major. But for some reason it is SO DIFFICULT to do!

    Good luck on your vacation. And have fun :)