Thursday, June 17, 2010

Spooky blogosphere

Seriously? I actually really enjoy reading other people's blogs. It's just really spooky when I've been mulling something over in my head and I read someone's blog (In this case Prior Fat Girl ) and they're reading my mind . . . er . . . writing my mind(?). 

I've been thinking a lot about work/life balance today. I took Monday off to celebrate Mom's birthday. It was a fabulous mental health day for me. But coming back to work was not so good. I am still completely buried under newspapers. I pushed my lunch back to 2 because I had to pick up lunches (during what would have been my lunch) for a meeting in the office. I ended up working through my lunch so that I could get all the newspapers through today done. (I did take a little bit of a break.) 

I'm not a top level management person. Quite the opposite. I'm the receptionist! Albeit, I do work in a small company. (8 . . . no 9 counting me) So we all do a little bit of everything. And everyone is really nice . . . except BBM (Big Bossman). He's been a little bit of an ass recently. Some of us are theorizing there's trouble in paradise. 

Usually when that happens we (the peons) get the brunt of it.

The company had been really good to me too, I'm just tired of the disrespect and rudeness. I don't know how everyone here has lasted so long. I'm the newbie at having been here 2 years. The person I replaced had been here 15 years or something crazy like that. The next newest person has been here 7 or 8 years. People come and they stay . . . despite the abuse!

I did have a purpose when I started this post . . . crap. It wasn't to complain about my job or BBM either. OH! Work/Life balance . . .

Now where was I going with that? Umm . . .

I have a pretty good work/life balance . . . except when I come back from taking time off work to live my life a little more, I seem to suffer for it.

That doesn't seem right!


  1. Trouble in paradise! That is usually the reason, I've come to believe... Hope everything is caught up by now!

  2. It can be tricky to balance work and life! Especially if the workload is piling on and the boss isn't the best person in the world to deal with. Hang in there!